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A Guide to Planning a Vacation to Europe

December 26, 2022

How to Plan a Trip to Europe

Jetting off to parts unknown is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the world we share — but it calls for quite a bit of planning. Below is a quick guide with tips on how to plan a trip to Europe.
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Trip Planning Essentials

Europe has so much to offer! There’s exotic cuisine, amazing sights, and a lot of history to explore. Arranging all the ins and outs of a trip can seem tedious or even overwhelming. Complicated as it seems, you’ll usually find the more prep work you put in, the better the results. 

Forming an Itinerary

To start, it’s best to create an itinerary with places to visit and activities you want to do. Then, research each site to determine which ones you’ll have the time and budget to complete. Pre-planned guided tours are also available to take a lot of the hassle out of this step. While these tours may not give you the same freedom, they could make up for it with simplicity.

Purchasing Flights

Next, it’s time to book the most expensive component: airfare. For those on a budget, money may be saved by booking with a discount international airline or by shopping around booking sites. You could also squeeze in more sightseeing by opting for a layover in another country. Whichever route you decide, it’s important to book airline travel as far in advance as possible.

Planning Ahead Early

Using the flight dates and itinerary, start booking other accommodations. Consider researching unique lodgings like historic castles, farm stays, or quaint bed and breakfasts, as they can really jazz up the trip. If the familiar comforts of a chain hotel are more appealing, be sure to shop around for the best deal and read reviews beforehand to avoid last-minute changes. You may want to consider travel insurance as well for any unexpected situations or cancellations.

Getting Around

Public transportation, local tours, and other ways to explore may be unfamiliar, but could be easier than driving in a foreign country. Look up how locals choose to get around town and follow suit. If traveling extensively, there are rail passes to make reaching the next destination even easier.

How to Plan a Multi-City Trip to Europe

Traveling across European countries may take less time than expected but requires additional scheduling. It’s recommended to schedule transferring between cities first thing in the day. That way, you have the entire afternoon for sightseeing in the new destination. Take delays and check-in times into account as you map out the journey.

How to Plan a Solo Trip to Europe

Traveling alone has major perks. It makes navigating touristy spots and prioritizing a singular pursuit easier. Suggestions for this type of adventure are to not overpack, stick to a daily budget, carry cash for emergencies, and study up on proper safety and health measures. While Europe is generally safe, personal safety should be taken seriously when traveling, especially on your own.

How to Plan a Family Trip to Europe

When traveling with a family in tow, it helps to pre-book as much as possible. Securing these necessities early makes things simple and saves money. You’ll also want to pack smart. Bear in mind weight limits on luggage, as well as the footwear and outerwear everyone will need for varying weather throughout the continent. 

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