What is Off-Site Parking?

December 27, 2022

If you plan to drive to the airport before your next trip, you need to think about where you’ll park your car. Parking in the airport garage or airport parking lots is an expensive option, and, frankly, is rarely a time saver. Parking off-site offers legitimate advantages that are worth considering as you are making your travels plans. Below, find a list of nine reasons why off-site locations might be your best bet for short- or long-term parking the next time you travel by air.



1. You Can Save Money

Parking at airports can be a huge expense, especially if you are making a long trip. According to SmarterTravel, the average cost of parking at airports is $30-$50 per day. That means, you could be dealing with a parking bill of $420 or more on a two week trip. Off-site parking is typically less expensive. Park near the airport instead of at the airport, and use your cost savings to splurge on that beachfront massage or super cool day trip while you are away instead.

2. Steer Clear of Hectic Airport Traffic

Navigating the heavy traffic at a busy airport doesn’t have to be one of your travel headaches. With off-site parking, you can completely avoid the round-the-clock airport traffic. Instead, take a quick, free shuttle to and from your parking lot. When you park with The Parking Spot, you can download our app to track shuttles when you arrive.

3. Book in Advance

At most airports, parking on-site is available on a first-come first-served basis. There’s no need to risk limiting yourself to a far away spot and limited availability when you arrive. With off-site parking, you can typically book reservations in advance, and take advantage of flexible cancellation terms. Booking in advance may also give you a cheaper rate.

4. Receive Car Care While You’re Away

On-site airport parking lots don’t usually offer services beyond a shuttle to your terminal. On the other hand, some off-site airport parking lots near some airports offer amenities like car washes and luggage assistance, for a nominal fee—or even at no cost. It’s pretty great knowing your car is washed or maintained while you are away...and even better knowing that when you arrive home after a long day of travel, there’s already one chore checked off of your to-do list.

5. Choose Covered or Uncovered Parking

While on-site airport parking lots are typically pretty secure, they don’t usually provide many options in terms of coverage. It’s nice to have the option to upgrade to a covered space to keep your vehicle protected from inclement weather. Off-site parking lots often offer both covered and uncovered parking, so you have more choices to meet your parking needs.

6. Enjoy Comfort & Space

On-site airport parking lots are quite cramped, which can make fender-benders and door bumps more likely. There’s nothing worse than arriving home only to find out your vehicle has been damaged. In general, because they are run outside of airport premises, off-site parking lots provide you with more space and comfort.

7.Earn Rewards & Free Parking

Does your on-site airport parking lot offer loyalty rewards or give you the ability to earn free parking? Probably not. Off-site airport parking lots often do. Here, at The Parking Spot, when you join the Spot Club, you can earn free parking, enjoy waived reservation fees, and experience easier entry and exit at any of our lots.

8. Get Discounts With Existing Memberships

On-site airport parking lots usually don’t offer deals from any partners. However, off-site parking lots are known to partner with other organizations so you can leverage extra savings. For example, AAA offers a 10% discount and waived reservation fee to members who park with The Parking Spot.

9. Get Help Along Your Journey

When you park on-site at the airport, more often than not you’re left to fend for yourself. Airport parking lots are usually so busy that you’re lucky if you can find a staff member to help you with anything outside of paying for your spot. Off-site parking lots, on the contrary, tend to go above and beyond. In addition to the luggage assistance, car care, and free shuttles, mentioned above, here are some of the additional perks you might be able to take advantage of, depending on your location:

  • Round-the-clock customer service
  • Valet Parking
  • EV Charging
  • Shuttle Tracking

The Parking Spot offers all of the above, though some amenities are only available at select locations. Learn more about your location to see everything that’s available.

We currently serve 22 airports with 38 near-airport parking locations. To discover what it’s like to park with us, visit TheParkingSpot.com to make your reservation today.

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