Civic Partnerships Show Corporate Values

December 26, 2022
In honor of World Health Day on April 7, 2022, The Parking Spot is proud to announce a new partnership with Miracle Flights.

Founded in 1985, Miracle Flights has provided nearly 150,000 free flights to those in need of life-changing medical care not available to them locally. That’s over 85 million miles flown and over 6,000 patients helped.

Over the next year, The Parking Spot will provide complimentary parking to hundreds of patients sponsored by Miracle Flights, across all of our 37 locations.

"From the first conversation, the leadership from The Parking Spot asked, 'How can we help?'" commented Mark E. Brown, Miracle Fights CEO. "The Parking Spot immediately realized their unique position to help our families traveling for life-changing medical care. The complimentary parking they provide will take an expensive burden off our hundreds of families who travel every year."

Join us in supporting Miracle Flights as we assist patients across the United States in getting the medical care they truly need. Visit the Miracle Flights website to learn more, at

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