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SLC Airport Guide: Parking, Hotels, Dining and Family Fun

June 20, 2023

Navigate The Salt Lake City International Airport With Ease

Salt Lake City International Airport was founded in 1911 on Basque flats, and it originally served primarily as a training ground for pilots. It was even an early destination for Charles Lindbergh in 1927! Since then, the airport has had many roles. It was an airbase in World War II. New terminals popped up throughout the years, and now it's the busiest airport in Utah.

a woman and a man look out the window at an airport terminal gate.

If you plan to visit soon, this SLC Airport guide can help you! We’ll highlight SLC Airport parking, hotels near SLC Airport, dining options at SLC Airport, and entertainment for your children. You can even find The Parking Spot at SLC Airport, which can streamline your parking and ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

Parking and Transportation for Salt Lake City International Airport

The Parking Spot ’s off-site parking is a great alternative to parking at the airport. Using The Parking Spot provides amenities such as covered parking spots, door-to-door shuttle services, and more. It also provides:

  • Luggage assistance
  • Savings for members of The Spot Club
  • 24/7 on-call help
  • Short- and long-term parking options
  • Free bottled water
  • Easy reservation process
  • EV charging stations
  • Express check-in and check-out stations
  • Open 24/7, 365 days a year

As for transportation, there are multiple taxi options, including Yellow Cab. Yellow Cab is the airport’s only on-demand taxi service. You can book shuttle and limo services with various companies, such as Alta Shuttle and Canyon Transportation.

Hotels Near SLC Airport

If you’re staying near SLC Airport, try one of these hotels :

Terminal Map for Salt Lake City International Airport

SLC Airport sprawls over 7,000 acres with multiple terminals and concourses. If you’re confused, check out the SLC airport map here . It provides all the information you need to get around the giant airport.

How to Check Wait Times and Flight Status at SLC Airport

Use sites like TSA Report to check on all Salt Lake International Airport flight times. You can also visit their homepage. This page highlights delays and gauges when flights will arrive. Simply download the airport’s app or check the website .

Will The SLC Airport Be Affected By Utah Weather?

The SLC (Salt Lake City) Airport can be affected by the weather conditions in Utah. Officials responsible for the airport regularly provide weather updates and details to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Travelers can access the NOAA website to check the weather forecast for the SLC Airport and its surrounding areas. While weather predictions are not always 100% accurate, the weather information for SLC is generally reliable and provides a good understanding of the prevailing conditions. It is advisable to stay updated on the weather forecast before your trip to the SLC Airport to prepare accordingly and anticipate any potential weather-related impacts on your travel plans.

Food/Dining Options at SLC Airport

Need SLC Airport food between flights? Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Beans & Brews: Open on Concourse A from 4 am to 11 pm, Beans & Brews provides hot sandwiches and delicious coffees.
  • California Pizza Kitchen: California Pizza Kitchen is a popular pizza chain, which is open on Concourse A from 7 am to 10 pm.
  • Granato’s Gourmet Market: Want delicious Mediterranean meals? Granato’s serves Terminal Plaza from 4:30 am to 11:30 pm.
  • Smashburger: If you love rich and juicy burgers, try Smashburgers on Concourse B. They serve burgers, chicken sandwiches, and more from 7 am to 10 pm.

Amenities and Pets at Salt Lake City International Airport

SLC Airport provides many amenities for its visitors. If you’re a nursing mother, find lactation stations near the women’s restrooms in Terminal 2 and on Concourse D. Private rooms are available on Concourse G and between Concourses F and C.

Salt Lake City International Airport welcomes assistance animals for anyone who needs them. All psychiatric service dogs must be vetted by Pettable before travel. SLC Airport also provides pet-relief areas outside Terminals 1 and 2.

Fun for Kids and Teens in SLC Airport

Are your kids bored while in airports? Salt Lake City International Airport is a kid-friendly airport . It has three different play areas for kids! These include sections in Concourses A, B, and E . These areas typically offer a range of amenities and features. Among them are soft-play toys designed for safe and enjoyable play experiences. 

While SLC doesn’t advertise these areas on its site, they’re easy to find. Simply listen for the sound of kids laughing throughout A, B, and E. As for teenagers, they may enjoy the airport’s many shopping options! For example, there’s an iStore where they can buy the latest tech. Parents, be warned: You may want to accompany your teens on these shopping trips.

Fun Lounges at Salt Lake City International Airport

SLC Airport provides two lounges in which you can relax between flights. These include the USO Lounge in the main terminal, just inside security. This lounge serves multiple drinks and food and provides some entertainment options.

You can also visit the Delta Air Lines Sky Club in the main terminal near Concourse A. It also provides drinks, food, and some entertainment. 

Moving Walkways, Light Rails and Wheelchair Assistance at SLC Airport

Salt Lake International Airport provides moving walkways for visitors between terminals. These help you move comfortably without having to walk anywhere. They are located between connecting terminals and other major departure areas.

SLC Airport Light Rail

The SLC Airport is connected to a light rail system supported by TRAX , an extensive light rail company. It connects SLC Airport to downtown Salt Lake City, the University of Utah, and surrounding areas.

SLC Provides Help To Those In Need Of Assistance

SLC Airport provides multiple support options for people with disabilities . Expect ramps and elevators for wheelchairs. The SLC Airport also provides Aira, a visual interpreting service for people with vision problems. This service describes the user's surroundings through the airport. You can download it as a free phone app before your trip.

Security in SLC Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport has multiple security checkpoints . These include the TSA checkpoint on level two of the main terminal. Here, they offer TSA PreCheck , a service that provides expedited screening that improves your travel speed. Utah also provides a REAL-ID Compliant identification card for residents to streamline their travel .

Wi-Fi at Salt Lake City International Airport

SLC Airport provides free wireless internet services throughout the facility. Access it by opening your wireless connections and select “SLCAirport.wifi.” Click “Connect” and “Yes” to accept the terms and limitations. Avoid anything that threatens airport security, such as pornography or illegal download websites.

SLC Airport COVID-19 Updates

During COVID-19, Salt Lake City International Airport increased its sanitation and cleaning procedures . For this crisis, they supported passengers by providing more hand sanitizer stations, handrail cleaning systems, plexi-guard shields, and misting in seating areas. Masks are no longer required, although some individual airlines may.

SLC Airport FAQ

Q. Does SLC have a pet relief area?
A. There are three animal relief stations outside security, two near the parking garage across from Terminals 1 and 2, and another located between Terminal 2 and the International Terminal.
Q. Is vaping allowed at SLC?
A. Smoking and vaping are only allowed in designated areas at SLC. They are outside of the terminal, 25 feet away from the entrance.
Q. Are there smoking lounges at SLC?
A. There are no smoking lounges available at SLC. Passengers will still be able to smoke outside the terminals at least 25 feet from any airport entrances.


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