The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Busy Summer Travel Days

April 25, 2023

Summer gives you and your kids the best time for a fun and engaging family vacation. However, most people in the Northern Hemisphere have the same summer travel ideas. The busiest travel days are particularly problematic and may make traveling with kids even harder. Thankfully, we at The Parking Spot have compiled some tips to help you navigate the busy season, regardless of whether you're flying with kids or going on a honeymoon with your new spouse.

This article covers many of the topics we handled in our winter-focused article. However, it includes more in-depth tips highlighting the busiest travel days during summer vacation, including the peak season for travel. Understanding this information can improve trips during the peak travel season and help ensure that you plan your family vacation more efficiently.

The Busiest Travel Days for Your Summer Vacation

When visiting the best family vacation spots during summer travel, it's essential to know what days will likely be the worst times for a trip. The peak season for travel in the summer typically includes several days and weeks that can make traveling a frustrating and annoying experience.

Peak Travel Season Centers on Summer Holidays

The peak season for travel in the summer includes just about every day when it's warm enough to hit the lakes for a refreshing swim. The Great Lakes region, in particular, sees heavy traffic around lakes Huron, Michigan, Erie, and Superior all summer long. Outside of this area, the peak season for travel in the summer usually includes various holidays, such as:

  • Memorial Day weekend (the last weekend in May)
  • Fourth of July weekend (July 3rd to 5th)
  • Labor Day weekend (first weekend in September)
  • Fridays and Sundays throughout the summer

These days involve the worst travel experiences for a family vacation because everyone typically plans numerous activities around them. For example, many people visit Civil Rights museums in the South on these days because they provide an excellent historical context for Independence Day and Memorial Day. That's why some people arrange off-season summer travel , though only a few days fall under that heading.

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Is July 5th a Busy Travel Day?

July 5th is one of America's busiest travel days because people often head home after Independence Day celebrations. It's hectic when it falls on a weekday because people might need to get to work the next day. Frankly, any day between July 1st and 5th will be part of the peak travel season and should be avoided whenever possible.

Is My Family Vacation Doomed During the Peak Travel Season?

You don't have to cancel your family vacation simply because it would take place during the peak season for travel! Planning a summer vacation around the busiest travel days in the summer is desirable when feasible. We brainstormed a few tips you can use to improve your trip, including suitcase-packing suggestions that ensure you get the best results possible.

Tips for Avoiding or Planning Around the Peak Travel Season

If you're sick of dealing with terrible traffic and high-priced summer vacation trips, we have some advice to help you! These summer travel suggestions allow you to save money or avoid the busiest travel days in the peak travel season. But, just as importantly, they will make your flights easier and ensure that your experience goes as smoothly as possible, no matter where you travel.

Plan Ahead to Decrease Your Costs

Did you know that most people book their summer vacation months in advance? Some families already know what they're doing in July as early as February! Booking your vacation early ensures that you get rooms in preferred hotels and obtain desirable attraction tickets. It also helps reduce costs because early booking typically involves heavy discounts that will lower your expenses.

Avoid Popular Summer Destinations

Are you tired of fighting your way through crowds every summer while on vacation? Why not try a few out-of-the-way destinations, like Isle Royale Park, instead? Spots like these are rarely visited, even in the summer, and provide a great respite from large crowds. Other options include Dry Tortugas National Park, Waco Surf Park, Jackson Hole, and the San Juan Islands.

Simplify Your Packing

Even if you have to book your summer vacation during the peak season for travel, you can still save time by avoiding excessive packing. Instead of packing two or more suitcases, bring just enough clothes for each day and relatively few extra items. This step reduces the amount of heavy luggage you have to haul through busy areas and streamlines your airport security screening.

Using Parking Support Options for Airport Travel

Have you ever had to fight to find a parking spot at an airport in the summer? It's a situation that you'll never forget. Rushing through your terminal at top speed just to catch your flight at the last second should be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, parking service options like The Parking Spot can ensure that you have a parking space. We'll even drive you to your terminal in a comfortable shuttle!

Know What Public Transportation is Available

Public transportation can eliminate hassles during a busy summer vacation. While taxis and buses might not avoid traffic, they at least let you relax while someone else deals with it. It's possible to avoid the road entirely in cities with subway or light rail systems. You could even bring your bike or get out your walking shoes and hoof it to avoid challenging driving situations.

Try Out a Staycation

Staycations consist of staying at a hotel in your hometown rather than booking a lengthy trip. You can explore fun places that you rarely visit, such as nearby parks and stores. We only suggest this option if your family is completely fed up with busy summer travel. Typically, we think a good summer vacation should include places and cities that you've never visited.

Know the Off-Days

Normally, the least busiest travel days for summer vacation include August 24-27. During these days, many people have already finished their family vacations and are planning back-to-school shopping. Book your vacation during these times to avoid the crowds and cut back on your spending. Many summer destinations start reducing their prices around this time of year.

We’ve found that Tuesdays are the least busy summer days for airports. If you plan to depart or return on a Tuesday, you can expect far fewer fellow vacationers. If you can manage an early morning flight, all the better; get on board when everyone else is getting out of bed.

Making Your Summer Vacation More Fun With The Parking Spot

No matter what day or week you choose for summer travel, our team at The Parking Spot is here to help you. We provide fantastic parking support at multiple airports throughout the nation, which can make flying a little easier. It's beneficial for people who fear flying because they won't have to worry about rushing through the airport, desperate to reach the plane on time.

With The Parking Spot (particularly when you join the Spot Club), you can access personalized parking options and shuttle transport that gets you where you need to go. This helps streamline your family vacation, even on the busiest travel days, and makes a summer vacation more fun.

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