The Best 6 Places to Travel in July 2024

June 27, 2024

If you’re tired of packing for cold weather on your vacations, July is a great time to travel! The best places to travel in July provide you with plenty of warm-weather activities for solo traveling or your next family trip. If you have kids, it’s critical to choose best travel destinations in July before school’s out to streamline your experience. 

Just as importantly, planning ahead helps you find accommodations and event tickets before they sell out during a very busy travel period. Yes, shoulder season is over just about everywhere in the world – but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money on your trip! In fact, knowing where to travel in July months in advance can help you make plans successfully. 

In this article, The Parking Spot will highlight the best travel destinations in July, including where to travel in Europe in July. We’ll also highlight spots in America, Asia, and beyond to ensure you get the experience you deserve. Read carefully through this list to learn more and get the amazing vacation experience you deserve this July, no matter where you go.


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The best travel destinations in July will include exciting activities, unique cultural amenities, and much more. Knowing where to travel in July, particularly where to travel in Europe in July, can expand your personal boundaries and create a whole new world of knowledge for you and your little ones. Dive right in to learn more!

1. Washington State – Visit Olympic National Park

Washington State’s unique geographical location keeps its weather pretty mild in July (usually between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit), which makes it one of the best places to travel in July if you love outdoor fun. For example, Olympic National Park provides plenty of fun things to do and is easily one of the best travel destinations in July if you plan on staying in America. 

When you camp here, you can check out places like Hurricane Ridge, Hoh Rainforest, and look out for animals throughout the park. Popular speakers often visit the park for exciting and educational talks. Typically, it’s best to visit outside of the park’s 10-5 peak visiting times if you want to avoid crowds – however, you’ll also miss out on many activities if you visit then.

Tips for Visiting Washington State in July

The Washington Trails Association provides an in-depth, online guide that can help you pick your hiking routes when visiting Olympic National Park. This site discusses problems like downed trees, busy routes, difficulty levels, and much more. Make sure you bring rain gear – Washington State is typically a pretty rainy destination year-round, even in July.

2. Greenland – Check Out Nighttime Cruises

Yes, that Greenland! Have you ever tried booking a trip to Iceland but found it was far too busy and expensive? This country was once rarely visited but has boomed in popularity and is no longer a secret vacation destination. Its neighboring country, Greenland, hasn’t boomed in popularity yet and offers a similar experience, though temperatures are typically a lot cooler here in July than in Iceland.

Greenland’s natural beauty is reason enough to visit here in July, as are its popular nighttime cruises. These cruises include late-night trips to check out icebergs and beautiful sunsets – it’s the kind of natural experience you and your family will never forget! Hopefully, Greenland retains its hidden secret status long enough for you to book a worry-free July trip this year.

Tips for Visiting Greenland in July 

Pack your suitcase warmly when visiting Greenland – even its summer season is pretty balmy and requires jackets, long pants, and even sweaters to stay warm. When planning the best time to fly to Greenland, note that there are only a few airports available – after all, the whole island has fewer than 60,000 residents! The capital, Nuuk, has a direct flight from Reykjavik 5 days a week in the summer operated by Iceland Air.

Colorful houses on the shore during summer in Nuuk, Greenland, viewed from the bay.

3. Calgary, Canada – The Calgary Stampede

Canada is a natural treasure and one of the best travel destinations in July. People trying to decide where to travel in July in this country often settle in Calgary. Its temperatures in this month are typically between 50-75, which is quite mild for the season. Furthermore, fun events like the Calgary Stampede make this city a destination you simply can’t ignore this July.

Lasting for nine days in early July, this event includes the world’s largest outdoor rodeo competitions. It also features evening shows that highlight many performers, horse races, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, bareback riding competitions, chuck wagon racing, barrel races, stunt shows, and even concerts. If you’re interested in the rodeo lifestyle, you’ll likely fall in love with this July travel destination.

Tips for Visiting Calgary in July

Canadian culture shares some similarities to America but is different enough that you need to carefully consider things like tipping and personal space. For example, Calgary is a large city with a very walkable design. That means you’re likely to walk more than take public transportation – perfect for those who want to stay in shape on vacation.

4. Portugal – Madeira and the Azores 

Trying to decide where to travel in Europe in July? The best places to travel in July on the continent will vary. For example, Portugal is one of the best travel destinations in July for people who want a unique, natural experience. Temperatures here range from about 64 to 82 in July, which provides a moderate climate when visiting places like Madeira and the Azores.

These two beautiful islands are exciting places to visit if you want to experience natural beauty unlike anywhere else on Earth. Like the other best places to travel in July, these islands also include activities like a 24-hour folk dancing festival, various types of art events, and even a summer sand sculpture festival. Not bad for two small islands hanging out in the Atlantic!

