ATL Airport Parking

Short and Long-Term Airport Parking

Flying Internationally? We're sorry! International terminal service parking is not offered at this location. Please visit The Parking Spot 1 for international terminal service.

New pick-up location: After claiming your luggage, proceed to the North Terminal door LN1. Take the escalator downstairs and make a left turn towards the double doors. Check-in with the airport representative in the green vest at the "Off-Airport Pick-Up Check-In" station to have a shuttle dispatched.
Location & Rates
3600 N. Desert Drive
East Point, GA 30344

The Parking Spot delivers amenities that make near-airport parking more enjoyable

  • Shuttle Service

    Continuous trunk-to-terminal shuttle service every 5-7 minutes included with parking

  • On-Call Shuttle Hours

    If you land between 11PM – 7AM, call for airport pick up

  • Open 24/7/365

    Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Uncovered Parking

    Fast check-in & checkout in a fully staffed, well-lit facility

  • Covered Parking

    Upgrade to covered parking to protect your vehicle from the elements

  • Shuttle Tracking App

    Click here to learn more about our FREE shuttle tracking app

  • Free Bottled Water and Soft Drinks

    Complimentary water or soft drink waiting for you at checkout

  • Luggage Assistance

    Friendly drivers offer assistance with luggage

  • Soft Hands Car Care

    Interior and exterior car washes available for select parking types

How to park at this facility
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The Parking Spot 2 : Atlanta Hartsfield Airport
3600 N. Desert Drive
East Point, GA 30344


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