Shop, Eat, and Discover the LGA Airport

December 23, 2021

LaGuardia Airport initially opened in 1929 and became a public airport in 1939. Named after the former NYC mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, it is the third-busiest airport in the New York Metropolitan area and the 21st busiest overall. Its history has seen some ups and downs, including criticism in the 2000s and 2010s for being outdated and inefficient.

Since then, LGA airport has improved significantly, and LGA airport delays and complaints are rarer. LaGuardia remains one of the most important airports in the nation because it helps NYC residents and visitors get in and out of the city quickly and efficiently. As a result, it's no longer so heavily criticized.

Where is LGA Airport?

If you plan on traveling to LaGuardia, you can enter LaGuardia Airport, East Elmhurst, New York, into your GPS tool to find it. Situated in East Elmhurst, it's frequently less crowded than other NYC area airports and often boasts faster processing times. However, remember that it accommodates millions of travelers annually, so expect a lively airport atmosphere.

LaGuardia Art, Sculpture, and Other Unique Items

LaGuardia is acclaimed for its unique focus on attractive and exciting art. For example, Terminal A is unified by a Flying Fish motif and Art Deco designs, making it a beautiful place to visit. Beyond these designs, there's also the legendary "Flight Mural" by James Brooks, presented in the airport since 1940. You can also find a bust of Fiorello LaGuardia, modified social benches, and over 1,100 photographs of New York City when visiting LGA airport, which should provide plenty of unique and attractive spots to check out while here.

In Terminal B, don't miss the one-of-a-kind water feature located post-security on Level 4 of the Arrivals and Departures Hall. This marvel uses 4,000 gallons of recirculated water falling from more than 450 individually controlled solenoid valves, perfectly synced with choreographed lighting, video projection, and music to create a spectacular show.

Outside of Terminal A and B, there are also installations throughout Terminal C and beyond, including work highlighting NYC skylights and other unique city elements. This artwork aims to celebrate New York's significant history and highlight how it has expanded and improved since LGA airport opened nearly 100 years ago.

LGA Airport Parking/Transportation

When examining a map of LGA airport, you'll notice multiple LGA airport parking options in and around the area. These parking zones include standard terminal-based lots and discount-priced types that will be easily affordable. Consider off-site airport parking for exceptional service, and reasonable daily rates.

There are also car rental options if you plan on staying in the area and need transportation to and from the hotels near LGA airport. These include various areas throughout Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C, where you can rent cars from businesses like Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Payless, Sixt, and Thrifty. Prices will vary depending on the vendor, so make sure that you call whichever interests you to ensure that you find an option that fits into your travel budget.

There are also various car, van, and shared-ride services that you can consider, such as Uber, Lyft, and many others. These simple programs let you travel to LGA airport quickly without complications. Furthermore, it ensures you get where you want to go and avoid getting lost, a common problem for people new to the NYC area.

Hotels Near LGA Airport

If you plan on staying in New York City and would like to stay close to LaGuardia or need to stay overnight and would rather not sleep in your terminal, many airport options are available. These include a broad array of different destinations, such as: 

Terminal Map for LaGuardia

Whether you want to check the weather at LGA airport or check LGA airport delays, an LGA airport map is a great thing to have on your phone while you travel. It highlights all terminals and various areas, like restaurants, shopping centers, and restrooms. It’s an interactive map that can zoom in and react to your needs.

LaGuardia’s Terminal B Sets the Bar for Inclusive, Award-Winning Design

The new Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport is not just an architectural marvel, but it's also breaking barriers in accessibility and community engagement. It recently clinched the National Academy of Construction’s Recognition of Special Achievement Award, highlighting its innovative design and focus on inclusivity. Whether it's the dual skybridges, state-of-the-art amenities, or the commendable sustainability practices that earned it a LEED Gold certification, this terminal exemplifies what modern airports should aspire to be. This is more than just a transportation hub; it's a symbol of community upliftment and forward-thinking design.

Check Wait Times and Flight Status at LGA Airport

When you travel to LaGuardia, you can use their flight search option to check wait times, delays, cancellations, and other factors for your trip. Their simple flight-tracking app is something you can keep open while you travel. 

