June 2024 Travel Guide: Unmissable Destinations Worldwide

May 8, 2024

In the Northern Hemisphere, June is the start of summer. Early June is still the shoulder season in many parts of the world, and the best travel destinations in June will typically be cheaper – but not for long!

In this article, we’ll help you decide where to travel in June in America, Asia, and even Africa. However, you’ll also learn about where to travel in Europe in June to expand your potential vacation destinations. Each mini-review will discuss the reasons why each spot is such a great choice, including beautiful weather and many fun activities and events in the area.

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The Best 6 Travel Destinations in June

When preparing for your June vacation, you probably won’t need to pack for cold weather – most of these spots will have pretty warm, even summery, temperatures. Furthermore, the best times to fly to each of these areas may vary, with some working best in early June – before prices go up – while others may provide better deals later in the month.

1. Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound

By late May and early June, Barcelona’s temperatures are hitting the 70-degree range, making it one of the best places to travel in June. But what makes this a common option for people deciding where to travel in Europe in June is Primavera Sound. Starting in late May and stretching into early June, this yearly festival is one of the biggest in all of Europe.

This popular event includes concerts, art displays, amazing talks, international films, dance celebrations, beach visits, and even delicious foods. It’s truly one of the most exciting events in Europe! While it occurs during the late days of Europe’s shoulder season, it brings in a lot of tourists and should make your June holiday a more exciting and unforgettable experience.

Travel Tips for Barcelona

Barcelona has an excellent public transportation system, meaning it should be fairly easy for you to get around the city. Note that it includes buses, metro trains, and taxis – download a map and consider buying a week pass to streamline your traveling. Doing so not only makes your experience more enjoyable but cuts back on expenses – not bad, not bad!

2. Zambia – South Luangwa National Park

Zambia might not be on your list of “must-see places, but maybe it should be in June! It’s one of the best travel destinations in June because its weather is mild (usually in the 60s and 70s) and dry. Though Zambia does get hit heavily by monsoons later in the year, it’s still dry in June, which makes visits to South Luangwa National Park an absolute treat to book!

During June, the park is in its last month before the busy season starts – and with mild temperatures, it’s a perfect time to visit! If you’ve always wanted to see elephants, giraffes, leopards, and other African animals in the wild, here’s your best chance. It’s a very interesting experience that should entertain you and your kids alike – animal lovers should try it out!


Photo credit: Lauren Rocklin

Travel Tips for Zambia

English is the official language of Zambia, so you shouldn’t have a hard time talking with the residents. They likely have a pretty thick African accent but are usually quite friendly and welcoming. Note that public transportation is limited here, so you should rent a car if you plan on visiting. Furthermore, pack a nice spring jacket – evenings and mornings get rather cool.

3. Pantanal, Brazil – Jaguar Spotting

Brazil is one of the best places to travel in June if you’re trying to discover where to travel in June this year. The weather is very comfortable and the wet season hasn’t come yet, so you shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. The most popular reason people come to this region is to see jaguars, which are common throughout the area and, if not tame, used to seeing humans.

Typically, you’ll see jaguars hanging around the town’s outskirts, as they may snag food and hunt small, local animals here. It’s best to keep your distance and stay in a vehicle when you spot one – though they’re not afraid of humans, they’re also not afraid to attack if you get too close. They’re still wild animals, so see if you can find a trusted guide to help you out here.

Travel Tips for Pantanal

Pantanal is a popular destination for jaguar spotters in June, so book ahead to make sure you find a great destination. There’s actually an amazing on-water hotel destination that includes a traveling boat that can take you up and down the Amazon to spot jaguars. Be ready to spend good money and book well in advance to get a spot on this popular and unique boat.

4. Herne Hill, England – Mighty Hoopla Festival

Now, England in June is a surprisingly nice place to visit – yes, it’ll be rainy, but temperatures should be getting closer to the 70s by the early part of the month. Avoiding rain in England is simply not an option most of the time. If you’re trying to figure out where to travel in Europe in June, try this London suburb on the first two days of June to enjoy the Mighty Hoopla Festival.

The Mighty Hoopla is a big festival that includes many types of music, particularly pop and indie rock. If you’re into those kinds of music, you’ll likely enjoy the event. The rough part about this festival is that it typically sells out so quickly, but there are still plenty of fun things to do in London. Even better, Herne Hill has reasonable accommodations most of the year.

