Spring 2024 Travel Guide: Top May Destinations for Every Traveler

April 18, 2024

With May on the way, identifying some of the best places to travel in May for your upcoming spring vacation is a good idea. May is a prime time to vacation because the weather is warming up without becoming too overbearing. Furthermore, the best travel destinations in May not only have cozy climates but aren't entirely out of their "shoulder" season just yet.

That means these areas still aren't in the prime of their tourist season. They're a little cheaper and a little less busy than they would be even a month later. As a result, knowing where to travel in May (particularly where to travel in Europe in May) requires you to research and pick a spot that makes the most sense for you and your family.

So, if you want to travel and stay active this May, look at the following popular destinations. Before booking your trip, read carefully about each option to learn more about fun activities and events located at each and the travel tips and preparation section. Then, reserve a parking spot with The Parking Spot at your local airport.


The 5 Best Places to Travel in May

When you visit the best travel destinations in May, book ahead and carefully plan each element of your trip. For example, try to find public transportation and inexpensive eating options to save money. Furthermore, know where to travel in May in each city or country you visit and buy tickets ASAP to ensure you can attend these fantastic events.

When available, you should also reserve a parking spot with The Parking Spot to ensure your car is safe while traveling. Booking with us provides 24/7 vehicle protection and other amenities to minimize potential damage. Finding a solid parking option will keep you safe, particularly if you're interested in finding where to travel in Europe in May rather than America.

1. Ubud, Bali – The Bali Spirit Festival

Bali is an underrated vacation destination and one of the best places to travel in May. First, the weather is typically quite warm (though rainy), with temperatures between 68-90 throughout the month. It also hosts the BaliSpirit Festival, a four-day celebration with music performances, yoga sessions, dancing, healing, martial arts, and much more.

Over the years, this festival has gained popularity with spiritualists and people interested in alternative lifestyles. That said, it's safe for the whole family and includes kid-friendly activities, such as beginner yoga exercises, that your little ones may enjoy. This openness makes it one of the best travel destinations in May, particularly if you're into yoga and meditation techniques.

Travel Tips for Ubud

Ubud is a massive city with plenty of traffic, so download travel apps like Grab while you're there. This ridesharing program is top-rated in Bali and lets you travel more comfortably. Ignore the many people offering you rides on the street and stick with the carefully screened drivers who typically provide friendly and easy-going service.

Tipping etiquette in Bali is pretty simple – your driver will typically expect a tip not just for the ride but for their gas expenses unless that's included in your fees. Note that restaurants in the nation often add a service fee to their bills, so tipping the server isn't mandatory. Otherwise, tipping in hotel rooms isn't compulsory but is always appreciated by the workers.

2. New Orleans – Jazz & Heritage Festival

New Orleans is a fantastic town that, honestly, is always worth visiting, no matter the time of year. The temperatures in May are definitely warm (often pushing the upper 80s), and there’s always something fun and unforgettable to do. In particular, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, or “Jazzfest,” from late April to early May provides an amazing musical experience for music fans.

While there are plenty of great jazz and blues artists who play here, there are also lots of rock, rap, soul, pop, and indie bands who play at the event every year. Popular bands like Trombone Shorty and Widespread Panic play here frequently and provide unique and exciting experiences. As a result, it’s more than worth booking here if you’re a huge music fan.

Travel Tips for New Orleans

New Orleans’ street car should provide a great public transportation experience and is a historically exciting experience for all visitors. Note that there are also other options, such as buses, taxis, and ridesharing options, that can make this travel even more enjoyable. These often get very busy during music festivals due to heavy concert attendance and tourism, though.

While you’re in New Orleans, make sure that you practice a few French phrases – some people there still speak a lot of that beautiful language, though mostly for tourist purposes. Being able to converse with someone even a little in French could make your trip even more enjoyable. If the Jazz & Heritage Festival is a bit too big for you, smaller venues host local concerts every day.


3. Bergen, Norway – Bergen International Festival

Trying to figure out where to travel in Europe in May that won’t overwhelm you? Bergen, Norway, is a great option. The weather will be a little chillier in May than in Ubud or Memphis (between 38-60 for the most part), with a potential for snow. Packing for cold weather is essential, even in May, particularly when attending the Bergen International Festival.

During this 15-day celebration, you and 100,000 other visitors can attend over 400 events in 70 venues. You’ll listen to great Norwegian music, watch excellent theatrical performances, see unique cultural dance events, experience beautiful operatic performances, and taste delicious Norwegian meals. If you’re interested in Norway’s fascinating culture, it’s worth a trip!

Travel Tips for Bergen

Bergen is considered a very walker-friendly city with many amenities, restaurants, venues, and other activities within 10 miles. Pack a few pairs of walking shoes and other essential travel accessories like sunscreen to keep yourself comfortable. A lovely sun hat will help you stay cozy and avoid getting the sun in your eyes as you walk.

