Airport Valet Parking

August 8, 2023

What is Valet Airport Parking?

Valet parking is our parking service where we park your car for you so you can hop on our shuttle and get to the airport quicker! The Parking Spot offers airport valet services in:

Valet Parking – Check in

When you check-in with one of our valet attendants, they will look over your car and note any current damage, dents or scratches and provide you a claim ticket. Hold on to the claim ticket as you will need it once you return.

an example of a valet parking ticket.

Valet Parking – on your return

Once you return home, login to your Spot Club account with the Spot Club app and tap the  Touch N Go  button to request a shuttle and have one of our valet attendants retrieve your car.

If you don’t have the app, you can also just have your ticket scanned when you get back to the lot.

The benefits of valet parking include saving time and reducing the hassle of finding a parking spot, particularly during peak travel periods. In addition, valet parking provides an added layer of security, as our facility is monitored and secured. Each location operates slightly differently, but each makes sure to provide you the smoothest terminal transfer possible.

Airport parking valet greets a guest at her car.

Overall, if you're looking for a convenient and stress-free parking option for your next trip, airport valet parking is definitely worth considering.

Valet Parking is a premium service, and you should reserve your spot in advance. Be sure check out our price calculator for the exact parking cost for your reservation.

More information on airport parking types, help and support

You can find additional information and help on our customer support site .


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