What is the difference between Pay Now and Pay Later

October 28, 2023

Reserving your airport parking spot is the best way to make sure you get the best price and the type of parking you want. The Parking Spot makes it flexible for our guests who can take advantage of pre-pay pricing, but also understands that, sometimes, an originating flight or return flight might be rescheduled.

Why Pay Now When I Could Pay Later?

Pay Now locks in the lowest airport parking rates for the dates selected. Pay now is the way to save the most. Pay Now reservations are non-refundable.

You can modify your Pay Now reservation up to 1 hour prior to check in, but you will not be able to cancel your reservation.

Why Would I Pay Later If the Best Price is Pay Now?

Pay Later means that your rate is locked in at the time you make your reservation. This is always better than our drive-up rate. You scan your reservation and credit card on your way in and then pay on your way out. Pay Later is the best option for guests that require the ability to cancel a reservation.  

Pay Now / Pay-Later FAQs

Q: I made a Pay Now reservation, have not parked yet, but need a receipt.
A: The confirmation email you received after making your reservation is also your receipt for your prepaid reservation. You will receive another receipt after you park at checkout.

Q: Can I use my Pay Now (prepaid) reservation as a credit at a different time?
A: Reservations are only valid for the specific days/times reserved. If you wish to use your Pay Now reservation at another time, you must modify your reservation to the new dates/times up to 1 hour prior to your check-in time. (If you do not have specific travel dates planned, we suggest moving your reservation to any future dates, and then you can modify it again once you know your travel plans.)

Q: It seems like I was charged again after modifying my reservation; why?
A: If modifications to your Pay Now reservation results in changes to the prepaid amount, your original reservation will be refunded in full, and you will be recharged the new total. You can find our full reservation policy here.

Q: Pay-Later Reservation. Oops, I parked at a different location then what my reservation was made for, what happens now?
A: Not to worry! If you have a Pay Later reservation and park at a different location, you will not be double charged. At checkout, you will only pay for the time parked. Your reservation rate will not be valid since you are parked at a different location.

Q: Pay-Now Reservation. Oops, I parked at a different location then what my reservation was made for, what happens now?
A: you will be able to apply the amount you prepaid as a credit towards your stay at checkout. To do so, please make sure you scan your reservation, Spot Club card or app at both check-in and checkout.

Q: How do I cancel a Pay Later reservation?
A: Pay Later reservations can be canceled up to 1 hour prior to your reservation check-in time. You can cancel your reservation using the website account portal here. To cancel via the app, sign into your Spot Club account and tap on your upcoming reservation. Once your reservation opens, scroll to the bottom, and tap Cancel Reservation.

Q: What happens if I come home early with a Pay Now reservation?
A: When you make a Pay Now reservation you are agreeing to pay for the entire stay. Unfortunately, if you under stay, you will not receive a refund or a credit.

More Reservation information, help and support

You can find additional information and help on our customer support site.

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