Seven World Class Festivals and Events in August

June 28, 2024

August is something of a bittersweet month for many people. Children and college students start getting melancholy about the prospect of going back to school, while parents worry about using up their vacation time before they get too busy to enjoy it. Thankfully, the weather is beautiful in August and the best August travel destination can give you one last chance to enjoy summer!

However, it’s important to brainstorm a few options when choosing the best places to travel in August. For example, you need to know if there’s any risk of cool weather (it can happen!) so that you can pack your bags with warm gear. Furthermore, you need to understand things like tipping etiquette, particularly when deciding where to travel in Europe in August.

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Don’t worry too much – the best places to travel in August provide amazing opportunities for fun, including citywide events, celebrations, and much more! Before deciding where to travel in August this year, read through this guide from The Parking Spot to learn more about your options. Doing so can streamline your trip and ensure your travel goes smoothly.

Where to Travel for your August 2024 Vacation

Considerations for your trip will vary based on many factors. For example, the best time to fly in August differs based on how far you’re flying, what customs are offered at each destination, and much more. It also varies on whether you plan on traveling alone or with your family. Consider these and other factors before booking your trip to give yourself the best August vacation!

1. San Francisco – Outside Lands Festival

When thinking of the best places to travel in August, San Francisco should be on your mind. This bay city has reasonable temperatures (between 68-80) in August with lots of sun. That alone makes it one of the best travel destinations in August. However, the Outside Lands festival is what puts San Fran on our list of options when brainstorming where to travel in August.

Taking place over the second weekend in August, Outside Lands Festival includes over 90 different restaurants, multiple amazing musicians, and much more. Expect to see groups like Foo Fighters alongside electric performers like Janelle Monae, Megan Thee Stallion, and Kendrick Lamar. It’s a festival that no music lover should miss, particularly if you like the hottest pop stars.

Tips for Traveling in San Francisco in August

The toughest part about San Francisco as your August vacation destination is its busyness. Put simply, the city is at its tourist peak in August, which can make booking hard. Try to start planning your vacation at least a few months in advance, including checking out accommodations, event tickets, and even public transportation options before your trip.

2. Iceland – The Great Fish Day

Over the years, Iceland had gone from being known only as the home of Bjork to being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In August, temperatures here are pretty mild (usually between 50-60), so make sure you pack some sweaters or a light spring jacket. Furthermore, plan on attending The Great Fish Day Festival in Dalvíkurbyggð. 

Occurring on either the first or second Saturday in August, you can dive right into an amazing seafood buffet made from freshly caught fish around Iceland itself. Iceland residents know a thing or 10 million about how to cook seafood dishes! Though always very popular, this event is worth it if you’re a fan of seafood and want to try some of the best in the world.

Tips for Traveling in Iceland in August

If you’ve ever heard Bjork speak English, you already know that Icelanders have a pretty strong grasp of the language. They start learning English throughout primary school, meaning it shouldn’t be too hard to get around the country. Note that extra tipping isn’t necessary in Iceland because restaurants add a gratuity charge that goes directly to the server.

3. China – The Hungry Ghost Festival

China is a large and fascinating country with one of the biggest and longest-lasting cultural traditions in the world. Temperatures here in August are pretty warm (from 77 to 95 and even up to 122 in very rare circumstances), so make sure you dress for it. While outdoor fun is great in China in August, The Hungry Ghost Festival is the most popular event during this month.

Taking place in mid August or September every year (August 18 in 2024), The Hungry Ghost Festival is a deeply important cultural tradition in China. During it, residents pay respect to their elders by offering gifts, food, and other offerings. Throughout the nation, you’ll see traditional dances, ceremonies, and even hear great music. It takes place in every city in the country.

Tips for Traveling in China in August

Before taking off for China, make sure you understand the differences between Global Entry and TSA Preflight to minimize potential customs issues when you land. Bring along a language book to master a few simple phrases. Note: Asian restaurants consider finishing your whole meal rude, so always leave a bit behind to show that they prepared enough food for you.

4. Winchester, England – Boomtown Festival

Not sure where to travel in Europe in August? England is always a great option! With reasonable temperatures (between 59-73) and a lower-than-average rainfall (for England, we mean), it's one of the best places to travel in August for mild temperatures. However, the Boomtown Festival makes it one of the best travel destinations in August for music fans.

Taking place on August 9-13, this festival includes music, decor, theatrical displays, and other types of events. You’ll hear electronic music, fantastic traditional folk bands, rappers, rock groups, and even jazz. Furthermore, you’ll also see amazing street performers who will burst out into random and improvised performances. It’s a unique and inspiring experience!

Tips for Traveling in August in England

England is a pretty small country, and renting bikes can be a great way to save money on transportation! Plenty of vendors are available to rent traditional or even electric bikes for a few days or even a week at a time. You can also save money by staying at hotels, as England has some of the most popular and comfortable hostels in the world – it’s an unbelievable experience.

