25 Worth-It Travel Hacks

September 27, 2023

Whether traveling for business, solo, or on a family vacation abroad, it helps to know some handy travel hacks that will get you where you want to go. From saving money on air travel to making travel with kids enjoyable and learning how to pack with ease, these tips from The Parking Spot will help take the stress and fear out of flying and put you in control of your trip!

General Traveling Hacks

Overall, traveling can be fun. But because you don't do it every day, it can be stressful. Here are some general travel tips that will make the process more streamlined.

1. Bring Snacks

Pack healthy snacks like cheese and crackers, granola, yogurt, fruits, and vegetables like carrots or celery sticks. These will make you feel much better than airport convenient food, typically processed with unhealthy ingredients. Just make sure not to pack anything that isn't allowed in your carry-on, which typically includes fresh meat.

2. Book Early

Book your flight early to get the best economy fare seat. You’ll have more chances to find a seat with extra legroom or your choice of aisle or window. Upgrade to a changeable ticket to ensure you can switch dates if necessary without incurring a change fee. Finally, be sure to avoid the busiest summer travel days, to minimize the airport chaos that you’ll experience.

3. Plan in Advance

Europe is huge, and there’s a lot of ground to cover in a short time. Organize your European trip so you don’t waste time or have to backtrack over your travel route. Be sure to leave one or two days open for new or spontaneous day trips you couldn’t have known about before leaving home. There are certain best times to fly to Europe, so you’ll want to check that out before your final booking.

Packing Travel Hacks

4. Pack Heavy and Light

To dodge excess luggage fees, place weightier items in your carry-on , which doesn't have a weight limit. This could include things like laptops, hefty clothing, or athletic gear.

5. Maximize Space

Experiment with folding strategies to pack most efficiently, maximizing suitcase space. Consider investing in a vacuum bag system that ensures every bit of air is vacuumed out, maximizing space inside your suitcase.

6. Track Your Luggage

Tracking luggage with a tagging app

Use Apple air tags or similar . Pack a fob in each piece of luggage so it’s more easily found in case your luggage is misplaced. Place one in your carry-on and backpack, too, so you can keep track of its whereabouts when you’re touring around on your trip.

7. Souvenir Storage Hack

Pack an empty duffel bag for bringing back gifts and souvenirs from your trip. This way, you can use all your available suitcase space for clothing and gear yet have plenty of room to bring back exciting items or memorabilia you could never find at home.

8. Avoid Overweight Fees

Buy a handheld luggage scale to ensure compliance with airline weight limitations before you leave home. These handy gadgets help you ensure you don’t exceed the weight limit and get hit with exorbitant fees at the baggage check-in counter.

9. Layer Up for Flights

Bulky jackets are difficult to pack for travel

When packing for cold weather trips , wear the heaviest and bulkiest items onto the plane. It may look funny, but you can remove them on the plane. Plus, you can use an oversized, bulky coat as a pillow.

Airport Traveling Hacks

These flight hacks will make your flight more enjoyable and stress-free. You'll also be able to save time, money, and confusion with these helpful travel tips related to the airport experience. 

10. Breeze through TSA Checkpoints

Streamline the airport security process with these tips:

  •  Have your ID out and ready when you reach the TSA agent. Empty your pockets of everything, including coins and tissues, before getting in line.
  •  Drink or empty your water bottle before queuing up.
  •  Have electronic devices in a bag or backpack, ready to place in the scanner bins.
  •  Wear shoestring-less shoes for easy slip-on and slip-off.
  •  Be aware of restrictions regarding items you cannot bring in your carry-on. This will prevent your bag from being singled out for manual inspection.

11. Trusted Traveler Tips

Know the difference between the various trusted traveler programs . Various programs pertain to where you’re traveling, the mode of transportation, and other factors. For instance, if you’re traveling to Abu Dhabi or Canada, you might consider applying for Global Entry.

12. Spot Your Ride

Park off-site with The Parking Spot for the quickest and easiest parking experience with airport parking discounts. You’ll be able to reserve a parking spot ahead of time so you know there is a spot for you. You’ll save money, avoid the chaos of airport parking, and can choose from covered or uncovered parking.

13. Eat Before Boarding

Eat at the airport

Opt for airport food offerings before boarding. While airport dining can sometimes be pricier, the investment can be well worth it. Many airport eateries provide a range of delicious and wholesome options that cater to various tastes. Choosing a satisfying meal from these establishments can ensure you're well-fed and help keep you feeling great throughout your flight.

