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May 8, 2023

Families who travel together learn new things, discover different cultures, and broaden their horizons together. Airports are busy locations with hundreds of people moving from place to place. Whether traveling for leisure or for business reasons , they are often considered stressful and full of chaos, long lines , and delays.

There is a beautiful light at the end of this flying tunnel, however. Airports are becoming more enjoyable places for their customers to experience. One very creative way this is happening is through airport art exhibitions that enhance the interior design of the space while adding a cultural twist. Art is a hidden gem in an otherwise boring location and can serve as an insightful conversation starter and so much more. This is particularly true for families traveling with children , especially when long flights and layovers take on an international flavor.

The friendly team at The Parking Spot wants your traveling experiences to be enjoyable from beginning to end. Take a look at a list of international airports that have successfully transformed ordinary spaces into amazing art attractions just waiting for travelers to explore.

Famous Art Pieces Found in International Airports

Hamad International Airport

There are many interesting pieces of art and sculptures found inside Hamad International Airport in Qatar, but none are quite as notable as the Lamp Bear by Urs Fischer. This humongous yellow bear cheerfully greets people as they depart the airport. Located near the immigration and security area, the Lamp Bear weighs nearly 20 tons and stands at a towering 23 feet high. Other artwork on display here includes Mappemondes, a map of the world totally designed with tin cans; Oryx, a series of sculptures of animals native to the Arabian Gulf; and Other Worlds, a bronze sculpture for children of all ages to play and interact with.

Incheon International Airport

South Korea is known for its innovative design and cutting-edge technology. Incheon International Airport boasts an impressive collection of airport sculptures and other pieces, making it a must-visit for those hoping to see the best airport art. There is so much artwork here, they have coined the name "art port" instead of airport. Two of the most famous pieces are "Flying People" and "Pebbles and Stones." The latter, by artist Lee Kang-So, is a one-of-kind showstopper, located in the lobby of the main terminal. It is designed from hundreds of pebbles and stones arranged in an organic pattern. This front-and-center focal point is adored by visitors and is a very popular spot for travelers to take selfies and group photos.

This airport also features a beautiful collection of paintings, sculptures, and eye-catching installations that provide an educational glimpse into the country's vibrant art scene. Concerts and cultural performances are also scheduled here from time to time. If Seoul is your final destination, families are welcome to explore the city's other landmarks, like Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Namsan Tower, and the Korean Folk Village, which both the young and young at heart are sure to love.

Dubai International Airport

The Dubai International Airport celebrates local artists from many backgrounds by featuring their artwork throughout the airport. One truly exquisite piece is "My Dallah" by artist Jamal Habroush. This striking gold sculpture is totally created from fiberglass and is an abstract representation of an Arabian coffee pot and cup. It is said to represent originality, kindness, and hospitality. Another piece by Al Suwaidi that is inspired by the UAE culture is "Love-Red," which is a must-see for every traveler who passes through. The airport also regularly hosts temporary pop-up art installations.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The artwork found at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a special sight to see and a celebration of Dutch culture. Considered a mini museum, this art collection spotlights works by 17th-century Dutch artists like Jan van Goyen, Willem van de Velde the Younger, and Abraham Mignon. One of the most popular installations, "Schiphol's Tree," provides green spaces inside the airport. The NEMO Science Museum, featuring nine installations, will also keep children easily entertained throughout long layovers. This innovative and educational space also has a library with books to keep minds busy.

Famous Art Exhibitions Inside International Airports

Charles de Gaulle Airport

The busy Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France is home to a world-renowned art collection, truly a must-see among art exhibitions in airports. Located in Terminal 2, the installation includes an awe-inspiring collection of bronze sculptures created by one of France's most celebrated artists, Auguste Rodin. This exquisite collection features "The Thinker" and "The Kiss," two of his most recognized pieces. In addition to these famous sculptures, The Charles de Gaulle Airport also features a wealth of other exhibitions created by multiple artists, including a massive tapestry by Joan Miro, a mural by Robert Delaunay, and several large-scale sculptures. Nestled between the waiting lounges and shopping boutiques, the art museum space blends wood, glass, and steel into the dazzling decor.

If Paris is the destination of your travels, and you are interested in seeing more art, make sure to add The Louvre Museum, which features an extensive collection of art and artifacts from throughout the world, The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Palace of Versailles, which visitors of all ages find delightful.

Changi Airport in Singapore

Not only is the Changi Airport in Singapore ranked as one of the best airports in the entire world thanks to its amazing amenities and facilities, but it is also home to some of the most impressive artwork. One of the most famous is the "Kinetic Rain" sculpture, located in Terminal One. This dynamic piece showcases 1,216 mesmerizing bronze droplets that move in a choreographed sequence. One of the coolest things about the piece is that it spans more than 810 feet wide and is 24 feet high. It is computer programmed to create 16 different shapes, including airplanes, kites, and hot air balloons. The Changi Airport is also home to other head-turning paintings, sculptures, and murals created by extraordinarily talented Singaporean artists.

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport in Colorado is known for its stunning architecture and design. A newer, airport-inspired exhibit created by Thomas “Detour” Evans titled, "It’s Not What You Take, It’s What You Bring Back”, is a unique, suspended sculpture made out of suitcases and luggage. In addition, one of the most famous pieces located here is the "Mustang" sculpture, which features a giant blue horse with glowing red eyes. The sculpture, created by Luis Jiménez, is located outside the airport's main terminal and has become a popular landmark in the Denver Airport. There are also a number of other works to see as you walk from terminal to terminal, including murals that tell local stories, colorful paintings, and fascinating sculptures.

Larnaca International Airport

There are many things to see while spending time at Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus, but one of the best is an art installation located near the immigration desks. It is a wall of magnificent mosaics that symbolize the country's strength and resilience. This work of art used to be housed in an airport that was destroyed years ago when Turkey invaded the country back in 1974. Now miraculously salvaged, this symbol is on display for all to see as a reminder of resilience and strength. Other creative art installations throughout Larnaca International Airport are specifically designed using sound, light, or play to delight the senses and encourage special interaction with visitors.

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