Food and Dining in LaGuardia

LaGuardia provides plenty of food and dining options, with LGA airport food often getting high rankings from travelers and general visitors in the NYC area. Each terminal has varying food types available, providing you with a unique and engaging array of options. Just a few options available to you include the following:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts: A well-known national coffee and doughnut chain featuring snacks and breakfast meals.
  • Salotto: A tasting dining option that includes many different foods and kid-friendly meals.
  • Bar Veloce: A comfortable and relaxing bar environment with beer, mixed drinks, kid-styled servings, and pub-ready food.
  • District Market: You can buy whatever foods you want here and snack on them or buy ready-made meals to heat up.
  • Green Leaf’s: A dozy and delicious health food-style option with various fresh ingredients designed for your health.
  • Mi Casa Cantina: Try some delicious New York-style Italian dishes with rich ingredients and sauces that bring authentic flavor to your plate.
  • Zaro’s Bakery: Zaro’s Bakery provides freshly baked goods every morning and throughout the day that you can enjoy at LaGuardia.

Amenities for Travelers and Pets at LGA Airport

If you’re traveling through LGA airport, several different amenities for you, your children, and your pets can make your travel much more manageable. These include pet relief areas, post-security support, baggage claim help, and more. Here are a few things to consider if you’re interested in traveling through this airport and to NYC any time soon:

  • Pet carrier support if you’re traveling with your little loved ones.
  • Service animal support areas to make this process simpler for you.
  • Changing stations for babies that make travel easier.
  • Multiple restrooms are spread throughout the whole facility.
  • Nursing centers where you can carefully feed your baby.
  • ATM options are available from several banks.
  • Guest service desks where you can learn more about your trip.
  • Bookstores where you can buy publications like newspapers and magazines.
  • Relaxation areas where you can sit while you wait for your flight to arrive.

Fun for Kids and Teens at LaGuardia

Though LaGuardia doesn’t have specialized fun areas for kids, several shops and other areas throughout LGA might interest them. Beyond amenities like charge stations for their electronic devices (phones, laptops, tablets), there are many unique ways your kids can have fun while in LaGuardia, such as:

  • Shopping at Hudson to buy interesting items not found in most stores
  • Checking out gifts and souvenirs at Mad Ave Market.
  • Buying fashion accessories at Patricia Nash.
  • Finding cool mementos and other knick knacks at NYC Aglow.
  • Eating some snacks or meals at the many food courts in the airport.

LGA Airport Lounges

LaGuardia has seven lounges spread throughout its terminals, most of which are in Terminal B. These lounges are specialized areas that feature luxury upgrades and amenities and can help make your trip a more enjoyable and relaxing experience. These lounges include:

  • Terminal A: Currently, there are no lounges in Terminal A.
  • Terminal B: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, American Airlines Admirals Club, Be Relax Spa, Centurion Lounge, Minute Suites Express, United Club
  • Terminal C: Delta Sky Club

At these clubs, you can relax, meet new people, have a few drinks, and wait for your flight to take off. Many of these groups require membership fees or other upgrades, so consider these factors before visiting.

Moving Walkways, Lightrails, and Wheelchair Assistance at LaGuardia

LaGuardia has multiple walkways that move between terminals to streamline your travel and make it more effective. None of these walkways are connected, meaning you must move between the concourses and terminals to get through the facility. Thankfully, despite this change, you shouldn’t have to go through security again.

There are also multiple shuttle buses throughout the airport that can transport you on a quick and efficient schedule. These are pre-security buses, meaning you use them before security checkpoints. They’re typically free to use for anyone flying in LaGuardia, so you can relax and get to your destination without any significant concern.

Though there are no light-rail connections to LaGuardia, several subway stations make it easier to get there. A ferry has been pitched to transport some people from Pier 11 to various stops throughout the airport. Note that the buses are the primary option for transportation now and will likely stay that way for some time.

LGA also has various accessibility services for travelers, including translation support for over 100 languages, 35 languages for text-to-speech, reading assistance for many people, screen readers, support for wheelchairs, and TSA Cares, a screening point that’s specifically for people who need extra help. These options should make your travel go far more smoothly.

Security at LGA Airport

At LaGuardia Airport, you will go through general TSA security checkpoints to ensure you’re protected from any potential problems. However, there is also a TSA Pre-Check that can help speed up the process if you are considered low-risk and qualify for the program. All terminals will have high-quality security support that makes sense for you.

Wi-Fi at LaGuardia

LaGuardia has free Wi-Fi services that are open to anyone who’s visiting the airport. Note: This is public internet, so it lacks encryption or protection. If your phone has a hot-spot plan, this will be a more secure option. 

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