5. Colombia – Festival of Flowers

Colombia is one of the best places to travel in August, particularly if you’ve trained to brainstorm where to travel in Europe in August and come up empty. It’s almost always warm (between 79 to nearly 100 degrees) in this month. With plenty of outdoor and indoor destinations and a welcoming populace, it’s one of the best travel destinations in August for adventurous people.

However, the Festival of Flowers makes Colombia stand out even more as an August vacation destination. Taking place on August 11, this festival celebrates Colombia’s cultural history with various floats, musical performances, amazing cuisine, and flowers spread throughout the city. It’s the kind of experience that you’ll never forget – particularly if you love dancing.

Tips for Visiting Colombia in August

When deciding where to travel in August in Colombia, try to stick to a specific section that sounds interesting to you. The geography here includes beautiful Caribbean beaches and amazing mountains and dense forests. Trying to take all this landscape in (especially if attending the Festival of Flowers) will overwhelm you – though it will keep you in great shape!

6. Nevada – Burning Man

If you plan on staying in America and want some truly warm-weather experiences, check out Nevada. This desert state sees temperatures that rarely dip below 80-105 during August, making it a truly hot place to hang out. However, there is plenty of beautiful scenery to check out and amazing events and celebrations that make it worth your consideration.

Taking place over eight days, Burning Man is a completely participant-driven event that includes talks, bars, friendly competitions, music performances, art exhibitions, dance competitions, and much more. Every event is different due to this setup, so make sure you’re prepared for something new! It’s a survivalist-style adventure, so make sure you’re prepared before visiting.

Tips for Traveling in Nevada in August

If you plan on attending Burning Man, you need to make sure you bring along food and drinks, as well as clothes and a way to stay cool in the heat. When exploring Nevada outside of this festival, it’s important to find safe indoor and outdoor activities. The temperatures here will be very intense, so preparing for them with light clothes, sunscreen, and water will help you.

7. Paris – Rock en Seine

Anyone trying to decide where to travel in Europe in August is likely to find Paris an awesome option. It’s among the best places to travel in August due to beautiful and cozy weather (rarely above 80) and plenty of great activities and outdoor adventures. But what truly makes Paris one of the best travel destinations in August is Rock en Seine, a very popular music festival.

Over five days, this festival celebrates Parisian culture and includes people from all backgrounds. Expect amazing rock and roll, gorgeous electronica and ambient, experimental dance beats, and other surprises. As one of the premiere music festivals in Europe, Rock en Seine can help answer the question of where to travel in August if you’re a music fan.

Tips for Visiting Paris in August

Paris is such a beautiful city that it’s typically very popular to visit year-round. Expect lots of competition for tickets and accommodations in this city, so book ahead months or more in advance to find a place to stay. Note that Paris residents are very polite as long as you treat them with respect – mastering a few phrases in French wouldn’t hurt! The French take their own vacations seriously and many take the month of August off. However, the hospitality industry in France knows they need to butter their bread, so as long as you plan ahead, you'll be busy.

August Travel Tips and Preparations From The Parking Spot

Knowing the best places to travel in August is just one part of your adventure. Beyond picking the best travel destinations in August, you need to understand things like the best accessories for traveling, what to bring along, and much more. Whether you need to know where to travel in August in Asia, where to travel in Europe in August or beyond, the tips below will help you:

  • Packing Properly: Try to keep your suitcase reasonably packed during your trip. You should bring along at least one change of clothes for each day and a few extras in case anything gets soiled or damaged. Bring clothing for both warm and cold temperatures. Even though August is warm in most parts of the world, you never know when the weather might shift.
  • Finding Accommodations: August is a very busy month for vacation travel – expect either high prices for hotels and events or a lack of vacancies. Avoid this problem by booking ahead. Use websites like Expedia and Ticketmaster to identify great deals. You can also contact the embassy or other government officials in that country to learn more about your options.
  • Using Travel Apps: Travel apps are designed to provide great deals on things like accommodations, meals, and event tickets. Often, they’re free to download and use, with some minor fees for more advanced usage. Some travel programs even track how far you’ve gone, alert you to potential concerns where you’re traveling, and keep you constantly updated.
  • Getting Transportation: Depending on where you travel, your public transportation options will vary. For example, Asian countries often have excellent subway systems and taxis, while Europe has many trains. See if you can’t find an “all-in-one” travel pass for the destinations, i.e., a slightly higher-priced ticket that lets you travel to many parts of the region.
  • Vaccinating Your Family: When traveling overseas to places you’ve never been, it’s worth talking to your doctor to see if vaccinations are necessary. They can provide you with suggestions on what shots you might want before leaving. While not strictly necessary, it’s a good idea if you’re going to a different continent. It protects you and others during your trip.

August Vacation Planning

The best places to travel in August provide you with a lot of fun and engaging activities. No matter what your interests or budget, you should be able to find a place to visit out of the best travel destinations in August. Great music, cuisine, and cultural adventures await you when you book your tickets and start your great family (or solo) vacation!

Once you know where to travel in August (including where to travel in Europe in August), you can start planning your trip, including reserving a place to park with The Parking Spot at your closest airport. Doing so can ensure that your car is protected and safe as you travel. Just as importantly, it can help you save money by not booking at expensive airport lots.

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