Your Complete Guide to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

January 31, 2024

CLE History, Present, and Future

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE opened on July 1, 1925, and was the first municipality-owned facility in the United States and had the world's first air traffic control tower. It also had the first ground-to-air radio control system and airfield lighting system. Named after its founder, William Hopkins, CLE remains an essential air hub in the United States.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE currently offers round-trip passenger services to nearly 40 destinations and is a central hub for airlines like Spirit, Allegiant Air, and American. It also serves Delta Air and Southwest Airlines and received $32.5 million from the Federal Aviation Administration to help stay open and upgrade during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlocking CLE's Potential: The Bryant Francis Era

Significant renovations went into planning when Bryant Francis took over as Port of Control of CLE. A $2 billion, 20-year plan was unveiled, and once it receives FAA approval, it will start construction in 2025. Potential renovations include changing the overall structural look of the museum, adding more international routes, and bringing in more modern and contemporary tech upgrades.

CLE Airport Address and Location

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE is at 5300 Riverside Drive in Cleveland, Ohio. It services the Cleveland Metropolitan area and is a popular destination for Ohio fliers. As the most prominent and busiest airport in Ohio, it’s typically where most state residents go when they need to fly anywhere in the country or around the world.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE Art, Sculptures, and Things to See

When you travel to CLE, you’ll find many different art pieces and sculptures that make it an attractive place. Temporary exhibits feature things like Jane, a juvenile T-Rex skeleton, and a Black History exhibit that highlights this social movement. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE has an in-depth art program and includes permanent exhibits.

Permanent exhibits include the FIS Gallery with beautiful artwork, Guitarmania highlighting some pieces from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a Superman Exhibit, Terrazzo Floors, and the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Dedication Exhibit. Each of these destinations includes unique art pieces and information that make them engaging places to visit.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Parking/Transportation

When looking up directions to CLE airport, look at airport parking CLE options. Several parking garages and car rental garages are available. These include Smart Parking Garages, Cell Phone Lots, shuttle services, and car rental options that can streamline your travel and improve your trip.

Hotels Near CLE

When looking for CLE airport hotels, many options can provide a comfortable sleeping place while traveling. A few options include:

  • Aloft Cleveland Airport - North Olmsted
     5550 Great Northern Boulevard, North Olmsted, OH
     Ph. + 1 440.772.4300
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel - Middleburg Heights
     7230 Engle Road, Middleburg Heights, OH
     Ph. + 1 440.243.4040
  • Doubletree - Westlake
     1100 Crocker Road, Westlake, OH
  • Four Points by Sheraton
     4181 West 150th Street, Cleveland, OH
     Ph. + 1 216.252.7700
  • Hampton Inn and Suites - Brooklyn
     7074 Engle Road, Middleburg Heights, OH
     Ph. + 1 440-234-0206
  • Sonesta ES Suites Cleveland Airport
     17525 Rosbough Drive, Middleburg Heights, OH
     Ph. + 1 440.234.6688

Terminal Map for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

As you travel through CLE airport, use the airport map to ensure you’re heading in the right direction. Like all modern airports, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE has multiple terminals that service various airlines. As a result, using a terminal map can ensure that you travel safely, minimize confusion, and get where you want.

Check Wait Times and Flight Status at CLE

CLE airport airlines vary heavily, as do wait times and flight status. Thankfully, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE provides a simple tracker to gauge when your flight is landing, if you’ll need to wait, and much more. This tracker ensures you know what to expect and can plan your visit to CLE airport accordingly without wasting time.

Food/Dining at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

CLE airport food comes in various CLE airport restaurants that include a variety of surprisingly high-quality options. For example, the Bar Symon CLE airport menu is diverse and should give you many food types that fit into multiple taste preferences. Here’s a look at some of the most popular dining options in Cleveland Hopkins International Airport:

Auntie Anne’s: There are several locations for this popular pretzel restaurant throughout CLE AIrport, meaning you should find plenty of options to suit your needs.

Bar Symon: A popular dining option in CLE Airport that includes delicious appetizers, lunches, and dinners cooked by a skilled chef.

Bruegger’s Bagels: If you just need a quick bite to eat, you can check out Bruegger’s to get authentic New York-style bagels.

Embers: Another high-quality dining option that provides quick bites.

Panini’s: If you’re looking for some delicious Italian foods and quick sandwiches, Panini’s is an excellent option to keep your mouth watering.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Amenities and Support for Pets

CLE Airport provides many high-quality amenities for its guests, making visiting here more comfortable. Just a few of the most popular of their amenities include the following:

  • Courtesy Phones: Use these phones if your cell phone runs out of power or need to call someone at the airport to get important information.
  • ATMs: If you need money for a vending machine, tips, or any other purpose, CLE Airport has multiple ATMs.
  • Mail Services: If you need to send out any mail while you travel, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has several mail service options you can utilize.
  • Interfaith Center: Need to attend church service while you travel? CLE Airport provides an interfaith center that provides support for multiple different beliefs.
  • Shoeshine Stations: While it’s a little old-fashioned, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has shoeshine stations for anybody who wants their shoes to look great.
  • Mother’s Room: Located at Concourse B, you change your baby, breastfeed in peace, and provide any other care your baby needs.
  • Pet Service: When traveling with approved pets or service animals, you can use Cleveland Hopkins International Airport’s many pet relief stations.

Fun for Kids and Teens at CLE Airport

While Cleveland Hopkins International Airport doesn’t have a play area for children, there are fun shopping or activity options that will work well with kids. They include:

  • Connection Stations: If your kids need to charge their phones, they can try these connection stations to keep their devices charged.
  • Hudson Booksellers: Send your kids to Hudson Booksellers to find some great books and other entertainment options to keep them happy.
  • Kids Works: You can visit here with your young kids to buy fun toys, games, and other activities that should keep them pumped and excited.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Lounges

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE has two lounges to relax between flights. These CLE airport lounges allow you to meet new friends, have a drink, and unwind if you’re nervous about your trip. These include The Club CLE and the United Club in Concourse B and Gate C-14.

The Club CLE is open daily from 4:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and provides various types of drinks, multiple televisions, and some food options. United Club is open from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and offers similar services. CLE airport lounges may require membership, so make sure that you call 216-770-7272 to learn more about how you can attend these destinations.

CLE Airport Moving Walkways, Light Rails, and Wheelchair Assistance

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE provides multiple walkways that help you safely move through the airport and wheelchair assistance based on your airline. The airport includes wheelchair support to assist passengers from the gate to the baggage claim area and into the airport.

There are also skycaps available who can help you with your wheelchair needs. Note that CLE Airport includes RTA Rapid Transit, a light rail system owned and operated by the transit authority in the area. In addition, there are taxi services, car rental options, and more available for travel in the area.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Security

CLE Airport partners with TSA to streamline your airport security and ensure your travel is safe, quick, and efficient. These include standard airport security checks, TSA Pre-Check, and CLEAR. Clear is a program that lets you verify your identity quickly before physical screening to improve your processing time and minimize waiting periods.

Note that there is a difference between global entry and TSA pre-checks, as you may need to prepare differently for each. For instance, TSA Pre-Checks require you to be a US citizen or a lawful permanent resident and to get a known traveler number 2-3 weeks before your flight. Plan this process carefully.

Wi-Fi at CLE Airport

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport provides free Wi-Fi internet for all passengers who visit. This service helps you stay connected with your friends and family during your trip, check your flight status, and even work while you wait for your plane to arrive. It’s a great way to stay on top of your personal or work-related business while you travel throughout Cleveland.

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