What is Long-Term Airport Parking

October 28, 2023

Guests of The Parking Spot enjoy the peace of mind they get from knowing their vehicle is securely parked no matter how long the stay. We welcome stays of any length. When our guests ask about “long term airport parking,” they are referring to stays longer than 2 days and expect an airport shuttle to transfer them to the terminal.

Our customers’ average stay is nearly 5 days, but many guests stay only a single day; some may stay for 4 weeks or more. Just use our handy airport parking cost calculator to determine the cost of your reservation options.

Fleet Parking

If you manage a fleet of vehicles for a company our business team can help arrange for long-term storage for multiple vehicles. For example, during the pandemic, our parking lots stored idle delivery and rental vehicles. We have also helped car dealerships and rental businesses.long term parked vehicles at The Parking Spot.

Airport Parking Choices at The Parking Spot

More information on airport parking types, help and support

You can find additional information and help on our customer support site.

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