Give Mom A Mother’s Day Trip To Remember

April 4, 2023

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mom all the respect and love she deserves for raising you into such a happy, healthy, and productive person. You can celebrate this experience with her in many ways, such as planning a Mother's Day brunch or a staycation at home. However, booking a Mother's Day trip and getaway is a fantastic way of showing her that you care.mothers-day-weekend-trip.webp

In this article, we outlined multiple destination cities where you can travel with your mom and experience a fantastic getaway together. If you already live in these cities, you can read through our list and make sure you find options that suit you. If you need to travel by airplane, you can book airport parking with us at The Parking Spot to ensure your parking and shuttle experience goes smoothly.

We service multiple significant cities around the nation and can make your trip more enjoyable in several ways. So if you're ready to make this Mother's Day the best possible for you and your mom, check out the following destinations for Mother's Day. No matter what Mother's Day trip you book, you should find some amazing things to do in whatever city you want to visit.

6 Destinations and With Incredible Options For Moms 

If you're already packing your suitcase for your Mother's Day trip, slow down! Instead, take the time to read through this extensive list to learn more about the nation's best destinations for Mother's Day. We carefully researched each to ensure they were as enjoyable as possible.

These different destinations have many amenities and activities that can keep you, and your mom engaged, including a Mother's Day brunch. Read through each option to decide which makes the most sense for you and your mom.

 #1 Atlanta, Georgia 

Atlanta is a fun and exciting place to visit and provides many unique opportunities for your Mother's Day getaway. For example, you can stay at The Westin downtown to get access to deluxe rooms in a comfortable environment, including balcony viewing and many more unique amenities.

If your mom is more physically fit and enjoys running, the Super Mom Half Marathon in nearby Buford may be an excellent option for you! This half marathon takes you throughout Buford and the surrounding area and helps celebrate moms uniquely and engagingly.

You can also check out the North Georgia Zoo, which lets mothers in for free during their big day! Like other destinations for Mother's Day, this option is inexpensive and provides plenty of fun times, including the chance to explore a large area and see multiple incredible animals. Atlanta also has a cool aquarium that lets moms in for free.

Does your mom love movies and keep up with the current scene? Then, you can book a matinee at Atlanta's oldest operating cinema, the Plaza Theatre. They typically show pretty unique and quirky movies here, meaning that you can check out some surprisingly fun and innovative films together.

 #2 California 

California is one of the biggest and most exciting states in the nation and provides plenty of fun things to do with your mom! First, explore the Joshua Tree National Park to see these gorgeous trees and explore a broad and wild area. There's a good chance that you'll see some unexpected animals as well!

You can even be a kid again and go to Universal Studios Hollywood and explore the park with your mom. Here, there are many unique rides and viewing areas that you can enjoy with your mother. Moms might even get a discounted price when visiting, depending on the day and their age.

Is your mom an extensive history or art buff? Does Mom love wineries? Head to Santa Barbara to check out its many museums . This city has some of the best and most exciting museums in the state, including the MOXI and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, where you can see many fascinating paintings and sculptures.

You can also hit up San Francisco for a Mother's Day brunch and sightseeing expedition. Go look for whales with one of the many whale tours in the area, or enjoy the bustling musical scene. There's a lot to do in this city, so you should have more than enough ideas for you and your mom!

 #3 Chicago, Illinois 

No trip to the Midwest is complete without a stop in Chicago. If visiting here with your mom, stay at The Blackstone to get a high-quality experience! It's a very comfortable downtown hotel with multiple amenities, including high-speed internet if you need to work while on your getaway.

Shopping at the Magnificent Mile is another fantastic option for your Mother's Day celebration. Throughout a one-mile strip, you get access to over 450 different retailers, high-quality restaurants, luxury hotels, and much more. So when you have some money to spend, take your mom here for maximum fun!

Does your mom love flowers? If so, the Spring Flower Show at the observatory is an excellent option for you! Here, you can see some gorgeous flowers, explore their natural environment, and learn more about how they grow. Any mother obsessed with flowers will love this stop.

Lastly, why not check out a local legend and book a visit to Second City? This comedy group has produced some of the biggest names in the entertainment world, which makes it a must-stop if you have a mom who loves to laugh! There's also a student-run show, on-site dining, and more.

