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Take Advantage of Travel Loyalty Programs

February 14, 2022

Joining a loyalty program is the easiest way to save while you spend on travel. Take advantage of travel rewards just by signing up and being faithful to your preferred airline, hotel, or airport parking company. 


If you travel frequently, join a program that rewards your busy travel—especially if your company allows business travel to be booked with your preferred airline. If you can book all of your business and leisure travel through one program, you’ll rack up points quicker and get better rewards. Programs with partner airlines can also offer more options and flexibility.

Depending on the airline program and point eligibility, you could receive complimentary upgrades, no-cost roundtrip tickets, or free access to airport lounges.


Many hotel chains offer loyalty programs that allow reward redemptions only through that specific hotel. However, if you’re not devoted to one hotel brand, joining a loyalty program with multiple hotel partners could give you more flexibility to get the best deals.

Similar to airlines, joining a program and using it for business and leisure travel will help you rack up points faster. You could even score free room upgrades or complimentary stays.

Rental Cars

Joining a rental car loyalty program could end up saving you a lot of time when you pick up your car. Some programs allow frequent renters to bypass the counter for expedited service and even select the car of their choice without speaking to anyone.

Also, depending on eligibility, guests can sometimes redeem points for luxury cars, free rentals, or even trade points for airline miles.

Airport Parking

The most flexible airport parking reward program is the Spot Club. The Spot Club is the easiest and quickest way to earn free parking when you travel. You can even connect your Spot Club card to a credit or debit card to pay as you go.

With the Spot Club, you’ll earn one free day of parking after as few as seven days paid and earn 5 points for every dollar spent—which leads to better rewards such as discounts on car care services, priority customer service, and more.

Don’t miss out on these deals and join the Spot Club today!


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