Guide to Atlanta Hartfield Jackson Airport Domestic Terminal

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, it’s not always easy to get around major airports or find what you’re looking for.  For as large as it is, ATL is actually very organized and pretty easy to get around once you get to know it.  This guide is your go-to resource for navigating Atlanta’s Domestic Terminal with ease.

ATL Domestic Terminal Concourse List

Atlanta International Airport’s domestic terminal is split into north and south terminals, which also include six concourses. These terminals are split by an atrium that helps guide visitors throughout the airport easily, making long layovers less boring. Concourses include:

  • Concourse A: This concourse has 34 doors, many of which are associated with Delta. The Delta Ticket Service Center is directly across from gate A18, while the Delta Self-Service Center is near gate A27. The Delta Sky Club lounge is close to A17, providing comfortable seating and food.
  • Concourse B: Concourse B features a Delta Ticket Service Center and Self Self-Service Center near gate B9. There’s also a charging station near gate B16 and a smoking lounge by gate B24. Shopping and dining options are mostly spread through this concourse.
  • Concourse C: Connecting the north and south terminals, Concourse C has doors 1-57 and Plane Train connections throughout halls A, D, E, and F, as well as connections to the International Terminal. Food, beverage, and retail shops are available throughout.
  • Concourse D: This concourse connects to the Plane Train to provide access to lobbies A, B, C, E, F, and T. There’s also a currency exchange in the center of the concourse, as well as the United Club (near gate D12) and Delta Sky Club (located close to gate D27) here.
  • Concourse E: A fairly small concourse compared to the others, concourse E has gates E1 through E6 and connects to the ATL Domestic Terminal Plane Train. This provides access to halls F, D, C, B, A, and T throughout the main terminal of the airport.
  • Concourse T: The only concourse directly attached to the Main Domestic Terminal, concourse T includes separate security checkpoints from gates T9-15 and T8-T1. Between them is a train that moves through halls A-F and the International Terminal. Retail and food are available here.

Plane Train at Atlanta International Airport

The Plane Train, located on level 0, operates 24 hours a day and departs every two minutes. It runs on a three-mile loop and connects the domestic terminal with concourse F (International Terminal), and stops at concourses T, A, B, C, D, and E (in that order). Riding on it provides the fastest way to get around the airport without walking.

It connects to the upper levels of the airport via escalators and stairways, though there are no moving walkways available between different sections on the upper floor. The Plane Train is a good alternative for people trying to get around the airport quickly and can be a fun way to entertain your kids on long layovers.

Places to Eat at Atlanta International Airport

There are multiple local favorites, fast foods, and high-quality sit-down restaurants in ATL Domestic Terminal and throughout that can keep you well-fed while visiting. Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Local Favorites: Try Atlanta Chophouse (domestic terminal), Atlanta Bread & Bar (concourse A), Atlanta Hawks Bar & Grill (concourse A), Atlanta Bread Company Kiosk (concourse B and C), ATL Market (concourse D), and Atlanta Stillhouse (concourse T) for some delicious Atlanta-style food!
  • Fast Food: Just need a quick bite to eat? Try Burking King (domestic terminal), Chic-fil-A (concourse A), Popeyes (concourse B), Five Guys Burgers and Fries (concourse C), Auntie Annie’s (concourse D), Arby’s (concourse E), or Subway (concourse T).
  • Sit-Down Restaurants: Enjoy delicious sit-down food in various styles throughout the domestic terminal. These include Asian Chao (concourse A, B, and D), Links Grill (concourse C), Harvest + Grounds (concourse D), One Flew South (concourse E), and Papi’s Caribbean Cafe.

Airlines at ATL Domestic Terminal

Atlanta International Airport supports multiple airlines throughout the north and south terminals, as well as a few concourses. The Parking Spot, is the only off-site parking with a dedicated international shuttle, letting you reserve a parking spot with airport parking discounts. As a result, it’s worth booking with us if you’re flying from any of the terminals on any of the airlines mentioned below:

  • Terminal North: Fry from Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Boutique Air, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, or United Airlines from this terminal.
  • Terminal South: This terminal solely supports Delta Airlines, with all of its gates providing connections to various Delta flights. The Delta Skyclub is also here.
  • Concourses A and T: Located in Terminal South, both concourses A and T support Delta Airlines, though ATL Domestic Terminal may support other airlines at various times.

