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Oktoberfest 2023 Events

May 24, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Oktoberfest 2023: From Beer to Costumes and More!

Carnival ride at an Oktoberfest event.

Some festivals, like Oktoberfest, are often considered legends by people who haven't experienced them. So, what is Oktoberfest? It is a yearly celebration with over 200 years of tradition behind it . People in Germany and around the world celebrate Oktoberfest using many of the same traditions, including eating large volumes of sausage and sauerkraut, as well as boiling bratwurst, knockwurst, drinking beer, and dancing all night. In addition, traditional Bavarian music gets played at many more significant Oktoberfest celebrations, which occur in almost every major city in the world.

When is Oktoberfest? It typically starts in late September and rages until the first Sunday in October. It began when the Bavarian Crown Prince of Bavaria married Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen and celebrated with a massive festival around the capital. The festivities included horse races, dances, music, and much alcohol consumption.

If you're interested in attending Oktoberfest overseas or somewhere in the States, it's important to know what activities and locations you can choose. You can either stay in your hometown if it has a festival or fly somewhere else and check out what's happening. The following destinations include some of the most exciting Oktoberfest celebrations. This should make attending any of these fun and exciting destinations much easier for you and your family.

Eight Fun International Oktoberfest Destinations

These unique global Oktoberfest celebrations provide something new and exciting for you and your family. So try out these fantastic spots if you want great Oktoberfest beer or simply want to soak in some German culture. Don't forget to use help like last-minute travel apps to pack everything you need and avoid problematic travel situations.

Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany , hosts the official Oktoberfest 2023 celebration. Stretching from September 16 to October 3, it includes large Ferris wheels, the traditional Hau den Lukas strongman game, multiple vendor booths, and lots of excellent German beer. So if you want the most traditional Oktoberfest possible this year, you should visit Munich.

Waterloo, Canada

Waterloo in Ontario hosts one of the biggest Oktoberfest celebrations in Canada from September 22 to October 14. It includes large beer tents, an extensive WunderWagen, kid-friendly celebrations, a food drive, a Canadian Thanksgiving Day parade, a fun golfing experience, and a Women of the Year award ceremony that helps it stand out from other celebrations.

Blumenau, Brazil

Blumenau has embraced Oktoberfest by scheduling its events from October 4 to October 22, corresponding to the country's relatively mild but pleasant weather conditions. Every year, Blumenau hosts traditional Bavarian musical concerts alongside Brazilian performers and multiple parades, beer, tents, and parties throughout the city.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney's legendary Oktoberfest typically takes place in early October: its 2023 dates have yet to be released at the time of this blog's release. It includes extensive events in places like Sydney Point and The Gardens . You'll eat delicious Teutonic cuisine, try fantastic German and Australian beer, and enjoy surprisingly delicious traditional Australian-German dishes.

Berlin, Germany

Though Munich is known more for its extensive Oktoberfest celebration, Berlin is no slouch. Germany's capital city holds festivities from September 15 to October 21 in 2023, including traditional Bavarian folk music, delicious food, and beer-drinking competitions. This festival should be on your agenda if you love traditional German cuisine.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin holds multiple Oktoberfest parties throughout the season, from September 29 to October 30 (running every Thursday through Sunday during this month). These include events at pubs like The Lighthouse (where you can eat traditional pretzels, cheese, and bratwurst) and Fired Up Pizza, which changes up its menu to include German-friendly pizzas.

London, England

London Oktoberfest takes place all through October on the weekends, transforming the city into one big party that never ends. Is there delicious German food? Absolutely! Will you hear amazing Bavarian folk music? Almost non-stop! Can you expect lots of lederhosen? Naturally! Don't forget to buy your tickets and clothing ahead of time to join in on the fun.

Yokohama, Japan

It might surprise you that Japan has fully embraced Oktoberfest in all its glory. Yokohama's celebration (typically around the same time as Munich's, though no official 2023 dates have been released) includes festival rides, costume competitions, delicious food, and live German music alongside traditional Japanese touches.

Oktoberfest attendees make a toast, clanging their beer glasses together

The Six Best United States Oktoberfest Celebrations

If you'd rather stay closer to home this Oktoberfest, never fear: there are plenty of fun American destinations from which you can choose. The following six are some of the most popular and exciting, including enjoyable festivities, such as food and music competitions.

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Cincinnati Oktoberfest is one of the best things to do in Ohio, though Columbus also has plenty of fun Oktoberfest activities to consider. Taking place from September 14 to September 17, this party includes lots of great beer, delicious foods, and vendors selling traditional German goods.

