Airport Parking Reservations

October 28, 2023

People who fly understand that an airline seat must be purchased in advance. Your hotel at your destination may not be able to accommodate you unless you reserve your room in advance. If you need to rent a car, the make and model you want will only be available if you reserve it. The fourth pillar in air travel booking is online airport parking reservations.

Why should you book airport parking reservations online

Making parking reservations ahead of time, importantly, locks in your best daily rate and of course ensures that we will have a space for you during peak travel times. The best parking rate discounts are available when you book parking more than 14 days in advance.

Book an overnight stay, or a weeks-long vacation, your vehicle is safe with us. Prepaid reservations get an even greater discount, but be sure to understand the difference between our Pay Now and Pay Later rates.

Parking Reservations Using The Parking Spot App

Many of our guests enjoy our mobile app for Android and iOS. Not only is it easy to book airport parking with the app, it also tracks our shuttles and tells you exactly where they are and when they may arrive at the pickup location on your return.

Off-site Airport Parking Options

Guests can choose from a range of parking options to meet your needs and budget. Our lots are meticulously maintained, fenced and paved.

  • Covered parking keeps the rain and weather off your vehicle. Some airports have enormous canopies, while others have carport stalls.
  • Extra-wide parking stalls are available in a few markets to accommodate wider vehicles with larger turning radii. All extra-wide parking is covered.
  • Our Premium parking service upgrade means you get picked up first and dropped off first on your return.
  • Uncovered parking gets all the great service and security that every guest gets.

Ready to reserve?

If you are ready to make a reservation or just check pricing, take a look at the parking price calculator, select your airport and dates.

Airport Parking Reservation FAQs

Q: Will there be a particular space assigned to me and how do I find it?
A: When you make a reservation, you will not be assigned a particular spot. If your location has a Parking Guest Attendant, once you arrive and check-in, they will direct you. If your location does not have a PGA/greeter, once you check-in, please follow the signs to the parking type you made your reservation for and park in the first available spot. 

Q: What if arrive a little early; or, what if I am running late; can I check-in early or late for my reservation?
A: Yes, you will be able to check-in a little early for your reservation. 

Reservations will be honored during the period of 9 pm the day before the reservation date and 3 am the day after the reservation date (“Reservation Arrival Window”). Example: A guest with a reservation for anytime on July 3rd can commence their reservation beginning at 9 pm July 2nd up until 3 am July 4th. 

All reservations can be modified up to 1 hour prior to the check-in time. You can modify your reservation here. Failure to modify the check-in date/time on your reservation will cause your reservation not to link to your stay and you will be charged extra at checkout. 

Reservations are based on 24-hour periods, so once you check-in, your reservation clock will start at that time instead of what is listed on your reservation. For example, if your reservation was made for 4 days and you check-in early and you end up parking for 4 days 4 hours (5 days), you will owe for an extra day at checkout.

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