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Four Of The Best Vacation Spots For Families

August 8, 2022
With the summer travel season in full swing, parents might be wondering about the best weekend getaways for families. Staying in the continental United States assures easier travel, and there’s an endless number of exciting options. Read on to learn about some of the best vacation spots for families.

1.     Washington, DC

 Our nation’s capital is an excellent choice for a family trip, with its almost limitless number of attractions. Instill a sense of history in kids of any age with tours of the White House and Capitol Building. Fill your children with awe as they observe the Lincoln and Washington monuments. More than one day could be spent roaming the Smithsonian and other museums on the National Mall; the Air and Space Museum is a favorite for children. If they tire of exhibits, walking along the mall and browsing souvenirs can up
the fun factor. Exciting culinary options will thrill adults, and attractions in Annapolis and Baltimore are only a short drive away.

2.     Outer Banks, NC

 The Outer Banks off the western coast of North Carolina has more than 100 miles of beaches for families to enjoy. Long days in the sun are fun for all ages, but there’s plenty else to keep children entertained. As one of the original 13 colonies, the Outer Banks has a rich history. Let kids learn about the colonists who disappeared by seeing the play The Lost Colony. Take them on a pirate tour, where they’ll learn about Blackbeard’s legacy in the region. Being so close to the ocean, you can count on finding incredible seafood everywhere, from ramshackle establishments handing out bibs to high-end restaurants adding unique twists to Southern cuisine.

3.     Yellowstone National Park

The breathtaking natural beauty of one of our country’s most beloved national park is exciting for the whole family. Waterfalls, geysers and wildlife ensure unique experiences each day, while the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center provides a chance to see the majestic predators up close. In and near the park are a variety of upscale resorts, if you seek luxury at the end of your rugged days. For a chance to be a little closer to the magic, set up a campsite and rough it a bit — classic camping activities such as making meals in tin-foil packets and sharing s’mores provide opportunities for family bonding beneath the wide-open sky.

4.     Disney World

No list of family vacation destinations would be complete without Disney. Every kid (and plenty of adults) dreams of visiting Disney World, and with a constantly expanding list of attractions, the home of Mickey Mouse stands firmly as the preferred spot for a trip with your loved ones. Classic rides such as It’s A Small World continue to delight. However, growing acreage in the park devoted to Star Wars keeps things current, including a live-action role playing component that lets you enter the world of your favorite Jedi. Restaurant and hotel options range from budget to luxury, and spa treatments and golf are fun ways for the adults to play.

What Are You Waiting For? Have Some Fun!

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