Helen, Georgia

The Helen GA Oktoberfest lasts from October 13 through October 14, though businesses may host monthly events. The official celebration includes car shows, a dancing competition, beer tents, and even a fun rodeo showcase that will provide plenty of fun for your family.

Big Bear Lake, California

Big Bear Lake in California holds Oktoberfest every weekend from September 9 through November 4, which makes this one of the longest-lasting festivals of the season. You'll see fun bands, taste delicious beers, participate in a Halloween "spooktacular," and much more.

Mt. Angel, Oregon

Mt. Angel hosts a four-day festival (starting September 14 and ending September 17) that includes a non-competitive walking experience, multiple street dances, fun Olympic-style events, and plenty of food and beverages. It's also surprisingly low-key, meaning it should be easy to attend.

New Orleans, Louisiana

NOLA is one of the most fun party centers in the country and a popular traveling destination for many. Taking place from October 13 to 28 (on the weekends), the New Orleans festival includes many shopping opportunities, child-friendly fun, and the kind of food and music only NOLA could provide. It's the great fusion of styles that makes sense for the area.

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Though Canonsburg south of the Pittsburgh airport might not be your first thought for Oktoberfest, this area has a rich German tradition. As a result, it's a short (September 15 through September 17) but fun festival is packed with foods and beers that are as close to Germany as possible without requiring an international flight. It's the kind of small but fun celebration that's common throughout the US.

Other Important Information About Your Oktoberfest 2023 Celebration

If you plan on attending any Oktoberfest 2023 celebrations in your area, knowing a few other facts is essential. For example, you must know what to wear to Oktoberfest, how long it lasts, and when it's held. Furthermore, if you plan on attending Germany Oktoberfest celebrations, such as Oktoberfest Munich parades, you must look as traditional as possible with your clothing to ensure you fit in.

What To Wear to Oktoberfest

Patrons walking in a parade while dressed in Oktoberfest clothing

Traditional Oktoberfest costumes vary depending on whether you're a man or a woman. However, they typically integrate old-school peasant outfits from Bavaria and Germany that you can buy in Munich or your hometown. Festival grounds often offer these Oktoberfest costumes for sale at reasonable prices, especially if you show up early and don't mind waiting to get fitted.

Women wear what is known as a dirndl, while men will wear lederhosen. A dirndl is a three-part costume that includes a dress, an apron, and a blouse. The dress has multiple lengths, materials, designs, and colors, so you should find one that appeals to you. They fit snugly and sip along the front or side, often including ribbons in the front. Thankfully, they have pockets.

A dirndl apron ties along the front of your dress and often includes a long tie. Like with the dress, you can use whatever patterns, colors, and materials you want. Lastly, the blouse is worn underneath your dress like a shirt to create a classic Bavarian-peasant style. It's been called a "bra with sleeves" due to its rather unconventional and often tight-fitting design.

For men, lederhosen consists of leather shorts worn with matching suspenders and bibs in many colors and styles. You can choose from short or long, depending on your preference. Your top is typically a long-sleeve button-down shirt in a checkered pattern or a single color. You can choose blue, red, green, and even white designs. These simple designs should fit well on most people.

How Long Is Oktoberfest?

Typically, Oktoberfest is about two weeks, depending on the year. When is Oktoberfest in 2023 ? It takes place from September 16 to October 3. Where is Oktoberfest in Germany? Traditionally, it takes place in Munich, though it can occur just about anywhere. In 2023, Oktoberfest Munich will stretch for 18 days, making it one of the most extended celebrations yet.

Who Can Celebrate Oktoberfest?

Anyone can celebrate Oktoberfest as long as they embrace the event's traditions . While you don't need to dress up for it to have fun, it's typically frowned upon not to wear traditional garb. While alcohol consumption is a significant part of this event, you don't have to drink, and many children attend simply to enjoy great food and fun with their families.

Why Is It Called Oktoberfest?

This festival's name is easy to understand: It is a festival that occurs in October. Hence, Oktoberfest. Note that it's called d'Wiesen locally in Germany and is named after the fairgrounds where most Oktoberfest celebrations occur: Theresienwiese. That said, locals will know what you're talking about if you ask about Oktoberfest. They know the name and have embraced it for tourists.

Booking Your Oktoberfest Trip in 2023

If you plan on traveling to attend Oktoberfest, make sure you pack correctly to get all your Oktoberfest costumes in your suitcase. Furthermore, ensure you have extra bags available to bring home items and declare them first to ensure you can get through airport security effectively. And don't forget to book with The Parking Spot to keep your car safe during your trip. Our team can provide you with great access to parking facilities near airports that ensure easier access.


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