Discover the Best Places to Travel in February: From Ski Slopes to Sunny Shores

January 22, 2024

February is one of the coldest months in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere and might not seem like a great time to travel on vacation. However, the best places to travel in February provide multiple engaging experiences! These may include winter experiences on beautiful skiing mountains or more relaxed summer-style holidays in warmer areas, such as Mexico and South America.

Montego Bay, Jamaica in February

Photo credit: Joseph Bare

Even better, February is often one of the least expensive times to fly, and many February vacation destinations provide discounts for brave visitors. This way, the best February travel destinations can take you and your family into amazing areas. However, they’re also an awesome option if you want to travel solo on your next vacation.

Make sure to plan ahead and reserve a parking spot with The Parking Spot if you’re flying out of our airport locations. Furthermore, make sure you pack important accessories when traveling overseas, and pay attention to ways to save yourself money while on your trip. Here are several awesome February vacation destinations in both warm and cold environments you can consider.

The 8 Best Places to Vacation in February

Why should you plan to visit these February travel destinations? Many of these areas feature fun and unforgettable events and festivals. These include snow festivals and even large outdoor parties in warmer areas. Furthermore, these destinations are compatible with various types of travel apps, which you can use to track your vacation and ensure that you have a fun and safe time.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is a popular February vacation destination that includes myriad fun and exciting activities. For example, there are multiple snow coach tours throughout Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. You can also explore Grand Teton National Park and go snowshoeing, ice skating, snow tubing, and even skiing in a variety of unique and exciting destinations.

Jackson Hole Travel Tips

Like many wintery February travel destinations, Jackson Hole gets snow. A lot. Expect a potential of 435 inches every winter. As a result, it’s important to pack snow pants, snow boots, thick coats, and other important winter gear. Note that you can also rent skis and other items throughout various areas, including resorts, various retail stores, and even specialized skiing travel destinations.

Napier, New Zealand

Napier, New Zealand, is a great warm-weather destination and one of the best places to travel in February due to the Art Deco Weekend. This unique festival highlights the popular Art Deco style that came into vogue after the massive earthquake in 1931 leveled much of the city. Now, it attracts people from all over the world and showcases beautiful art that may excite any art fan.

Napier Travel Tips

Napier has a pretty mild climate in the winter, with temperatures around 41 degrees Fahrenheit. There does tend to be a bit of rain in the area, up to nearly three feet a year. Make sure that you bring rain gear to protect you from this issue. Coats, umbrellas, and even gloves can help here. Try to pack them with your main luggage to avoid bringing too much stuff to the city when you travel.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil’s temperatures will be very warm in February, as it’s right in their summer. That’s why Carnival takes place during this time! This celebration includes dancers, singers, drummers, and beautiful musical performances. If you want an unforgettable experience that makes your February vacation a constant party, it’s wise to book a trip to Carnival as one of your February travel destinations.

Brazil Carnival is the annual 'Celebration of Life' that takes place throughout Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro, floats parade in the purpose-built Sambadrome, surrounded by dancers, singers, and drummers dressed in elaborate costumes. This famous celebration unites the nation and is one of the greatest shows on Earth.

Rio de Janeiro Travel Tips

If you plan on visiting Carnival during February, make sure that you’re prepared to be around thousands of people. Book well in advance (a year might be the best option here) and pay close attention to things like tipping etiquette. Waiters and waitresses make good money during this time, so tip properly, and have an amazing  experience during Carnival.

Burlington, Vermont

When choosing the best places to travel in February for winter fun, Burlington should be on your list. It’s considered one of the best places to vacation in February because it gets a lot of snow and has multiple ski resorts, microbreweries, live music venues, and much more. February’s popular Waterbury Winterfest is a 10-day event that makes Burlington one of the best February travel destinations.

Burlington Travel Tips

Note that you’re going to want to pack up very comfortably when traveling to Burlington for our February vacation. The Parking Spot has heard that temperatures get well below zero, so pack warmly. You should also book ahead by at least a few months if you want to go to the Waterbury Winterfest because it’s very popular and often fills the town up very quickly when snow starts falling.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a great place to visit in February because temperatures here are often quite warm. If you’re looking for a summer-style winter vacation, it’s a great European destination. It’s often a popular destination for Carnival vacations, as well, though there are other fun events to consider as well. For example, you can go swimming, check out islands, or take boat tours through the area.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Travel Tips

Traveling in Spain isn’t too difficult because it utilizes many trains and other public transportation options. Try to book ahead and choose a long-term train ticket that lets you move between cities and destinations easily. For example, you can travel from Santa Cruz de Tenerife north to other regions and enjoy more winter-based experiences that might suit your interests more.

Sapporo, Japan

Japan is a beautiful country and one of the best places to travel in February. Sapporo works best among Japanese February travel destinations because of the Sapporo Snow Festival. During this amazing celebration, you’ll enjoy ice sculpting, check out various beautiful artwork, go skiing, and even experience delicious food. It’s a one-of-a-kind party that fans of Japanese culture may enjoy.

