Explore the Best Travel Destinations for March: Festivals, Tips, and Unique Experiences

February 21, 2024

Traveling in March is a great opportunity to experience many amazing international festivals and enjoy the early rumblings of spring weather. Winter temperatures might still linger in many regions, while others push towards warmer and more comfortable environments. As a result, the best March travel destination will tap into the natural beauty of this month and provide unforgettable experiences.

But why vacation in March? Great travel deals can be found by choosing travel dates that avoid your local school district's Spring Break. It’s often easier to reserve an airport parking spot, a hotel room, event tickets, and other travel accommodations around these peak spring dates, making March one of the best times to fly if you plan carefully.

In this article, The Parking Spot will highlight the top March travel destinations where you can vacation in March. You’ll learn about beautiful islands with deep spiritual festivals, massive St. Patrick’s Day parties in Ireland, cultural festivals in the sprawling Austin metropolitan area, and even cultural doll-based festivals in Japan. Furthermore, you’ll also get some great March-based travel tips.

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive head first into the best places to travel in March so you can book your trip early! 

Sri Lanka: A Beautiful, Summer-Style Island

Located off the coast of the Indian Peninsula, Sri Lanka is an independent nation that is one of the top March travel destinations. Its comfortable weather ranges from 75-86 degrees Fahrenheit (20-30 degrees Celsius), giving it a summer feel. It also features vacation destinations like Negombo (known for its seafood tour) and Bentota (a secluded resort town with gorgeous beaches).

However, Sri Lanka is one of our top March travel destinations thanks to the Mahashivratri festival. This beautiful spiritual celebration features extensive prayers, dances, and music celebrating Lord Shiva, one of the many gods in the Hindu religion. Many of these activities are free, meaning you can save money while traveling in March and immerse yourself in a meaningful spiritual experience.

Tips for Visiting Sri Lanka in March

March comes right at the end of Sri Lanka’s Northeastern monsoon season. However, monsoons can be unpredictable, so make sure you pack your rain gear in case it lingers a little longer than normal. You may also want to book visits to the Cultural Triangle, a trifecta of destinations (like Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa) that immerse you in unique Sri Lankan cultural experiences.

Dublin, Ireland: A St. Patty's Day Bonanza!

Ireland's fascinating history makes it a great place for traveling in March. While the weather will be a little chilly, its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean helps stave off extensive snowfall and should provide a comfortable vacation in March. The biggest reason to visit Dublin in March, though, is its amazing St. Patrick's Day Festival, which truly redefines what it means to party on March 17!

During this massive celebration, you'll experience the largest and most dynamic parade in Dublin, enjoy multiple musical groups, taste delicious Irish dishes, and sample many Irish brews. Note that you can book vacation packages that include four days or more that feature pub tours, cultural lessons, shopping experiences, and more. Just make sure you wear green to join in on the fun.

Tips for Visiting Dublin, Ireland in March

The temperatures in Ireland typically peak at about 44 degrees Fahrenheit (6.7 degrees Celsius), so pack some winter gear to keep yourself comfortable. Beyond the massive St. Patty's Day celebration, Dublin is a little quiet in March, meaning it should be easier to find inexpensive hotels. Try to book at an old-fashioned roadside inn for a truly Irish vacation. Begorah!

Japan: A Unique Spring Festival Destination

Visiting Japan for a vacation in March is a fascinating study in contrasting climates. Northern areas like Sapporo are as cool as 34 degrees Fahrenheit (0.9 degrees Celsius), while warmer areas like Naha are cozier at 66 degrees Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius). Just as importantly, Japan provides many beautiful outdoor and indoor experiences that make it one of the best places to travel in March.

However, what truly makes it one of the top March travel destinations is the Hina Matsuri festival. Known both as a celebration of dolls and peach trees, it's one of five sekku celebrations that mark changing seasons. During this festival, you'll see unique traditional dolls throughout the nation, as well as enjoy unique celebrations including traditional music performances and more.

Tips for Visiting Japan in March

During your trip, you'll experience many interesting changes in weather and various cultural differences that might surprise you. For example, Japan's tipping etiquette is quite different from America's. In fact, most Asian countries like Japan discourage tipping without a very good reason because it's often seen as an insult. Our suggestion is to avoid tipping completely just to stay safe.

New Zealand: A Naturally Beautiful Destination

New Zealand is often considered one of the best places to travel in March, thanks to its amazing waterfalls, beaches, hills, glaciers, lakes, and geysers. The weather here typically ventures between 55-72 degrees Fahrenheit (13-22 degrees Celsius), making it one of the top March travel destinations by far. If you want your traveling in March to include truly beautiful weather, visit New Zealand.

Areas like Dunedin, Wai-O-Tapu Valley, and Wellington can also introduce you to amazing sights like the steepest street in the world and fun and funny seals, albatrosses, and penguins. Make sure you pack to stay active because you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors in New Zealand. Also, don’t forget to book ahead for the 18-day Auckland Arts Festival from March 7 to March 24.

