What is Premium Parking at The Parking Spot?

October 28, 2023

We know you have a choice when it comes to airport parking. A priority service called Premium Airport Parking offers more convenience, shorter waits, priority pick-up and drop-off, and increased level of service for our guests. Premium guests get priority customer service and Premium stalls are closest to the exit and entrance.

The Parking Spot continually strives to create a positive experience compared to airport managed lots and garages.Premium parking section in Atlanta

Some The Parking Spot locations that provide covered parking also offer Premium Parking. Premium parking spots are located closest to the entrance and exit. This means that Premium guests are picked up first by our shuttles and dropped off first on return, making it the quickest possible experience.   

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Premium Parking FAQs

Q: What is the difference between Premium Parking and Covered Parking?

A: Premium covered section is located closest to the exit for easy access in and out of the facility. Guests will receive priority drop-off upon returning from their trip, to be the first dropped off at their vehicles.

Q: What is the difference between Premium Parking and Valet Parking?

A: Premium Parking guests drive their own vehicle and select their own parking stall in the Premium covered section. Premium Guests are met by the shuttle driver where you park. Valet Parking guests are met by one of our attendants so they can immediately board the shuttle to the terminal.

Q: Do I have an assigned Premium Parking spot?

A: When you make a reservation, you will not be assigned a particular spot. You select the most convenient parking spot in Premium covered parking section.


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