14. Navigate Airports Easily

Get to know your airport. If you have a layover, arriving at a strange airport and trying to find your way to the next gate is very disorienting. Many airports are enormous and may even include trains from one terminal to another. Study airport guides to get the layout for your airport so you know exactly where to go and how to get to your gate.

Traveling With Children Travel Hacks - Tips 15 to 18

Traveling with children elevates the fun to a whole new level, but it comes with its own challenges. Consider using these travel hacks designed with children in mind.

15. Essential Documents Checklist

Bring essential documents. In addition to your documents, you’ll need to bring your child’s passport and relevant vaccination records. It’s also recommended to bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate if you need to prove your parental rights. Don't bring the original, as it would be too easy for it to get lost during your travels. 

16. Kid's Carry-On Essentials

Bring a change of clothes for the plane. Kids are prone to unusual “events” on planes due to the stress of change and a new environment. If an accident happens, be ready with a change of clean clothes for them, which you should pack in your carry-on.

17. Visual Safety Gear

Pack an identifying article of clothing. You’ll be in many new environments while traveling abroad. You or your child may become momentarily separated or disoriented, so make sure your child stands out in the crowd with a particular piece of clothing. A red scarf or shirt works well, or anything uncommon that instantly draws your eye will work.

18. Bring The Fun


Long flights can test the patience of adults, let alone kids. Bring entertainment through an activity book, a Nintendo Switch , or some other handheld gaming device. Avoid heavy or expensive devices that can get lost or damaged on a flight.

Business Traveling Hacks

Traveling for business allows you to take advantage of certain pecks and flight hacks that aren't available for pleasure travelers. Whether you're a small business owner or traveling on behalf of your company, try one or more of these business traveling hacks. 

19. Avoid Layover Risks

Opt for non-stop flights to avoid missing important meetings. Every layover you have subjects you to the risk of not making your next flight, which could have negative ramifications on your trip. In addition, non-stop flights are less stressful, so you can arrive at your business meeting well-rested, alert and ready to do business. 

20. Avoid Checked Bags

When traveling for business, avoid checking in your bags. If you only have a carry-on, you can avoid waiting in line to check your bags, swiftly board, and not have to wait at a baggage carousel. It also prevents you from waiting in line to check bags at the ticket counter. Finally, this practice also eliminates the risk of having your luggage get lost in transit, which could leave you in a difficult situation once you arrive at your destination. 

21. Escape Airport Chaos

A woman relaxing in an airport lounge

Take advantage of business lounges. There are an increasing number of airports that cater to business travelers . Use your airline membership card to enjoy private business lounges, where you can escape airport chaos, relax in air-conditioned comfort, access an assortment of reading material, and rest in comfortable recliners.

22. Cut Business Costs

Minimize business expenses. If you’re a business owner and not an employee, you’ll want to look for ways to minimize business travel costs. One of the best ways is to not park at the airport. Parking at an airport can cost up to $60 per day, depending on which airport you fly from. Instead, use The Parking Spot app to reserve your parking space ahead of time. Your vehicle will be safely parked in a fenced-in, well-lit lot. Download the Spot Club app to get points, free parking, and other benefits.

23. Smart Expense Tracking

Maximize business deductions. Make sure you keep all your business receipts. You can give these to your CPA and get the most deductions on your business tax return. If you combine pleasure with business, keep your business credit card separate from your credit card when paying for things.

24. Spot Club Perks

Get your vehicle cleaned while you’re traveling. When you join the Spot Club, you can opt to have your vehicle cleaned while traveling. As a business person, giving the right impression with your car is essential. This is a convenient way to save time and ensure you have a beautiful, clean car to return to!

25. Effortless Corporate Parking

Have your company sign up with The Parking Spot. The Parking Spot offers corporate travel benefits for companies that are enrolled. Corporate benefits include:

  •  Expense tracking
  •  Expense reports
  •  Reservations
  •  Mobile app
  •  Ticketless entry and exit
  •  Mobile checkout
  •  And more!

The Parking Spot makes business and leisure travel easy

As you can see, there are numerous travel tips to make things easier for you and your family the next time you travel abroad. These tips to save money and streamline the process include the ability to reserve a parking spot with The Parking Spot app. Download the app, reserve a parking spot for your next trip, and start enjoying traveling abroad once again!

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