Sapporo Travel Tips

While many people in Japan do understand some English, there’s going to be a big language barrier if you don’t practice a few simple Japanese phrases. Try to learn sentences by asking for directions, finding your hotel, identifying popular tourist destinations, and other things you need to know. Bring a language book with you or even download a translation app to ensure you can communicate.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Are you a fan of dancing and want to experience some amazing steps in your February travels? Well, Buenos Aires hosts the Tango Festival every year. This still-popular dance includes energetic moves and exciting music, and the festival features great Argentinian bands, delicious food, and much more. It’s open to the public and takes place throughout the city, giving you plenty to do on your trip.Fans at a Boca Juniors game in Boca Stadium known as La Bonbonera, The Chocolate Box

The home of Boca Juniors, known as La Bonbonera is a must for football fans. However, recent rule changes make it difficult for international fans. But you can check out Homefans matchday experiences to get access to a world class stadium with a private host. 

Buenos Aires Travel Tips

The subway system in Buenos Aires is known for being cheap and quick, so find a map and plan your trip around it. Bring good walking boots because many areas in the city are hilly and you’ll need the extra support. It’s also a fun idea to book a late-night experience for at least a few days on your trip, enjoying the many clubs and bars throughout the city that cater to tourists during the Tango Festival.

Swiss Alps in Zermatt, Switzerland

Have you always wanted to go skiing in the Swiss Alps and never had time? Consider this one of the best places to travel in February this year! The Alps cover most cities of the country, including Zermatt. In Zermatt, you can experience many exciting winter activities, including skiing down the mountains, relaxing in comfortable restaurants, traveling on the Swiss train system, and exploring fun downtown shops throughout this fun and open city.

Swiss Alps Travel Tips

Switzerland is in some pretty high areas, some over 15,000 feet in the air. Those kinds of heights may result in lower oxygen levels, so make sure you prepare for it properly. For example, you may want to take things a little slower at first to let your body acclimate to it. After a day or so, you should adapt to the lower available oxygen and comfortably enjoy the many activities in Zermatt.

Travel Tips and Preparations from The Parking Spot

If you plan to visit any of the best places to travel in February, it’s important to consider multiple travel and preparation tips first. For example, you need to stay active while on vacation to get fit and enjoy your experience. Let’s break down a few of these tips to make sure you’re ready for your February vacation. We’ll give tips for both cold- and warm-weather areas to ensure you’re covered.

Packing Tips for Cold and Warm Weather

The trickiest part about visiting these February travel destinations is making sure you have enough clothes and gear while on vacation. Following warm- and cold-weather packing tips can ensure that you are comfortable and safe while on your trip. Cold weather packing tips include:

  • Bringing two pairs of pants, several sweaters, collared shirts, and other items
  • Layering up with sweatshirts, large winter coats, and multiple shirts
  • Adding boots, ski goggles, gloves, warm hats, and other clothes
  • Choosing various types of moisturizing gear, such as Chapstick and lotions

Warm weather packing tips to consider include:

  • Packing travel backpacks that make it easier to hike and explore outdoors
  • Bringing light clothing that breathes easily in warm temperatures (wool is perfect)
  • Quick-drying shorts so you can enjoy swimming whenever you want
  • Travel jeans, shirts, socks, and other necessary gear

Finding Accommodation Deals for Your February Travel Destinations

When traveling in February, it’s a good idea to look for various deals and sales that can reduce your costs. Furthermore, it can ensure that you book what trip you want and get the results that you deserve. Just a few steps to consider for your February travel include how you can:

  • Book ahead of time to ensure you can save yourself money
  • Sign up for hotel loyalty programs to earn great deals
  • Identify hotels and other inexpensive areas to sleep
  • Pay attention to booking sites like Expedia and Kayak
  • Sign up for various travel apps that streamline your trip
  • Join various coupon sites that provide unique deals

Navigating Transportation on Your February Vacation

Transportation is critical on your vacation, no matter where you go. As a result, it’s critical to carefully plan your transportation ahead of time. Here are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind when planning things like public transportation, car rentals, and other important options:

  • Reserve a parking spot at your airports and other destinations well in advance to ensure you have a spot
  • Research the various public transportation options available throughout your vacation city and country
  • Rent a car ahead of time to avoid getting stuck
  • Consider an all-inclusive train pass in European countries
  • Buy a subway map to ensure you know where to travel
  • Know the difference between Global Entry and TSA Precheck before flying
  • Use a book of common language terms when riding in taxis or other driving options
  • Download various types of taxi software, such as Uber and Lyft (often available in many areas)


These are just some of the best places to travel in February and should provide you with plenty of fun and exciting vacation opportunities. Many of the best places to vacation in February provide unique experiences in festivals and various other events that should keep you entertained. If you plan on visiting these February vacation destinations, don’t hesitate to reserve a parking spot with us at The Parking Spot. We service many American airports and provide white-glove service for our customers.

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