Explore the Best Denver Attractions: Your Ultimate Guide to Things To Do in Denver

July 14, 2023

Denver, Colorado, is a hidden gem as a vacation destination. While places like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles get all the attention, the clever traveler knows Denver attractions provide just as much family-friendly and adult-oriented fun. Anyone who's been there knows that the Mile High City is an excellent place to visit, regardless of interests or traveling situation.

No matter what your interests are as a person, there should be things to do in Denver for you! We at The Parking Spot proudly serve the Denver area and want to help you find fun attractions in Denver that you'll love. This in-depth guide will highlight things to do in Denver, including fun attractions, Denver breweries, sports teams to watch, downtown Denver (known commonly as “Lodo”) events, and more. One of our colleagues went to Denver recently and shared his adventures.

Why Should You Visit Denver?

Denver is by far the largest city in Colorado  , with a population of 711,463 as of the 2021 Census. That's an increase of 111,000 people from 2010. Why are so many people moving to Denver, and why should you visit this city instead of a bigger metropolis like Los Angeles?

Well, The Mile High City has some of the nation's mildest and most welcoming weather. The temperature in Denver rarely drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit in January and tops off at 89 in July. These cozy temperatures pair with a mostly sunny climate that rarely features long bouts of frustrating rain.

Beyond its weather, Denver has a fascinating history and influence on Colorado and the West. It's not only the state's capital but also played an important role in gold and silver mining. Furthermore, its central location made it the main supply city for the rest of the West.

As a result, the city possesses a grandeur and scope unique among cities in the area. For example, the Colorado State Capitol building uses gorgeous rose onyx throughout its structure to produce an old-world look redolent of Ancient Greece. This design makes the state capital an excellent option to put on your Denver attractions list.

Getting Around to the Many Attractions in Denver

Denver provides residents and visitors with a vibrant public transportation system that takes you through attractions in Denver. For example, their light rail system includes four fare zones and multiple service lines that can take you throughout the city every day of the year. With over 50 stations throughout the city, you can plan things to do in Denver around their proximity to these stops.

If you're more of a walker, you're in luck because downtown Denver (Lodo) has a walkability score of 96, which makes it a " walker's paradise ," according to Walk Score. What if you prefer biking? Denver has a 96 bikability score, making it a "biker's paradise." Downtown, in particular, includes multiple bike lanes for riders to keep them safe. You can also book rides using the city's ride-sharing programs .

Denver International Airport

If you plan on flying into the area, the Denver International Airport is an excellent option. It includes many adult-oriented relaxing places like the American Express Centurion Lounge. For kids, Camp Den provides diverse activities, including tent building and crossword puzzles. Art fans can also check out the airport's many beautiful murals and paintings.

If you're interested in airport history, check out DIA's many quirky conspiracies, such as the allegedly "cursed" blue horse and the art with "secret" coded messages, or try to find the entrance to the hidden area where the lizard people live. Yes, these are all real conspiracy theories about the airport, which make it a fun place to visit.

Exciting Attractions in Denver, Colorado

Denver attractions include many fascinating and engaging activities that entertain you and your family. Whether you're interested in the Denver food scene or plan on visiting Highlands Denver, the following Denver Colorado attraction options will provide the fun and excitement you deserve. We’ve included things to do in Denver for all ages.

Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf is an in-depth and almost mind-bogglingly beautiful display at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Its collection of psychedelic art is unique in the area and will entertain adults and children. Make sure you book at least four hours to explore the whole exhibit.

Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens provides beautiful flowers and multiple exhibitions and activities, including artwork and music. It also features various scientific studies and displays, which can entertain children and adults alike with in-depth information about growing flowers.

Local Breweries

Denver breweries like Call to Arms Brewing, Station 26 Brewing, Zuni Street Brewing, and Our Mutual Friend provide unique and delicious drinks you will love. In addition, most provide kid-friendly beverages, foods, and activities if you have to bring the little ones.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science provides many unique nature-based exhibits that highlight the world around us. For example, their Bugs exhibit highlights insects and their ability to adapt to their environment. These exhibits should entertain children and adults equally.

