6 Places to Go for a Father’s Day Weekend

May 22, 2024

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show your father figure how much you love him!  There are many ways to celebrate, both staying in your area and fun vacations out of town. Trip ideas will vary depending on your pop and his personality/interests.

Here, we review the best places to go for Father’s Day, including trip ideas that we think you'll both love. How does a Father’s Day golf trip to Myrtle Beach sound? Or a visit to Alaska! The world is your oyster and rewarding your dad with an amazing trip will bring you closer together and happier: we promise.

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6 Places to Go for a Father’s Day Weekend

These options for a Father’s Day getaway include some interesting trip ideas. For example, some dads might want to stay close to home and make their Father’s Day trip a short but exciting weekend. Others may want to really travel and check out some fascinating places in Europe, Africa, and beyond.

The following destinations are quite diverse and have options for all dads, so make sure you carefully pack your suitcase before hitting the road! 

1. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Here’s an amazing Father’s Day golf trip destination that your pop will love! With over 33 different world-class golf courses throughout the area, you’ll be playing golf for days at a time. However, Hilton Head Island also has other places to go for Father’s Day. For example, you can book a pickleball game, go kayaking together, play mini golf, or even take a helicopter ride.

When planning on visiting this destination, make sure that you book ahead well in advance to ensure you find a place to stay. Hilton Head Island is very popular around spring and summer.

Tips for Visiting Hilton Head Island

While The Parking Spot doesn’t have a location at Hilton Head Island, you can reserve a parking spot with us in Charlotte. Even if that’s pretty far from HHI, you can start here, check out the city, and then truck over to Hilton Head Island for some rounds of golf. Renting a car in Hilton Head can ensure that you enjoy this often under-rated state in style with your pappa.

2. Ketchikan, Alaska

Is your dad the kind of guy who loves nothing more than sitting in a boat and catching fish after fish for days at a time? Do him a real favor and book a trip to Ketchikan for your Father's Day weekend! If you live in or near Seattle, it's only a 90-minute flight and is one of the most exciting places to go fishing. There's truly nothing like the Alaskan wilderness for raw beauty.

When you're here, you can book an exclusive fishing package, stay at a cozy lodge, hire a fishing guide, go hiking together, or just relax in the boat together. Even better, you can book a whale-spotting trip and see these majestic beasts together in an unbelievable environment. If you're lucky, you might even spot moose or black bears hanging around: Ketchikan is a beautiful and unforgettable place that we think you'll enjoy.

Tips for Visiting Alaska

If you plan on traveling to Alaska (even by air), you need a REAL-ID compliant identification to travel here. That's because you'll be flying over Canada, a foreign (if friendly) country. Furthermore, it's smart to pack to dress in layers, even if you're visiting for a Father's Day weekend, because Alaska's weather is notoriously unpredictable, and snow has fallen in June: rare, but possible!

3. Nairobi, Africa

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: a Father's Day trip to Africa? Of all the places to go for Father’s Day, Nairobi is really over-the-top! There are so many awesome trip ideas in and around Africa that your head will spin. Honestly, it’s an amazing continent with beautiful animals, friendly people, and amazing experiences. Case in point: going to Nairobi for an amazing safari experience.

A Nairobian safari will take you through this country, throughout Nairobi National Park, and into Maasai Mara in Kenya. Once here, you’ll be met by a traditional Maasai warrior dance experience, check out various national parks, see beautiful (and sadly endangered) black and white rhinos, enjoy delicious cocktails, and experience all that Africa has to offer!

Tips for Visiting Nairobi

Booking a seven-day Nairobi vacation might be a little costly, so it’s best to find ways to save yourself money when flying there. For example, you can try booking basic economy fares to cut back on your expenses and get an amazing experience. Sure, the flight might not be as hyper-comfortable, but if you book your seats together, you can at least sleep on your trip before getting to it. 

4. Laguna Beach, California

Looking for a Father’s Day golf trip destination that will make your dad truly happy? We suggest a Father’s Day weekend in Laguna Beach, California, with over 50 golf courses within easy driving distance. Yes, that’s right, 50! These include some of the nicest and most attractive courses in the nation, so make sure you plan your Father’s Day weekend to hit as many as possible!