 #4 Florida 

Florida is one of the most popular destinations for older adults, which makes it perfect for many mothers! For example, Clearwater, Florida , has many fun and engaging destinations, including various beaches, aquariums, waterfront parks, and even dolphin-viewing areas for you and your mom.

Orlando is another popular destination for tourists, providing multiple amusement parks, shopping destinations, and more. You can rent a condo and just relax in the sun or get a day trip to many of the fun and engaging areas. Don't forget that Disney is a huge deal in this area.

For example, you can check out Mother's Day brunch at Disney, as there are many foodie destinations available for visitors. Disney is also a fun time if you've never been there before, and you can feel like a kid again riding the Dumbo ride or experiencing any other fun and enjoyable amenities.

Lastly, you can check out the botanical gardens in the state and explore beautiful flowers, check out unique shrubs, and much more. Florida is one of the most naturally beautiful states in the country and should give you and your mom lots to do if you're ready for fun.

 #5 New York City, New York 

Anybody who has ever been to New York City knows that it's basically an entire nation in and of itself. There are so many amazing things that you can do with your mom here that it's impossible to collect more than just a few in one spot. There's almost literally a never-ending array of things that you can do and places you can stay.

For example, you can stay at The Mark Hotel to experience a comfortable and high-class staying environment. It has the kind of downtown amenities you expect from hotels in New York City and easy access to the subway, taxi delivery services, and anything else you may want.

You can then check out the Times Square shopping environment, which includes multiple amazing local shops, major national chains, and more. Stop by the huge Macy's to buy some fun clothes for your mom, or simply buy a piece of delicious and authentic NYC pizza from a pizzeria.

Don't forget that there are many excellent and unforgettable Broadway shows going on in New York City every year! So no matter what kind of musical or play that you and your mom enjoy, there should be a unique option that takes you out of your humdrum life and into a world of excitement.

 #6 New Orleans, Louisiana 

New Orleans is the kind of place you take a mom who loves to have a little wild fun. For example,  Frenchman Street  includes multiple music clubs, various options for dining, plenty of bars, and even dance clubs that you and your mom can enjoy. Walk a little on the wild side while on your trip!

You can also expand your stay to check out the full French Quarter, learn more about gumbo, and check out unique and exciting bars. There are almost more bars per square mile than there are people in New Orleans, so you should have plenty of engaging options if you visit here.

If you feel like you need some more restrained fun, you can also check out the National WWII Museum. This sobering experience includes many showcases that highlight the sacrifices people made during this conflict and how much it changed the world after it was over.

You can also visit the area's many churches, such as St. Louis Cathedral. New Orleans has some of the oldest religious sites in the nation, with some of the most amazing architecture in the world. These options should help to transform your visit and make it as unforgettable as possible.

 Fun Mother's Day Trip Ideas Without a Specific Destination in Mind 

While the ideas above are an excellent option for many Mother's Day trips, they may not feel right. Whether you simply don't want to bother with airport security or want a smaller-scale celebration, options are available. You can do the normal thing by providing your mom with chocolate and flowers and cooking her breakfast in bed while letting her sleep in for the day.

You can then book a Mother's Day brunch at a restaurant of her choosing, or book a manicure, pedicure, or massage for both of you. Take her shopping in her favorite stores and buy her a few things. Book a fun painting, baking, cooking, or pottery class. Other Mother’s Day activities might be to take a hike or go camping together, or binge watch her favorite show while drinking some delicious wine and enjoying a large pizza together.

These options let you and your mom have a great time together without traveling. Note that if you already live in the cities we mentioned, you could check out these ideas for yourself! No matter your age, connecting with a parent can be a rewarding and healthy experience that helps you better understand yourself and come to peace with personal difficulties in your life.

 Take Care of Mom This Mother's Day! 

You and your mom deserve a fantastic Mother's Day trip that takes you out of the boring same-old-same-old of your life and lets you experience a whole new world of fun. Finding a Mother's Day destination that makes sense for you makes it possible to connect with your mom as she ages to build better memories and improve your relationship in many exciting and enjoyable ways.

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