Kinds of Covered Parking at the Airport

October 28, 2023

The Parking Spot has 38 different locations in 22 different airports across the country. Because we have a wide variety of markets, we also have a wide variety of what we mean by “covered airport parking.” Depending on your preferred location you might find any of these. No matter what, The Parking Spot provides a roof over your – your vehicle’s – head.

Large Canopy

Our enormous canopies like we have in Atlanta look like a giant roof with no walls. These structures cover many hundreds of cars. Some large canopies contain different types of parking, like self-park, valet parking, or Premium Parking.covered-canopy.webp

Carport Covering

These can be made of canvas or metal and cover from one to four parking spaces. Carports might have extra-wide parking or self-park.


One Lane Carport

Some metal canopies at The Parking Spot cover only a single row of parking spots with capacity for dozens of vehicles. Like the other types of covered parking, some canopy lanes are reserved for Premium or EV charging.


Parking Garage

Several of The Parking Spot locations are self-contained parking garages. Many of our garages offer valet parking – be sure to check the parking selection screen during your reservation, but they also include self-park options.

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