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October 28, 2023

We created the Spot Club to provide our guests to reward our frequent travelers with personalized experiences, faster transactions and payments, and to create an expectation of hospitality. We wanted it to be easy to understand, easy to join, and easy to earn rewards.

How to sign up for The Spot Club

You may use the app or the website experience to sign up using your email address and phone number. Select the airport near you and the specific The Parking Spot facility.  Download the app or continue with the website. Optionally, include your billing details. Then, when you are ready to travel, all your information is ready. You can reserve and go.

The Parking Spot Benefits: Why you should be a part of The Spot Club

The Parking Spot guests who join can benefit from Spot Club in several ways:

Rewards and incentives:

Like most loyalty programs, Spot Club offers its members rewards and incentives like:

  • Always waive the reservation fee of $5.95
  • Early notification and access to seasonal sale prices
  • Free upgrades
  • Other exclusive offers
  • Combine with your Shell Fuel Rewards account for even more savings.

These rewards can provide you with tangible benefits for your travel budget.

Personalized experiences:

Spot Club members get a personal touch because we know your preferred airport and parking facility. You will get customized outreach with deals specific to your airport. Your personal dashboard tracks your receipts, transactions, and makes reservations fast! Track your expenses with our integration with leading expense management tools. We want you to feel like your needs are being met on an individual level.


Loyalty programs like ours make it easier for our customers to make purchases and redeem rewards. You can use the mobile app or web browser. We save time and hassle for customers, making it more convenient to continue to park with us.

  • No membership card to carry; take care of everything with the app or on your mobile device.
  • Join today, save today.
  • We know your preferred type of parking, whether valet, covered, uncovered, or premium.
  • Securely stored transaction details (credit card and billing info) make reservations faster for you.
  • Redeem your points for free days.
  • Qualify for discounts on Car Care
  • Get in the lot faster – just scan the QR code from the app! Get home faster – just scan the QR code.

Status and recognition:

The Spot Club offer elite membership levels for loyal customers that recognizes our road warrior friends. At the Gold membership level, you earn points faster, get a free day of parking and priority customer service. Platinum members are guaranteed a space, get huge discounts on car care and a free car wash.


Spot Club fosters a sense of community among customers who share a love of convenient affordable airport parking. The yellow buses with the spots stand out in each of our markets.

Overall, Spot Club strives to provide members with parking benefits not otherwise available from the airport facilities. We hope that makes you feel part of something.

How do I qualify for the Gold or Platinum Status?

Our Elite Status programs are based on the number of days stayed and points earned. To qualify for:

  • Gold: stay with us at least 15 days AND earn at least 800 points in the previous calendar year.
  • Platinum: stay with us at least 40 days AND earn at least 3,700 points in the previous 12 months.

Keep parking with us and using the Spot Club! Every January 1st, we’ll tally the number of stays and points you’ve earned the previous 12 months to see if you qualified for the elite status for the following 12 months.

Spot Club members earn 4 points for every parking dollar spent (excludes taxes, fees, and car care). Elite members at the Gold and Platinum level earn 5 points for every dollar spent.

More Reservation information, help and support.

You can find additional information and help on our customer support site.

The Spot Club/ Elite Status FAQs

Q: Which points count towards my elite status?

A: Only Parking Dollar points count toward elite status, not Bonus points.

  • Parking Dollar points – For every parking dollar spent (subtotal before taxes and fees), 4 points will be counted towards your elite status.
  • Bonus points – these are extra points earned for being in our Gold or Platinum level, Anniversary points, and points earned from a promo such as double points or special sign ups. Bonus points do not count towards your elite status qualification. BUT bonus points help you earn free parking faster!

Q: What are the dates to qualify for elite status?
A: Elite status is based off 1 calendar year January 1st - December 31st. Every January 1st, we’ll tally the number of stays and points you’ve earned the previous 12 months to see if you qualified for the elite status for the following 12 months.

Q: I qualified for the Spot Club Elite Program. How do I get my discount on car care?
A: Make sure you are logged into your Spot Club account. During the parking reservation process, select a car care service and your discount will be automatically applied before pre-payment is due.

Q: I qualified for a Spot Club Elite Program. When do I get my free day of parking for my anniversary?
A: Within 24 hours of the anniversary of the day you joined the Spot Club, you will see enough points deposited into your Spot Club account to redeem for one free day of parking. (These Bonus points aren’t applicable to elite status qualification.)

Q: How do I redeem and use my points for free days parking?
A: From your Account dashboard – before you start the reservation process – select the big yellow “Redeem Points” button. This action will start your reservation with your Bonus points enabled.

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You can find additional information and help on our customer support site.hiw-es-scanqr.webp

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