Another thing to remember when visiting Norway is the language barrier – or the lack of one. About 90% of all Norwegians can speak English moderately well or fluently. That makes this country one of the best places for Americans who don’t know or struggle with other languages to visit. It’s still not a bad idea to have a language guide available, just in case.

4. San Diego, California – Cinco De Mayo

The best places to travel in May are often what you might call “second or third” cities. For example, San Diego is a huge town but not as heavily visited as Los Angeles or San Francisco. That makes it one of the best travel destinations in May: it’s not as crowded, the weather is beautiful (sunny and around 60-75 all month), and you’ll have lots to do.

San Diego also hosts one of the most popular Cinco de Mayo celebrations from May 3-5. During this traditional Mexican festival, you’ll enjoy fantastic music (including mariachi, Mexican folk music, and even Latin rock bands), taste unique foods, watch intricate dances, and experience an unforgettable citywide party that will take your breath away.

Travel Tips for San Diego

The best time to fly to San Diego is in late April before the Cinco de Mayo celebrations begin. You’ll find plenty of amazing plane ticket deals and can reserve a parking spot ahead of time to ensure you have a place to park. While The Parking Spot doesn’t have a location there, it’s possible that one could open eventually, which will give you top-notch parking options.

Getting around San Diego typically requires ridesharing apps or walking, but mass transits and buses are available. Scooter rentals are growing in popularity in many downtown areas but aren’t practical for long-distance travel. Bikes are also available for rent, which work well for people who are in shape or love getting in some miles while on vacation.

5. Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong – Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Now that you know where to travel in May in America and where to travel in Europe in May, you should consider a few Asian destinations, including Cheung Chau Island in Hong Kong. Temperatures here in May are very summery (between 71-86) with some chances for rain. Late in the month, the four-day Cheung Chau Bun Festival is well worth visiting!

This festival celebrates the end of a devastating plague on the island and includes many fascinating cultural events. For example, the first two days include delicious vegetarian food celebrations, parades, events at various towers and temples, tower climbing competitions, and ferry trips. It’s a fascinating and unforgettable experience for you and your family.

Travel Tips for Cheung Chau Island

Before jumping on the plane to fly to Cheung Chau Island, remember that there are no cars on the island! Yes, like many island areas (such as Mackinaw Island in Michigan), there are no publicly available vehicles here. As a result, you’ll need to book a bike or get ready to walk when visiting here. Bring along strong walking shoes and practice long-distance walking in April.

It’s also worth traveling outside the expected areas in Cheung Chau Island because the backstreets often have fewer tourists, unique architecture, and access to delicious foods. If you want to see what life is like on this island, you can explore these areas and mingle with real citizens. The language barrier here might be high, so bring a translation guide.

Travel Tips and Preparation From The Parking Spot

Before you reserve a parking spot at your local airport, planning your trip carefully to avoid problems is critical. While there are more location-specific tips and tricks in the previous section, it’s a good idea to check out the suggestions below to ensure your travel goes smoothly:

  • Pack for Cool Weather: Some regions might still get cooler weather during May, so pack sweatshirts, long pants, raincoats (essential in Bali), and mosquito spray, as these pestering insects are often very prominent in the late days of May.
  • Bring Warm-Weather Clothes: The best packing tips for your May vacation include bringing swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts, sunscreen, bug spray, and sun hats in warmer regions. For example, Memphis typically has nearly 90-degree temperatures in May, so be prepared.
  • Research Travel Deals: Download travel apps and search through deals in March and April to save yourself some money. You’ll typically need to book a month or two ahead of time to save the most money – trying to book too late will make your trip more expensive.
  • Book Accommodations Early: Many cities mentioned here have expansive festivals in May that might make it harder to find accommodations. Sign up for free booking sites or call destinations directly to set up reservations that can’t be randomly canceled.
  • Research Your Transportation: Most destinations on this list have public transportation, taxis, car rentals, bikes, rentable scooters, or even ridesharing apps. Some European cities even have trains, so download these schedules before your trip to keep on top of things.

The biggest takeaway here is to always plan your big trips a few months before getting on the plane. There's something to be said for those last-minute and impulsive vacation decisions: specifically, they're a terrible idea! You need to do a lot of planning before you travel, particularly when you're booking overseas or in places where the locals might not easily speak English.

Book With The Parking Spot Today

No matter where you want to visit this spring, the best places to travel in May should keep you entertained. The best travel destinations in May provide comfortable weather, fun activities, and reasonable prices. Whether you want to know where to travel in May in America or where to travel in Europe in May, make sure you understand things like airport security before booking.

Start planning your May vacations now to ensure you get the accommodations, travel support, and event tickets you need to have a great time. Furthermore, you should reserve a parking spot with The Parking Spot if a location is near you. Set up a free account and book your reservation well ahead of time to keep your vehicle safe while you travel this May.

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