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This is how to survive taxi & ride app pickup at LAX airport

April 14, 2021
Recent air travelers at LAX are unsatisfied, to say the least, with the recent airport pickup madness. Taxi and ride app companies are no longer allowed to welcome passengers at the gate. Sources estimate a 20-minute walk from arrival terminals to the ride app and taxi parking lot, where drivers are now required to greet riders. But, in reality, for many, it is much longer.

If you’re wondering how you will survive your upcoming travel plans and avoid the snafu, here’s what you need to know.

What’s the Current Taxi and Ride App Situation at LAX?
At this time, taxi and ride app companies are still allowed to drop travelers off at LAX departure terminals. There have been no major problems with travelers leaving Los Angeles. Passengers returning home are the ones with issues.

If you were expecting to summon a ride app or taxi driver upon arrival at your gate, you’ll be disillusioned with the current situation. Your driver will be required to park at a designated parking lot away from your terminal. At this point, you’ll have to choose between a shuttle or a long walk to the lot.

Where is the Taxi & Ride App Parking Lot at LAX?
As of October 29, 2019, Los Angeles International Airport has required that all airport pickups for ride apps and taxis take place at the LAX-it parking lot. LAX-it is located east of Terminal 1. A shuttle to LAX-it is said to be a new, convenient option, but that can vary based on the terminal that you fly into and your time of arrival.

Shuttles to LAX-it
If you take a shuttle to LAX-it to meet your driver, here’s what you can expect:
  • 3-5 minute wait times between shuttles
  • Stops at multiple terminals
  • A 15-minute shuttle ride
The more luggage you have, the more frustrating your experience will be. Plus, many drivers get discouraged with long waits and cancel by the time passengers finally arrive at the lot. In these cases, riders have to summon another driver, which leads to even longer wait times.

What Can You Do to Ensure a Pleasant Arrival at LAX?
Fortunately, you can take control of your travel experience. Here are some tips you can implement to ensure a comfortable arrival at LAX.

1. Plan Ahead & Expect a Little Chaos
You’re already on the right track, learning what to expect when you arrive at LAX. One of the best ways to ensure a pleasant experience is to plan for what’s to come. We all know that air travel can present unexpected surprises, and you need to plan for them if you don’t want to be disappointed.

2. Keep Your Phone Charged
Charge your phone during your flight so you aren’t stuck with a dying battery if you need to make a call. Try to keep an external phone battery in your carry-on in case of an emergency. While you will be able to access charging stations, the last thing you need is the added strain of not having your phone handy for communication.

3. Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated
You may not know this, but plane rides can dehydrate you. Plus, travel is naturally nerve-racking. Extra confusion only adds to your stress levels. So, keep a bottle of water handy and remember to stay hydrated every step along the way. Some fruits, vegetables, and yogurt can help as well.

4. Choose to Drive & Park
Avoid the mess altogether and park your car at LAX. The Parking Spot offers a reliable, consistent experience with a 5-7 minute shuttle ride to one of our lots. We also provide valet parking, free bottled water, luggage assistance, and charging stations. Sometimes, the best option is to just stay out of the line of fire.

Final Thoughts
Hopefully, as the airport continues to make changes - like expanding the size of LAX-it and getting into a routine - the chaos will start to die down. Until then, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to deal with it. Download the free The Parking Spot App today.


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