The Spot Club: Free Airport Parking - Made Flexible

the Spot Club

  • Earn one free day for every seven paid days
  • Redeem only what you need-from one free day to thirty

Joining and using the Spot Club is easy. Membership is free and you can earn valuable Spot Club points starting with your next stay that can be redeemed for free parking on a future trip.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Pick up a Spot Club card from the Parking Spot cashier. You’ll earn points for that stay and every time you present your Spot Club Card. If your company participates in the Spot Club Exec program, your travel manager can give you a card.
  2. Register your Spot Club card. This will allow you to manage your account on-line, including seeing parking activity and redeeming your points for free parking.
  3. Use your Spot Club card on every stay. Use it at entry and you don’t need to pull a ticket. Use it at exit with your credit card and use our automated check-out lane.
  4. Link your Spot Club card to a credit card. This optional service enables you to exit The Parking Spot using just your linked Spot Club card to earn points and pay for your stay. All you need is a registered Spot Club card and a valid credit card to create a linked card.