Tips for Visiting Madeira and the Azores

Whether you decide to visit Madeira or the Azores or both, understand that these destinations are not “party zones.” If you’re looking for all-night dancing and drinking, this is not the trip for you. These islands are low-key and perfect for relaxation. The weather here is unpredictable, though, so bring a raincoat and other travel accessories to stay safe from the weather.

5. Kyoto, Japan – Gion Matsuri Festival 

Japan is unlike any country you’ve ever visited and is one of the most popular travel destinations year-round. July is particularly great because the temperatures here range from about 63-78 and the rain is pretty mild. Kyoto is a pretty popular place to visit but not as in demand as Tokyo, meaning destinations like the Gion Matsuri Festival are usually accessible.

During this month-long festival in Kyoto, thousands of people flock to the city to experience an amazing historical celebration – it’s been active for over 800 years and is a critical part of Japanese culture. Events include traditional dances, theatrical performances, parades, concerts, parade floats, culinary experiences, and total immersion in Japanese cultural concepts.

Tips for Visiting Kyoto in July 

Book for this celebration at least several months in advance to improve your chances – it’s often one of the most in-demand events in the nation. You should also bring along plenty of cash and even traveler’s checks, as many parts of the nation still don’t accept debit or credit cards regularly. General English comprehension is decent in Kyoto, but bring along a translation guide.

6. Chicago – Lollapalooza

Not sure where to travel in July in America? Chicago is the nation’s third largest city and one of the best travel destinations in July due to its many exciting events. Lollapalooza, in particular, remains a very popular event in the city.

This popular concert event includes four days of concerts featuring some of the biggest names in alternative music. Taking place in Grant Park in Downtown Chicago, this event basically takes over the city every year and requires booking well in advance to get tickets. Some people buy tickets a year or more ahead of time, so be prepared for them when checking out this event.

Tips for Visiting Chicago in July 

Expect a lot of people in Chicago in July – we’re talking millions more than normal! Accommodations during this month are going to cost you up to $500 a night. Make sure you also bring along plenty of water to stay hydrated because Chicago temperatures typically range between 67-88 during July and often get even higher. O'Hare is one of the busiest in the world. Make sure you know how to get around the terminals.Fountain in summer, red flowers in the foreground.

Travel Tips and Preparations Suggestions from The Parking Spot

Before planning a visit to any of these destinations, it’s important to know a few general tips that will make your vacation more enjoyable.

  • Packing for the Weather: The best places to travel in July should mostly be pretty warm (even Greenland), so bring along summer gear like shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, sunscreen, and bug spray. However, it’s a good idea to pack efficiently and bring along a few cold-weather items, like sweat shirts, because temperatures may randomly drop – and nights may be a lot cooler.
  • Studying Culture Before the Trip: Did you know that tipping is considered rude or unnecessary in many countries around the world? That fact is important to understand because tipping etiquette is just one way that countries around the world differ. Make sure you do a little research about each of your destinations to ensure you’re not caught by surprise.
  • Traveling Abroad: Now that you know where to travel in Europe in July, it’s important to plan your in-country transportation. This step includes researching public transportation (such as taxis and buses) as well as train schedules. Trains are particularly important because they stretch throughout Europe and provide very inexpensive transportation for travelers. 
  • Finding Accommodation Deals: The best travel destinations in July are likely to be tricky to visit if you don’t plan months in advance – hotel rooms and event tickets dry up awfully fast once May and June come around. Try hitting up various travel sites at least three months before your trip to avoid missing out. Otherwise, you might end up paying very high prices to scalpers.
  • Staying Hydrated: Once you know where to travel in July, it’s important to make sure you stay hydrated in hot weather. Spending a lot of time outdoors when the temperatures are above 85-90 may cause rapid dehydration and potential health issues. Keep bottles of water with you and your family at all times and sip from them regularly.
  • Downloading Travel Apps: No matter where you go, it’s important to download various travel apps that help you track amazing deals, events, and much more. These apps may also include photo-sharing options and train-booking options that help make travel easier. They’re a vital part of any vacation, and many are free to download and use (with some limitations).

Keep these and other tips in mind when planning your next vacation in July. After all, it's going to be a very busy season and you need to make sure that your trip goes smoothly and efficiently. The best tips that we can give you is to plan ahead well before your vacation to avoid schedule conflicts. Booking accommodations and event tickets well before traveling in July can ensure that you not only stay and go where you want but can also save you money at the same time.

July Travel Planning

When planning your trip, make sure that you reserve a parking spot ahead of time at your local airport to ensure your trip goes smoothly. The Parking Spot can help you by providing various money-saving deals that can save you big bucks on your trip. Other steps, like planning to use either Global Entry or TSA Precheck, can further streamline your trip and make it better.

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