How Does Airport Parking Work at The Parking Spot

October 28, 2023

You’ll get the most from The Parking Spot when you reserve your space in advance. Make a reservation on our website or simplify your experience with The Parking Spot mobile app. Simply enter your city or airport code and select your check-in and check-out dates and times to see your available parking options.hiw-changes-discounts-contacts.webp

To earn free parking, waive reservation fees, and save your payment info for fast, touchless, ticket-free entry and exit, join The Spot Club. Otherwise, you can always visit a cashier for assistance.

When you arrive at one of our well-lit, fully fenced facilities, use your reservation code for seamless entry. You will not be assigned a designated space. Instead, a greeter will direct you where to park. If a greeter does not meet you, follow the signs to the parking space type you reserved and choose the first available spot.

After you park, a shuttle will arrive to pick you up from your spot or a designated garage pick-up area. You can use the Parking Spot app to track the nearest shuttle, and we offer luggage assistance. Each location is only a short ride away from the nearest airport.

Some of our locations offer car care so you can let us wash your vehicle while you’re away and come home to a fresh and clean machine.

Upon return, track our shuttles from our handy app and catch a ride from the airport back to your car. For a touchless exit, use the self-checkout lane and app.

If available at your location, you can also take advantage of our valet parking services. Upon return, we’ll then get your car ready for you to speed up the checkout process.

Reservations, Modifications, and Cancellations

You can easily modify reservations up to one hour prior to your reservation time in the Spot Club app by selecting the reservation you would like to change from the home screen of the app dashboard, or follow the instructions for online modifications here.

You can change your dates, times, location, and parking type as many times as needed, prior to the one-hour cut-off. You can also modify the type of vehicle on your reservation. If a modification changes the price of your reservation, you will receive a full refund for the original amount and be re-charged the new total price.

Pay Later reservations can be canceled or changed. Pay Now reservations are not refundable but may be modified up to one hour prior to reservation time. The Parking Spot reservations are based on 24-hour periods, so if you need to check in one or more days early or late, you must modify your reservation.

That said, if you need to check out late, you will not need to modify a reservation unless you have scheduled a car wash. If you have scheduled a car wash and you will return late, please contact your local lot to make changes. Payments for extra days will be added at check out and coupons and discounts can be applied.

When Do You Need to Contact Your Local Lot?

For situations with The Parking Spot, you can use our convenient self-service options online or in the Spot Club app. But some instances require the help of a local employee. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, please contact your local lot.

  • You need more information about arrival shuttles to take you from the airport to The Parking Spot.
  • You have scheduled car care at The Parking Spot and your return has been delayed more than 24 hours.
  • Your situation has changed, and you need to arrange for someone other than yourself to pick up your car.

For your use, here is a directory of The Parking Spot’s local lots including general managers’ names and phone numbers.

Airport Parking Discounts, Coupons, and Savings


When you join The Spot Club, you will start earning rewards that will give you access to free parking. We’ll also waive your reservation fees. Plus, you’ll experience easier entry and exit with the app! Get parking expense tracking and access to exclusive deals and upgrade discounts too.


Take your Savings to the next level when you reach Gold Status by staying with us 15 parking days and earning 800 points. You’ll earn 25% more bonus points each time you park, a free day of parking on your Spot Club anniversary, and priority online customer service. At select locations, Gold members also get a free annual car wash and a 15% discount on car care.


Frequent travelers can fly even higher with a Platinum membership after 40 parking days and 3,700 points. Platinum members receive the same benefits as Gold members, plus 50% more bonus points, a guaranteed space, premium parking upgrades and a 20% discount on car care where available.


There’s another way to get even more discounts at The Parking Spot. For an additional 10% off parking, enter your AAA membership number in your Spot Club account.


There’s another way to get even more discounts at The Parking Spot. For an extra 10% off parking, enter your Shell Rewards number in your Spot Club account.

Final Thoughts

The Parking Spot delivers superior airport parking and so much more. For the best experience, download our mobile app and join the Spot Club today. Experience convenience and savings, plus earn free parking and upgrades when you park near the airport at one of our 38 locations.hiw-changes.webp

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