What is Short Term Airport Parking?

October 28, 2023

Short-term parking is parking for a single day or a few hours. The Parking Spot “per day” parking rates are based on 24-hour periods. For example, you may stay with us for 4 hours or 20 hours and it will be considered a one-day stay. Short-term parking with an airport garage will typically be more expensive than off-site parking like The Parking Spot. Long-term parking refers to stays longer than one day. Everyone gets the same first-class hospitality no matter the length of your stay.

Though the airport garage is located closer to the terminals, The Parking Spot will provide you with a friendly shuttle ride to your terminal and assist you with your luggage.

What is Overnight Airport Parking?

Overnight parking lasts for a night or more. Overnight parking may be a cheaper rate than short-term parking.

The Parking Spot does not have separate daily and overnight facilities. Everyone gets the same high-quality service and security. Airport managed overnight lots are located further from the airport terminals than hourly lots.

If you are parking for a day trip or for a quick overnight, check out our price calculator for pricing.

More information on airport parking types, help and support

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