Everything You Need to Know About Airport Shuttle Service

October 27, 2023

The Parking Spot airport shuttles are a central part of the way our business operates.  Our shuttle drivers differentiate us from your airport lot, which may not even have a shuttle, and other off-site airport parking companies. As the most visible part of The Parking Spot brand, our airport shuttles and drivers highlight the hospitality and value for our guests.

Airport Shuttle bus picks you up

Shuttle services at different facilities vary, but in general, our shuttles pick you up at your car when you arrive. As soon as you drive in, our dispatcher will see you and notify the nearest driver that a pickup is needed and will direct the driver to you. Then, our helpful and friendly drivers will offer to help you with any bags and suitcases you have.

Once we confirm your departure terminal, we get you on your way! Mark your location in the facility with the app or the ticket locator given to you by the driver. You are welcome to tip your driver.

Catch the shuttle when you get back

Our shuttles run 24 hours a day. Locations vary, but shuttles generally circulate all day long. At peak travel times, a 15- or 20-minute wait is normal. Shuttle pick up locations are typically just outside the arrival doors.

If you arrive home to the airport during overnight hours between 10pm - 7am, please call the location where you are parked for a pickup; your dispatcher will make sure a driver is on the way.

You can use The Parking Spot app to notify the team you are back and find the shuttle pick-up locations. open the app and tap on Find My Shuttle & Pick Me Up. Once you tap that button, the location will be notified that you have arrived home and a shuttle will be sent out to you. Please feel free to tip your shuttle driver.

More Reservation information, help and support

You can find additional information and help on our customer support site.

FAQs About Airport Shuttles

Q: Are masks required on the shuttle?
A: Masks are welcomed, but optional unless local authorities enforce local standards. However, the CDC still recommends wearing a mask if you have certain personal risk factors and/or high transmission levels in your area. Many people still feel safer wearing a mask because of personal or family health situations, so please be respectful of their preferences.

Q: Will your shuttle take me to a hotel, car rental, train station or cruise port?
A: Our shuttles only run from our locations to the airport terminals.

Q: Can I bring a pet on the shuttle?
A: Yes, if you are traveling with your pet, you will be able to bring it on the shuttle. Please make sure you keep your pet in its carrier the entire time while on the shuttle.

Q: Is tipping required?
A: No, tipping is not required at any of our locations for the service we provide you. If you feel inclined to tip, our shuttle drivers and valet attendants are always appreciative. We now offer the option to tip using your mobile device. You will be able to find a scannable QR code in our shuttles!

Q: What do I do once I return home?
A: Use the app and tap on Find My Shuttle & Pick Me Up. Once you tap that button, the location will be notified that you have arrived home and a shuttle will be sent out to you. Or you may call the location by phone and request a shuttle to be dispatched.

Q: Traveling with a large family, will have lots of luggage and will be parking multiple cars. Will we all fit on the shuttle?
A: Our shuttles can fit up to 15 guests at a time. Please let the greeter know at check-in or the shuttle driver and we make sure everyone is taken to the airport.

Q: Are car seats required on the shuttle?
A: No, car seats are not required on the shuttle for your baby. All our shuttles do have seat belts if you would like to bring your own car seat. All children will be able to ride our shuttle.

Q: Are your shuttles wheelchair accessible?
A: We can accommodate wheelchair drivers. Our shuttles are not wheelchair accessible. But let us arrange to drive you to your terminal in your vehicle and then have your vehicle brought back to our lot and valet parked! Please contact the General Manager at the local lot for additional information and to make arrangements. For General Managers at the local lot phone numbers, please see our locations page.

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