Service & Help Desks at Atlanta International Airport

ATL Domestic Airport has multiple service desks and other things to do (such as food and retail) to keep you, your kids, and your pets busy during long layovers. These service desks help you understand flights, get more details about the airport’s layout, and much more. Read through this guide to understand these desks and how they can help you:

  • Customer Service Desks: Located in the main halls of the Domestic Terminal, these desks can provide you with information about tickets, flight arrivals, and directions to other parts of the airport. They’re often the busiest parts of the airport, so just look for groups.
  • Concierge Desks: Found in the North Terminal in front of baggage carousel three, this desk provides you with support finding hotels, restaurants, entertainment options, and much more. It’s a good choice if you’re new to Atlanta and aren’t sure what you want to do.
  • Luggage Storage Desk: Atlanta Domestic Airport includes two Wrap-a-Bag outlets. The Northern Terminal’s outlet is open from 6 am to 7 pm every day, while the South Terminal’s is open from 10 am to 11 pm. Please note that availability and prices are subject to change.
  • Conventioners Bureau: If you’re visiting Atlanta for a convention, check out this help desk. Located in the atrium by the clock tour, it provides information about lodging, entertainment, restaurants, and local attractions based on the various conventions in town.
  • Phones, TTY, Etc: Atlanta International Airport provides a section for pay phones with TDD and wheelchair support in the atrium. Try this option if your cell phone isn’t working, doesn’t have a signal, or if you’re one of the few people in the world who don’t have a portable phone.
  • General Traveler Help: Located near the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau booth in the atrium, this desk helps solo travelers, families with children, senior citizens, and even special needs passengers find flight connections or ground transport for their trip.

ATL Domestic Terminal Lost and Found

If you lose anything during your visit to Atlanta International Airport, you can call their lost and found desk by directly contacting the specific airlines using the numbers listed here. You can also visit this link to report lost items, baggage problems, or other issues. This page also lets you check up on your lost items, if you already reported them, and track their search progress.

If you’d rather not call or want to speak to someone directly instead of reporting using an online form, you can also email them directly at to report your missing items. The physical desk is located in the North Terminal on the upper level in front of the American Airlines ticket desk. Hours are between 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday except on holidays.

When traveling on the weekend, it’s best to call the airline with which you flew directly or check out ATL’s FAQ site. This site includes information about other important elements, including tips and tricks about working with the airport. Otherwise, you might have to wait until Monday to get your luggage or missing item, which could impact your travel and even close long layovers.

Accessibility / ADA Support at Atlanta International Airport

ATL Domestic Terminal provides accessibility support that follows ADA and Title VI guidelines. The main office for accessibility is in the North Terminal and meets the guidelines set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act. In this way, travel through Atlanta International Airport should be smoother and more comfortable for people from all walks of life.

To meet these needs, the airport includes multiple amenities for those who need support finding food, handling their kids or pets, or finding things to do during long layovers. Whether you’re traveling through the north or south terminals, there should be services that help make your trip much easier. Just a few of these service options include:

  • Wheelchair Assistance: Reach out to airline representatives before your trip to reserve a wheelchair before your flight. These wheelchairs can help you stay comfortable during your trip.
  • TSA Cares: TSA Cares helps people with disabilities, medical conditions, and other concerns by providing hands-on support that makes travel easier and more accessible.
  • ADA and Special Services Map: Download this printable map to check for the special services throughout the airport and to ensure you find them more easily and quickly.
  • Hidden Disabilities Sunflower: If you have a hard-to-identify disability, such as hearing loss, anxiety, PTSD, or autism, a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower can tell airport authorities you need help.
  • Sensory Room: The sensory room in concourse F provides a quiet place to relax, bubbling water sculptures, and tactile activity panels that work well for people with autism.
  • Accessible Restrooms: Accessible restrooms are available throughout the north and south terminals in ATL Domestic Terminal, including an adult changing table in concourse F.
  • Drinking Fountains: ATL Domestic Terminal includes accessible drinking fountains throughout the north and south terminals and all concourses, including water refill stations.
  • Wheelchair Charging Stations: Those with electric wheelchairs can find charging stations near gates A26, A11, and C17, letting you keep your chair fully powered on your trip.
  • TTY/TDD Telephones: You can find easy access to TTY/TDD telephones at the information desk in the E and F concourses throughout the domestic terminal.
  • Elevators: Atlanta International Airport includes multiple comfortable passenger elevators that provide handicap-accessible controls and large, open areas for wheelchairs.
  • Ground Transportation: You can book taxis, limousines, shared-ride shuttles, hotel shuttles, and off-airport parking shuttles to streamline your travel experience.
  • Airport Parking: ATL provides accessible parking options, including the Airport Park-Ride facility, to improve your trip. You can also reserve a parking spot with The Parking Spot.

Tracking How Much Time You Have at ATL Domestic Terminal

When traveling through Atlanta International Airport with kids, pets, or by yourself, use this online flight arrival and departure guide to track how long you’re likely to stay at the airport. Will you have long layovers? You’ll have to find things to do throughout the airport, including finding healthy eating options and other activities that can keep you from getting too bored.

Keeping Your Kids Active and Entertained at Atlanta International Airport

ATL Domestic Terminal provides plenty of activities for you and your children to enjoy. It’s often considered one of the most kid-friendly airports, meaning it shouldn’t be too hard for you to stay active during your trip. These include:

  • Art installations
  • The Forest Walk between concourses A and B
  • Recharging units are available throughout all lobbies
  • The 33-foot dinosaur in the atrium (kids love checking it out)
  • Multiple stores where teens can shop

Service Animal Relief Areas in Atlanta International Airport

Take your service pets to gates T7, A10, B33, C17, E15, F7, or D Centerpoint to find relief areas where your little one can relax and “go. These areas let you meet other people with pets, give your little buddy some time to relax, and ensure that they feel comfortable on the plane. It also reduces your risk of accidents on the plane, which are embarrassing to clean up.

Airport Shuttle Systems at ATL Domestic Terminal

Atlanta International Airport includes multiple shuttle systems and ground transportation options, including options when you reserve a parking spot at The Parking Spot and get airport parking discounts. Here are a few of the most popular of these unique options:

  • MARTA: MARTA or Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority provides transportation support to the airport and throughout multiple rail lines. These include the Red Line and the Gold Line, which can take you throughout the city if you need to park elsewhere.
  • Airport Limo Service: If you have a little money to spend and want to travel in style, ATL provides an airport limo service that includes chauffeurs, plush seating, ambient lighting, mini bars, and extensive sound systems. Great for a business person who wants to ride safely.
  • Airport Taxis: Those who can’t afford limo but who want a more personalized transportation option can call Atlanta airport’s taxi services. These provide a smooth and comfortable ride at a more affordable price, while letting you go where you want to go when you want.
  • Amtrak: ATL provides Amtrak access for those who need this extra transportation. It helps streamline your travel by bringing you in from out of town or even taking you to important downtown destinations to ensure your travel is as comfortable as possible.

Fun Long Layover Activities at Atlanta International Airport

Long layovers are often brutal in Atlanta, with some lasting 4-6 hours or more. That’s just enough time to be frustrating but not enough to leave the airport. Thankfully, ATL authorities are aware of this and provide plenty of things to do. When stuck in a layover here, you can:

  • Relax in a comfortable airport lounge, as there are many in ATL Domestic Terminal
  • Get a bite to eat and meet new friends at one of the many restaurants
  • Visit the various art installations spread throughout the airport itself
  • Rent a MinuteSuite to take a comfortable nap without getting bothered
  • Receive spa treatment at BeRelaxSpa to minimize your anxiety