Travel Tips for Herne Hill

There should be little to no language barrier beyond some pretty heavy accents when you visit Herne Hill. Note that this suburb is densely populated, like most of London, so you’ll likely be spending some time in tight quarters with other travelers. If you don’t mind the hostel life, visiting Herne Hill should be tolerable. Public transportation here is superlative!

5. Rome, Nemi – Strawberry Festival

There aren’t many bad times to visit Rome, but what makes it one of the best travel destinations in June are the comfortable temperatures (pushing the 80s) and the Strawberry Festival. Whether you’re traveling with your family or solo, this fantastic festival will immerse you in Rome’s unique cultural history and provide a fun experience for all involved!

At the Strawberry Festival, you’ll enjoy eating delicious locally grown strawberries, including many pies, drinks, and even meals using this popular fruit. You’ll also experience concerts, fun competitions, and much more. It’s a unique time that shows how you see a side of Rome people rarely see, one that breaks apart from the lengthy lectures on Ancient Roman politics.

Travel Tips for Rome

When in Rome, you have to try a true Italian cappuccino – but not in the afternoon! Residents might balk at this order or even refuse because it’s considered a heavy drink that should only be drunk in the morning. If you’re lucky enough to be there on the first Sunday of the month, all state-owned museums are free – which is fantastic in a city as rich in history as Rome.

6. San Juan Islands, Washington – Beautiful Whale Spotting

The San Juan Islands in Washington are among the best places to travel in June due to great weather (around the 70s most of the season) and their natural beauty. Put simply, the San Juan Islands provide a unique and gorgeous range of sights, particularly the whale spotting tours. These will provide you and your family with a unique chance to see some beautiful animals.

There are many companies that provide these tours. You can even stand on the shore and try to spot whales, which is a very rewarding experience if you’re lucky enough to see one. That said, most whale tours provide amenities such as food, drinks, and other sightseeing experiences that can provide a fun and engaging experience that should make your vacation enjoyable.

Travel Tips for the San Juan Islands

You’ll need to book a boat trip to the San Juan Islands to get there – some even include ferries that can bring your vehicle to cut down on your travel needs. The island is big enough to support vehicles, but you do have to book ahead to ensure you get vehicle reservations. Thankfully, there are also passenger ferries, taxis, bikes, and even scooters available on the island.

Travel Tips and Preparations From The Parking Spot

If you plan on traveling and staying active on your trip, it’s important to keep a few travel tips in mind. The Parking Spot has discovered several unique preparation tips that can help you save money and avoid common booking issues. These include the following simple suggestions:

  • Pack for Diverse Weather: Now, June is a pretty warm month, but you may still see some surprisingly chill weather. As a result, you should bring long pants, sweatshirts, and even jackets along with your T-shirts, shorts, and swimming suits.
  • Download Ridesharing Apps: Though the major cities mentioned on this list often have great public transportation options, that’s not a guarantee. As a result, you should research popular ridesharing apps at your destination and download them to travel more easily.
  • Pay Attention to Travel Coupons: Travel websites are full of great download codes and coupons you can use to save money on your travels. Pay attention to these deals and snatch them up when you can – June deals often focus on out-of-the-way areas, so be prepared.
  • Download Train Schedules: Many nations and continents around the world – particularly Europe – rely heavily on train travel. Download train schedules and purchase ticket packages that let you travel wherever you want for a surprisingly affordable rate.
  • Use Your Travel Points: Do you use a travel website when booking your trips? Use those points to save money on otherwise pricey destinations. Most sites like Expedia have international booking options, which can make your travel much easier.
  • Prepare for Security Checkpoints: When traveling overseas, you must know the differences between global entry and TSA Precheck, as well as plan around various security checkpoints. If you’re worried about language barriers, bring along a translation guide to stay safe.
  • Plan Your Stops in Depth: Sit down before you travel and know exactly where you want to go while you’re on vacation. Plan daily stops, including your transportation and the routes you’ll take, to make sure that you get where you want to go more effectively.

Following these simple suggestions will make your visit better and avoid common mistakes. You deserve a fantastic vacation, and paying attention to your accommodations and transportation needs will avoid common complications and ultimately save you time and money.

Book Your Trip to the Best Places to Travel in June

Now that you know where to travel in June, booking the best travel destinations in June shouldn’t be too hard. Whether you want to know where to travel in Europe in June or plan on staying closer to home, June’s beautiful weather and amazing festivals will make your experience more enjoyable.

Don’t forget to start your trip right by booking with The Parking Spot, wherever available, to keep your vehicle safe and secured. Knowing that your car is protected in a well-guarded facility can give you the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your trip without worrying about coming back to anything other than your vehicle the way you left it!

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