Memorable Travel - Thanksgiving in The Faroe Islands

October 8, 2023

 By Carolina Matamoros @ The Parking Spot

Nestled between Scotland and Iceland, the Faroe Islands combine the vast Scottish fields with the wintry beauty of Iceland, to make up one of the most beautiful hidden gems of Europe - and one that I had to explore! 

Approaching the Faroe Islands on an SAS flight from Copenhagen.

The weather in the Faroe Islands is quite temperate - barely exceeding 55 F and rarely dropping below 45 F. With a Scandinavian Airlines flight deal and winter coats in hand, Thanksgiving break would be our time to explore the archipelago. 

Our flight from Chicago was direct to Copenhagen (Faroe Islands is a part of the Kingdom of Denmark) with an overnight layover, and then to Torshavn, the capital city of the islands the next morning. Christmas time was in full swing in Copenhagen, buildings adorned with tinsel and lights, and Christmas markets around every corner. Copenhagen was a familiar favorite to us both, as we happily strolled around Nyhavn Harbour, amongst others. 

Christmas Market in Torshavn, Faroe Islands.

Arriving in the Faroe Islands was the greatest surprise, right out of a nature documentary. Miles and miles of fields and mountains, with almost no one in sight. We passed towns with populations of 15, situated in fjords dotted with sheep and Faroe ponies. 

Home to 14,000 (the smallest capital city in Europe!) Torshavn is filled with cobblestone streets, grass roofed cottages, chic restaurants and clothing stores. Our time was spent along the harbor, exploring Faroese dishes (my favorite was a Faroese brunch at Kaffihúsið) and popping into the many wool workshops, as there are more sheep than people on the island.

Harbor in Torshavn, Faroe Islands.

No trip to the Faroe Islands would be complete without time dedicated to nature! There are thousands of waterfalls on the islands, with a handful that are a must-see. The Mulafossur waterfall is about an hour from Torshavn, with a scenic drive along the coast. This waterfall has panoramic views, looking out onto the ocean and the nearby island Mykines. If you travel during the warmer months, Puffins are known to make their nests within the cliff walls in Mykines. The view was breathtaking but be warned - the wind will just about knock you off of your feet! 

Carolina and Griffin, the scenic Mulafossur waterfall in the background.

Our 4 day trip to the Faroe Islands was packed with nature, culture and good eats - swapping turkey for lox! To plan your Thanksgiving adventure, check out how The Parking Spot can create a seamless airport parking experience for you. 

Carolina chasing her airplane home on the tarmac.

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