Tips for Visiting New Zealand

In spite of the beautiful weather and comfortable climate, March is the “shoulder season” in New Zealand. This means it should be easier to book trips, especially if you plan ahead based on events. Beyond the Auckland Arts Festival, other big celebrations in New Zealand include Easter and the Wildfoods Festival in Hokitika. These are the only times in March when New Zealand is likely to get wildly busy.

Other Top March Travel Destinations

Honestly, there are so many great places to vacation in March that we couldn’t include all of the best places to travel in March in depth. Instead, we have a few other options for traveling in March that you may want to consider before you reserve a parking spot with The Parking Spot at your local airport:

  • Italy: Enjoy destinations like Corvara and Cortina d’Ampezzo and celebrate La Festa della Donna, which is one of the largest celebrations on International Women’s Day.
  • Austin, Texas: Check out this continually exciting city to try out delicious food and brews and enjoy the SXSW Festival, an eight-day cultural event with films, music, and comedy.
  • Norway: If you’re not ready for winter to end, come to Norway to check out the Narvik Winter Festival, featuring over 200 different programs, activities, and events for you and your family.

Travel Tips and Preparations for March Vacations From The Parking Spot

If you plan on traveling in March or planning a vacation in March, The Parking Spot can help you! Check your airport to see if you can reserve a parking spot or join our Spot Club to get great discounts. Even if you don’t book with us, we have many great travel tips that can improve your experience, including suggestions for packing your suitcases with the best clothes and gear for your visit.

Packing for Cold Climates

When booking your vacation in March, it’s important to bring some cold-weather clothes. While areas like New Zealand and Sri Lanka mostly have warm weather, you never know when a sudden climate change may occur. As a result, it’s important to keep these packing tips in mind when visiting the best places to travel in March. The Parking Spot suggests the following common-sense winter packing tips:

  • Pack in layers instead of bringing bulky sweaters – bring thin and insulating sweatshirts and long-sleeve shirts to stay warm
  • Wear your bulky winter gear on the plane instead of packing it to save on space in your suitcase – this might be a little uncomfortable at first, so prepare accordingly
  • Bring boots, gloves, scarves, winter hats, and other gear with you – if possible, wear them on the plane, but make sure they come with you to keep yourself protected
  • Add a down jacket to your gear to ensure that you’re comfortable – these provide an amazing layer of thermal protection

Preparing for Warm Weather

Many of the best places to travel in March feature warm to hot weather that makes them almost like summer vacations. That’s honestly one of the best parts about these destinations: the chance to enjoy warm weather while it’s cold back home. However, it’s critical that you pack properly to ensure that you’re comfortable and do not spend unnecessary money on gear later. Make sure you:

  • Bring a travel backpack – these are great for hauling changes of clothes on your outdoor adventures, including swimsuits, towels, and even items like sunscreen lotion and hats
  • Pack wool clothing – wool amazingly keeps you cooler during hot temperatures because it traps colder air closer to your skin and makes your trip more comfortable
  • Add at least a few travel shoes to your bag – sandals and hiking boots are all essential in many of the fun March vacation destinations we discussed here
  • Remember important summer gear – insect repellent, high-quality sunscreen, large sun hats, and other comfort gear can ensure that your trip goes well for you

Finding Great Travel and Accommodation Deals

Before booking any of the top March travel destinations on this list, it’s important to do a little research and find great travel and accommodation deals. These steps can help you identify comfortable hotels and trip deals that save you money and make your visit more enjoyable. Thankfully, these steps are things you can do when traveling in March or any other month. Make sure that you:

  • Reserve a parking spot ahead of time with your hotel or airport to ensure you have a place for your car
  • Understand the differences between global entry and TSA Precheck when traveling overseas
  • Contact the State Department or embassies at each destination to learn more about great options
  • Book ahead to make sure that you not only find a place to stay but save money by pre-booking
  • Research different booking sites that provide great deals on booking options
  • Consider travel insurance to temporarily protect your belongings while visiting an area

Booking Transportation for March Vacations

Before your amazing vacation in March, it’s important to book transportation that makes sense for your needs. Typically, this process isn’t too complicated but does require you to think ahead and carefully research your options. You’ll probably want to rent a car or bike for personal trips or use public transportation to save yourself money. When traveling this March, make sure that you:

  • Check out various train schedules – many countries have amazing public transportation options
  • Talk to airport officials before your trip to identify the best places to rent cars, vans, or other vehicles
  • Download travel apps to identify vehicle rental options or travel destinations for your trip
  • Find an all-in-one public transportation pass – these are very common in Europe
  • Research the road conditions of each destination, including potential rain and snow issues
  • Know whether you have to drive on the left or right side of the road – this changes a lot


Traveling in March provides you with many amazing festival experiences, fantastic discounts on travel, and beautiful weather. Each of the locations in this article could be the best March travel destination for you, depending on your interests and preferences. For example, if you want your vacation in March to include lots of outrageous fun and partying, visit Dublin to experience a true Irish St. Patty’s Day!

Whatever destination you choose, the best places to travel in March can provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. So whether you plan on traveling with a family or booking a solo trip, make sure you start your planning early. How should you start? Why not reserve a parking spot with The Parking Spot? We can provide great discounts and deals on your parking that can balance your trip’s budget.

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