The best thing about this Father’s Day getaway is that you don’t JUST have to golf constantly! You could stay in places like the five-star Montage Laguna Beach Resort and really treat yourself to a $1,000 cocktail. No, that’s not a typo: this drink uses 40-year-old scotch and Disaronna Riserva amaretto to make a mix you’ll never forget. Note: the hotel donates $500 of that cost to charity!

Tips for Visiting Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is an incredibly popular tourist destination…so much so that you honestly might have a hard time finding parking spots! We suggest booking an Airbnb with a parking garage and leaving your car there. Download Uber, Lyft, or another ride-sharing service and see the city this way. If your dad needs a little help walking, there are rentable scooters throughout the city!

5. Glasgow, Scotland

If your dad loves a good drink (or six), Glasgow is an amazing place to visit. Known as one of the biggest party towns in Europe, Glasgow features many pubs, breweries, wineries, and distilleries that you and your dad can enjoy. Make sure you book an Uber to get around: the city’s taxi scene is very busy, and booking ahead can ensure you can get around safely throughout the city.

Of course, your Father’s Day weekend in Glasgow doesn’t have to just center around drinking. Scotland is a beautiful country with castle ruins, gorgeous hills, and an amazing history that includes roads and fences built as early as the Ancient Roman Empire. If you plan on traveling to Edinburgh, make sure you practice pronouncing it properly: residents will let you know if you don’t.

Tips for Visiting Glasgow

Getting to Glasgow may include some pretty long layovers, so make sure that you and your dad have something fun to do while you wait. Bring some books or games to kill time. Or you can always explore the facility (even Glasgow Airport) to find great food, shopping destinations, and other activities. Taking a nap is also a good idea on those long trips: just make sure you set your alarm!

6. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Wyoming might seem like a far-flung vacation destination (even compared to Nairobi) but the Grand Teton National Park is a place you have to see with your dad. If he’s an outdoorsman, he’ll love the rugged nature of this park, it’s beautiful wildlife (moose are plentiful), as well as gorgeous alpine vistas. It’s the kind of place you could explore for your whole life and only see half of it.

Bring your tent or a camper, rent a cabin, bring along your fishing gear, and get ready to have a lot of fun together in Wyoming! Note that there are surprisingly decent-sized cities located throughout the state (such as Casper) where you can go for some drinks and tasty food or simply buy more camping supplies for your outdoor adventure together.

Tips for Visiting Wyoming

If you plan on flying to Wyoming (a smart choice considering its isolated location), you’ll need to rent a good car. Invest in a high-mileage rental because you’re going to be driving a lot. Its natural beauty is truly something to behold but getting from places like Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and Casper requires hours of driving. That gives you plenty of time to chat with your dad, thankfully.

Dad tossing his toddler in the air over his head.

Fun Father’s Day Getaway Plans Without a Specific Destination in Mind

Do these Father’s Day weekend ideas sound nice, but maybe a bit outside your budget? Or does your dad have a simpler Father’s Day getaway in mind? We understand that. Not every Father’s Day trip has to be an amazing adventure. With a smaller budget, there are other places to go for Father’s Day near you that might be a better option — these won’t require you to fight through airport security!

For example, you might just come over for the weekend with the kids, bring over some amazing steaks and veggies, and have a cookout! Or if he’s a movie buff, bring over his favorite crafted beverages and binge his favorite movies. If that sounds a bit too simple and he loves spending time outdoors, go for a hike, climb a nearby mountain, or go swimming.

Even better, if your dad is a pretty active guy, you could play some sports together (paintball, laser tag, one-on-one basketball, tennis, or even pickleball) and see if he’s still got it as a competitor! These ideas are fun, simple, and pretty budget-friendly. Just make sure you keep our travel tips in mind if you plan to go far outside your home base: doing so should keep your trip fun.

Have Fun on Your Father's Day Trip!

Booking an amazing Father's Day Weekend will help you and your dad build experiences that will last a lifetime! Whether you find an extended Father's Day getaway to an exciting and unusual part of the world or a Father's Day trip close to home, you'll have fun. In fact, the places to go for Father's Day are practically limitless if you're clever and willing to do a little research.

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