Children's Museum of Denver

When you need time off from the bigger Denver attractions, try the Children's Museum of Denver . It includes fun workshops, play sets, and exhibits designed for children. Parents will love checking out the museum with their children and interacting with its many fun activities.

Denver Food Scene Dining Options Near Attractions

The Denver Food Scene includes many great eating options you can work into your day when checking out your favorite Denver, Colorado attraction. So when deciding what things to do in Denver, choose among these restaurants and dining options to get a unique taste of the Denver food scene.


Dazzle provides Denver residents and visitors with delicious food, high-quality cocktails, and live music. Located in the Denver Performing Arts Complex, Dazzle works best as a nightlife Denver Colorado attraction but provides kid-friendly dining options, such as burgers and chicken sandwiches.


Do you want a great meal that works well for your needs, no matter the temperature in Denver? Linger may work best for you. They include American, European, and Asian dinners and complex and delicious brunch options. We suggest this destination if you want a fancy and unforgettable meal.

Water Grill

Do you and your family love seafood? Skip Red Lobster and come to Denver's best seafood restaurant! Water Grill includes fresh crabs, clams, fish, shrimp, and more. Each meal includes delicious side dishes, such as fresh potatoes and asparagus, that should appeal to just about anyone.


While you might not think the Denver food scene would include fantastic Mediterranean food, Rioja proves you wrong. This restaurant includes extensive lunch, dinner, brunch, dessert, and wine menus with delicious meals like avocado toast and seared tuna mixed with pickled carrots and snow peas.

Sports Teams in Denver Provide Many Activities

If you're a sports fan looking for attractions near Denver, Colorado, many options are available. The Rockies baseball team plays throughout the summer and into the fall. The Nuggets basketball team plays through winter and early spring and competes well against most opponents.

While visiting the area, you can also check out the Colorado Avalanche hockey team, the Denver Broncos football team, and the Colorado Springs Switchbacks soccer team. Each team provides fun and engaging action that, even if they lose, should keep you and your family entertained.

The Best Outdoor Attractions Near Denver, Colorado

No matter the temperature in Denver, you should find a Denver Colorado attraction that works for you! We found multiple things to do in Denver during the summer and winter that should keep you engaged. Each option provides different benefits based on your interests.

Summer Things to Do in Denver

Denver provides multiple outdoor fun options during the summer, including 72 hiking trails , several popular swimming holes , and more. If you want a more structured experience, Water World includes multiple fun slides and wave pools, while Elitch Gardens provides both an amusement park and water fun.

Winter Attractions Near Denver, Colorado

If you're more of a skiing or snowboarding fan, Denver also has you covered! You can visit multiple destinations and even use various shuttles directly from Denver to its many mountains. Make sure you pack comfortably for the winter experience to stay safe on the hills.

Other Unique Cities and Attractions Near Denver Colorado

When visiting Denver, you should visit nearby Boulder and Colorado Springs. Both include fantastic entertainment options that will make your trip even more enjoyable.


If you drive to Boulder from Denver, you'll likely experience many fun and exciting adventures, including indoor and outdoor activities.

University of Colorado - UC includes many great activities for the general public, including its fun football team, the Buffaloes. Other sports available here include baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more.

Outdoor Activities - Boulder includes multiple hiking and camping options throughout the region. The most popular of these is likely the Flatirons , which include various sandstone formations and camping spots.

Colorado Springs

Though not as big as Denver, Colorado Springs includes many fun activities, including the beautiful Garden of the Gods nature center, the challenging Pikes Peak climb, the United States Air Force Academy (with frequent air shows), and an Olympics Museum highlighting the city's unique impact on this event.

Having the Most Fun at Attractions in Denver

Denver truly provides a fantastic array of fun and entertaining activities. No matter your interests, you will likely find a Denver, Colorado, attraction or two on this list you'll love. So, whether you're taking a cross-country trip in your car or flying to Denver International Airport, you can plan an amazing itinerary to entertain everyone at your party.

After visiting these attractions in Denver, you can tell your friends all about the city and encourage them to check it out. The Mile High City is constantly looking to add new attractions and activities to attract more visitors. In fact, we strongly suggest visiting these Denver attractions as soon as possible.

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