Corporate Travel Tips: Safety, Packing, Save Money

December 10, 2022

According to Zippia, the average business traveler makes approximately 6.8 trips a year, with a 7.4 average for millennials. Then, according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation, Americans make more than 405 million long-distance business trips a year. That’s a lot of air time. It’s also a lot of stress if you’re not prepared for the arduous demands of air travel.

There’s a lot to consider. You have to go through security, pack your bags, have your bags weighed, find the right terminal, some airports are just better for business travelers, and much more. Thankfully, commercial airlines have been around for several decades, and that means there’s plenty of advice to share on how to make the most of it all.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about the best business travel tips to make your work trips easier and give you peace of mind going into each travel day.


Fly Non-stop

Non-stop flights are just the fastest way to get to your destination. Any other option runs the risk of finding yourself with a delayed layover entirely too far from where you need to be. No one wants to be the one attending the in-person meeting via video chat from an airport lobby.

So, to avoid this embarrassing scenario, choose non-stop flight options to minimize the chance of complications. Keep an eye out for the best times to fly. 

Get Airport Parking You Can Trust

When you fly, you’re going to need a safe place to leave your car. Otherwise, you risk worrying about your vehicle for your entire trip and distracting yourself from work and relaxation. Always be conscious of where you leave your vehicle when traveling.

That’s why you need shuttle parking you can trust. The Parking Spot offers a top near-airport parking solution at 38 locations at 22 airports across the country. Opt for the superior airport parking experience.

Fly the Same Airline

A good business travel tip to always keep in mind is being conscious of what airline you fly with. Use the same one whenever you can. You’ll likely arrive and depart from the same terminal for each trip. So, you’ll know your way around the next time! Familiarization is the best way to tame your travel nerves.

What’s more, you’ll eventually rack up a good deal of frequent flyer miles with the same airline to save money in the long run.

Hotels provide valuable loyalty discounts for frequent travelers. Your company pays for the room but you can accumulate points toward free or discounted hotel rooms for you.

Sign Up for TSA Precheck & Global Entry

Let’s be honest, security is one of the worst parts of traveling. No one enjoys standing in line for hours waiting to be screened. It is draining. Thankfully, you can skip the line by signing up for programs like TSA PreCheck or Global Entry.

The TSA PreCheck gets you an expedited screening process for domestic flights at over 200 airports across the country. Better yet, it comes at a reasonable rate of $85 once every five years. If you stick with the same airline that participates in this program, you’ll never have to remove your shoes and belt at a metal detector again.

The same can be said for the Global Entry program. You get all the perks of the TSA PreCheck with expedited customs clearance when you’re returning to the USA. This makes it great for international business travel.

To get approved for this program, apply online and pay the application fee. This will begin the preapproval phase. Then it’s a matter of waiting for an interview, which can take weeks to months.

Come to the interview prepared with your correct documentation: Photo ID and a citizenship document such as a passport or birth certificate. Ensure that any documentation that can expire, such as a driver’s license, is not expired.

Once your documentation is in order, you’ll be fingerprinted and likely asked some questions.

These questions can include:

  • Are you a U.S. Citizen or a lawful permanent resident?
  • Are you wanted or under indictment for any disqualifying crimes?
  • Have you been released from incarceration for a disqualifying felony in the last five years?

Once you clear the interview, all that’s left is to pay the membership fee!

Safety Tips

No matter where or how you travel, it’s important to keep your safety in mind. This is especially true for air travel. Here are some quick and easy business travel tips for safety.


Free WiFi is standard in almost every modern airport today. Of course, this is incredibly convenient for the modern traveler, but it does come with risk. Sharing the same public network with so many people leaves you vulnerable to potential cybercrimes. Even if the connection is password-protected, consider using a VPN.

A VPN will encrypt all of your personal data at the source regardless if it's your phone or your laptop. This creates a sub-network just for you; an extra layer of defense between your personal information and any would-be hacker.

Disable File Sharing

While on the topic of sharing public WiFi, be sure that your devices’ file sharing is off. As many devices rely on the cloud for storage, your tech may well be transmitting information without your knowledge. Don’t worry if this sounds technical! It’s actually very easy.

You can find and disable your file-sharing features in your device’s user settings. When in doubt, do a quick search on your device and its file-sharing features.

Research Your Destination

It’s scary to land in a new place. That’s true. It’s easy to get lost or end up somewhere you don’t want to be when you’re not prepared. So, always research your destination beforehand!

In the time leading up to your flight, look up where you’re going, and where you need to be when you get there. Download a map, read up on the locals, and know where you’re going immediately after the airport. Also, don’t forget to check out reviews from other travelers.

