Airport Parking Rates: How much does it cost to park at the airport?

October 27, 2023

How much does airport parking cost?

We get asked that a lot here at The Parking Spot. Our parking price calculator provides the easiest way to answer that question. (It's the Airport and date chooser at the top of the home page.) Type in your airport, your departure and arrival times, pick the parking category, and reserve (the price calculator only shows reservation prices).

For your airport, our prices depend on:

  •  How long you intend to stay. Rates are lower for longer stays.
  •  If you reserve or drive up . Drive up rates will be slightly higher.
  •  If you decide to reserve, how much advance notice you give us? Generally (but not always), it is cheaper to reserve farther in advance.
  •  If you decide to pay in advance or pay at the lot. We discount pay in advance for most customers. Elite members always get the "pay now" discount.
  •  What days are you staying?
  •  If you want a covered spot? Covered parking carry slightly higher rates.
  •  Premium service and extra-wide spots are a higher rate.
  •  If you need valet service? Airport valet pricing is a premium service and priced to accordingly
  •  Does your vehicle need to be charged while you are away?

For the most discounted airport parking cost, join Spot Club to take advantage of our seasonal sales and always waive the reservation fee.airport-parking-rates.webp

As a hospitality and travel company, TPS strives to provide our guests with the best airport experience and the best price, with the least amount of stress. Whether you are traveling for business or for vacation, you deserve to get on your way. Whether you just want a simple parking stall and a shuttle to the terminal, or you need a car wash and battery charge, to full-service valet, we try to anticipate and meet our guests’ various needs in an off-site airport parking facility.

How to get the best airport parking rate

  •  Book further in advance! Did you know that rates booked a week or two in advance of arrival get our best discounts.
  •  Stay long and relax! Don’t worry if you’ve got a trip more than a week because that’s another great way to save the most!
  •  Check out our Coupons & Deals page to see if we’re running any specials for your airport.
  •  Join the Spot Club so you earn points towards free days of parking and don’t need to pay any reservation fees.

Airport Parking Pricing FAQs

Q: Do you offer monthly rates?
A: We offer discounts for extended stays of 7 days or more with a reservation. To see the rate for your stay, enter your dates and check in/out time in our parking price calculator . For monthly pricing please contact our commercial team .

Q: Do you have a discount for AAA members?
A: We absolutely do! Just enter your AAA member number when you sign up for The Spot Club.

Q: How much for a car wash?
A: The types of car washes offered, and the rates vary depending on the location. If your airport parking facility offers car wash, you can select if in our parking price calculator to see the rates.

Q: Half day? Or by the hour?
A: All rates are based on a 24-hour period and are only valid for the dates entered

You can find additional information and help on our customer support site .

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