Commitment to a Cleaner Future

The Parking Spot is committed to being a sustainability leader in the airport parking industry.

The Feeling in Here is Electric.

In August 2022, The Parking Spot unveiled its first 100% electric shuttle.

Many of The Parking Spot’s current shuttles run on compressed natural gas (CNG) and are already 20% more efficient than gasoline shuttles. However, using the new electric shuttle will further reduce The Parking Spot’s greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 45,000 pounds annually.

The Charging Spot

Today, customers flying out of nearly half of The Parking Spot’s markets can enjoy the use of EV charging options.

The Parking Spot will be adding to these charging options over the coming years, both by expanding current offerings in markets such as Austin, Charlotte, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City, and by introducing new offerings in all remaining markets.

LED and Lighting Controls

The Parking Spot has invested over $1,000,000 in LED lighting. LED lighting is extremely energy efficient and consumes up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. This reduction in energy reduces the demand from power plants and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

CNG Clean Energy Filing Stations

Several Parking Spot locations house compressed natural gas (CNG) clean energy filling stations. CNG is the cleanest burning transportation fuel in the market and can be used in replace of gasoline and diesel fuel. When compared to other fuels, CNG produces the fewest emissions and contains significantly less pollutants than gasoline. We're not only able to fill up our own shuttles with these filling stations, but are able to offer this service to other providers. These filling stations make it much easier for services around the airport to obtain clean burning CNG.

Demonstrator Site

The Parking Spot's Austin East location has been designated as a Demonstrator Site for Parksmart, the sustainable parking certification of Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). 

  • 100% LED lighting coverage to reduced energy consumption
  • Canopies with high solar reflectance index (SRI) coating mitigating the urban heat island effect
  • Electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations 
  • Natural filtration of storm water runoff to reduce overall water pollution
  • Preservation of heritage oak trees

Water that Saves Lives

In 2021, The Parking Spot began partnering with Hope Springs Water to provide water to our guests at select Parking Spot facilities.
Based out of Athens, TX, Hope Springs Water brings hope to the world through clean water, improved sanitation, public health, and hygiene education.
Look for Hope Springs Water at The Parking Spot locations near Dallas, Austin, and Houston area airports on your next trip, and learn more about Hope Springs Water.

Lower Carbon Footprint

By riding one of our shuttles on that last leg to the airport, The Parking Spot has saved travelers about 11.3 million miles annually when compared to private cars and taxis. This saves over 6,000 tons of emissions which would require 31,000 trees to offset those emissions.* 


Benefits for the Travel Buyer

By parking with The Parking Spot, travel buyers can be assured that they will be working with a company that is committed to sustainability.

Reducing the carbon footprint of their company: Since our locations are outside of the airport, travelers will ride our shuttles to the airport as opposed to getting dropped off at curbside or parking on-airport. 

Reducing airport curb congestion: In addition to reducing the carbon footprint, The Parking Spot also reduces overall airport curb congestion.