Clever Ways to Save on Travel This Year

June 4, 2023

Travel is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life. Everyone should have the chance to travel abroad, visit exotic places, and learn about other cultures. The experience can be educational, eye-opening, and even offer personal insights that may not have occurred had you stayed home. 


Unfortunately, not everyone feels they can afford to travel, especially abroad. The biggest downside of travel is the expense. However, there are ways to drastically cut the cost of travel so that it's much more manageable. This year, use these clever trip-saving strategies, courtesy of The Parking Spot , to save money on travel expenses so you can enjoy more of what the world has to offer!

1. Join the Spot Club

Frequent travelers often use savvy secrets to get airport parking discounts. You don't have to be a seasoned flier to obtain the same discounts. An easy tip is to join the Spot Club  with The Parking Spot. There's no cost to join, and once you do, you'll immediately start saving money by having your parking reservation fee waived. The more you use The Parking Spot, the more you'll save. By frequenting our services, you earn points toward free parking.

Additionally, many other benefits and rewards are awaiting you. It's also worth noting that downloading our app and saving your payment method facilitates a smoother entry and exit process. And we all know how valuable that is at hectic airports!

2. Reserve a Parking Spot

Speaking of airport parking discounts, you can also save on travel by not wasting expensive gas driving around and around looking for parking before your flight (not to mention the stress and anxiety of hoping you don't miss your flight while trying to park your vehicle)! With The Parking Spot, you book a parking spot ahead of time and rest assured that there's a reserved parking spot waiting just for you.

You just go directly to your designated spot and then pick up a shuttle ride to the airport in one of our easy-to-identify spotted shuttle vans. When you return, just use The Parking Spot app to catch your shuttle ride back to your vehicle, where it's been waiting for you in a fenced-in, well-lit, and secure parking lot. It couldn't be easier since The Parking Spot serves 22 U.S. airports with 38 parking facilities!

3. Reserve Flights Early

Airline ticket costs fluctuate according to supply and demand, seasonal factors and the price of fuel. Airlines are eager to book passengers as far out as possible. This helps them anticipate future earnings, a standard business practice. In return, passengers who book far in advance often enjoy lower ticket prices. 

It may be hard to confirm your travel dates months in advance, but if you pay a little more for a changeable ticket, you can alter the date when it gets closer. The extra small cost for a changeable ticket will be more than offset by the cheaper ticket price.

4. Use a Luggage Scale

Airlines are trying to maximize their profits just like other companies. One way they're attempting to get more money from your wallet is to charge overweight luggage fees. But since you have these budget travel tips from The Parking Spot, you can outsmart the airlines! Invest in a portable luggage scale .

Airlines are banking on the fact that you need to know if your luggage will go over their weight limit. With a handheld luggage scale, you can quickly check your bags' weights at home to ensure they won't incur an overweight fee .

5. Pack Light

Another way to save for travel is to pack smart and bring more of what you need to be comfortable. Avoid carrying heavy items you can readily pick up at your destination, such as shampoo and soap. Wear your heaviest shoes and pack the sandals and flip-flops. If you'll need a coat or jacket, wear it on the plane and use it for a pillow so the bulk of it doesn't eat up your luggage space.

Avoid bringing paper items, as paper weight adds up. Put your beach-bound paperback, your child's notebooks, and activity books in your carry-on luggage. Better yet, invest in a Kindle and download all the books you want. Carry-on luggage has no weight limit, so put your laptop and other heavy items into your carry-on bags.

6. Fly on a Tuesday or Holiday

The least expensive day to travel throughout the year is typically Tuesday. You can use this travel-saving tip by reserving your departure and arrival days on Tuesday whenever possible. If you're willing to travel on holidays instead of a few days beforehand, fares are less expensive since most people don't want to fly on holidays. For example, traveling on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve could offer significant savings compared to December 23 or January 2.

7. Consider a Solo Vacation

Not every trip has to include friends or family. Another best way to save for travel is to take a vacation alone. Almost everything will be less expensive this way since you'll only be paying for one person. Traveling solo is a unique experience that not many people take the opportunity to enjoy in life. Plus, when you return, you'll have many exciting stories about your solo vacation that will be new and fresh for your loved ones. 

8. Leverage Rewards From Credit Cards & Memberships

Take an inventory of everything your credit cards and memberships have to offer in the way of rewards and points before you travel. If you pay for a rental car with a certain credit card, for example, you may not need to pay for additional insurance.

If you shop judiciously, you could pay for your whole trip with airline miles and points on a rewards card. Here are some ways to rack up travel points on your rewards card:

  • Add an authorized user ‒ Only add a trusted and responsible adult, such as your parent or spouse. You'll get points for their purchases, plus yours!
  • Use your card to pay bills ‒ If you can pay your rent online with a credit card, use your rewards card and earn lots of points!
  • Buy groceries with your rewards card.
  • Pay for gas with your rewards card.
  • Limit cash payments; keep your cash in the bank and only use it to pay off your monthly rewards card balance.

What’s more? If you bank at a credit union or have an AAA membership, you might be able to access hundreds of dollars in savings. Finally, don't forget to check your existing memberships so you don't accidentally throw away your hard-earned rewards.

9. Bring Your Own Snacks

Parking on-site can sometimes come with a premium cost, just like airport food . However, at The Parking Spot, we believe there's an art to savoring airport delicacies. As you prepare for your journey, consider packing some delightful travel snacks in your carry-on. While there's a limit to the amount of liquids you can carry (3.4 oz. per bottle), there's ample freedom to pack various solid foods . Why not enjoy the benefits of TSA's Trusted Traveler programs ?

Consider including nutritious cereal, delectable cheese, favorite candies, succulent cooked meat snacks, and delicious dried fruits in your carry-on. Before setting off, it's always a good idea to check with your airline regarding their specific allowances. Happy snacking and safe travels!

10. Consider Package Deals

Pay attention to budget travel advice regarding package deals. If you're staying in a hotel or renting a car when you reach your destination, you could save some cash by booking everything via a package deal. Many online travel websites, membership sites, and frequent flyer plans offer packages that save you hundreds of dollars if you simultaneously reserve and pay for your accommodations.

Final Takeaways

Applying these clever tips to save money could save hundreds of dollars on your next trip this year. You could even use that money to enjoy an extra spa day on your trip, pick up an excellent souvenir, or even stash savings into an account for your next vacation ‒ the opportunities are limitless. Want to save even more? Park with The Parking Spot, download the app and start earning points toward free parking and other rewards when you join the Spot Club today. Save on reservations, use contactless entry and exit, and earn free parking when you choose one of our convenient parking facilities. Start today with The Parking Spot

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