Map Transportation

So, how are you going to get to your next stop from the airport? Are you renting a vehicle? Do you know that there are rentals available where you’re going? It’s best to answer these questions before you depart.

Identify the local public transport options from the airport.

These can include:

  • Taxis
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Rentals

No matter what you choose, be sure you know your options before you get to your destination. Otherwise, you risk stranding yourself at the terminal until you figure out the best option for you.

Packing Tips

One of the biggest decisions to make after booking the flight and before leaving for the airport is deciding what to pack. To make it easier, here are some easy business travel tips on packing.

Pack both Business and Casual Clothes

When you’re on a business trip, it’s tempting to only pack your work clothes. However, what about downtime? You will inevitably have some extra time. So, always pack some casual clothes alongside your business formal attire.

Research the Airline’s Baggage Policies

A good business travel tip to avoid being blindsided is to familiarize yourself with your chosen airline’s baggage policies. These policies cover everything from weight to quantity requirements. Find these guidelines on your airline’s website, and review them carefully.

Check out the guidelines from American Airlines as an example.

Make a Packing List

No one wants to be on the plane when they realize they forgot something. To prevent this disaster scenario, sit down and plan out what you need to take well before you pack. Consider everything you need. Include toiletries, clothes, tech devices, and whatever else that’s going with you.

This way, when you’re finally packing, you can check off everything from your list as it goes in your bag.  

Pack Light and Only Bring a Carry-on

A good business travel tip is to always travel light. It’s unlikely you’ll be at your destination for more than a few days. So, pack accordingly. Two or three sets of clothes will probably do for whatever you have planned, plus some pajamas or athleisure for when you’re resting at the end of each day. Even in the worst-case scenario where you run out of clean clothes, there are laundromats in almost every city in the country that are affordable and easy to find.  

Packing everything you need into a single carry-on will help you save on your luggage fees and keep you from lugging half your wardrobe around the airport.

Other Business Travel Tips

Some business travel tips defy categorization. Here are a few travel hacks we collected last year. Here are a few more of them.

Enjoy The Business Lounge

Many airlines include a lounge at their terminals for business travelers. Be sure to take advantage of these as they offer a comfortable place to rest between flights and recharge your laptop. Even better, they often offer free food, drinks, and amenities to help you pass the time and prepare for your trip.

So, always check if a business lounge is included whenever you book a flight.  

Keep Toiletries for Travel Only

Toothpaste, travel soap, and toothbrushes - you’ll need all of these wherever you go. To save time on packing, and to ensure you have your toiletries ready for a trip, consider investing in toiletries for travel only. You can keep these in your bag ready to go or packaged separately in your home.

Regardless, keep toiletries separate for travel use only. This way, you’ll never have to go without.

Make Sure Your Phone is Charged!

A cell phone is practically essential to the modern traveler. That’s why it’s so common to see lines of people seated by an outlet at the airport. However, you shouldn’t rely on these outlets for yourself. You may well not have the time if you want to stay on schedule.

So, make sure you charge your devices completely before setting out!

The Parking Spot

As we discussed earlier, you need a good place to leave your vehicle when you’re out on a business trip. The Parking spot is more than just a space for your car. We focus on hospitality and making your travel experience as comfortable and affordable as possible. That’s what makes us the leading near-airport parking company in the United States.

When you park your vehicle with us, you get more than a parking place. You get continuous and friendly airport shuttle service as well as covered and open-air parking. Plus, in select locations, we even offer valet parking.

With The Parking Spot, you always get fast and easy check-in and -out in a well-lit and fully-fenced parking facility for your and your vehicle's safety. Even better, you get luggage assistance to help you get on your way.

And when you join The Spot Club, you can waive the reservation fee, earn free parking, and even receive car washes at select locations.

How it Works

After you book your flight, it’s time to book your parking reservation. Here’s what you can expect when you reserve your spot with The Parking Spot.

  1. Make a Reservation - Use the website or app to get the best deal on airport parking and save time.
  2. Meet the Spotted Shuttle - After you park, one of our spotted shuttles will pick you up from your car or designated pick-up area. Then it’s only a short ride to the airport.
  3. We’ll Clean Your Car (at select locations) - Car care is available at select locations. We’ll take special care of your vehicle while you’re away!
  4. Meet the Spotted Shuttle Back - When you get back from your trip, you’ll be able to use our app to track our spotted shuttles, which will take you back to your vehicle.
  5. Self-checkout - And when you finally arrive back at your vehicle, you can easily check yourself out with our self-check-out lane or through the app for a touchless exit. So, before your next business trip, make your reservation today for the best parking experience with The Parking Spot.


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