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  • Discounts on Airport Parking
  • Earn free rewards from accumulated stays
  • Manage your expenses with Concur, Expensify and Certify
  • Expense Reports delivered monthly
  • Well - lit and always open
  • Luggage Assistance
  • Continuous friendly shuttle service

Expense Providers

Automate your expense tracking process with our provider integrations
Our platform integrates seamlessly with the most popular expense tracking providers including Certify, Expensify, Concur, and ChromeRiver
Get In, Take Off
The Parking Spot's website makes it easy to find airport parking for your next trip.
The Parking Spot's facilities are always open for your convenience.
Have a Spot Club card? Use it instead of a ticket to enter and exit faster!
One of our spotted shuttles will either pick you up right from your car...
or from the lot's lobby.
Take one of our clean, convenient spotted shuttles for a short ride to the airport.
Enjoy your flight!
Let us clean your car while you're away (available as an additional option in select locations)
On your way back, download the Parking Spot App to track our spotted shuttles, which will take you from the airport ...
... back to your lot
Our self check-out lanes or friendly cashiers will help you be on your way.
Enjoy a complimentary bottle of water, and we'll see you next time!