What is the Spot Club Program?

The Spot Club is the most flexible loyalty program in airport parking. It is the easiest way to stay connected with The Parking Spot and earn free parking while you’re doing it.

And most importantly…it’s completely free to join!

Join Today

There are two ways to join the Spot Club program:

  • The easiest way is to click here and take a few seconds to sign up today. We will drop a Spot Club card in the mail for you immediately.
  • You can also pick up a Spot Club card at checkout after the first time you park with us. Be sure to come back to our website to activate your card after picking it up to protect your free parking!

Use Your Card

Your card can be used at both check-in and check-out at any of our locations.

Whereas you would typically pull a ticket when you check-in, you can enter using your Spot Club card instead. The card will electronically remember your check-in time to simplify the check-out process later on.

When you’re ready to leave the lot, you will have the option of seeing a cashier or using our express check-out lanes—we call these express check-out lanes our Spot Lanes. If you see a cashier, be sure to hand him or her your Spot Club card. If you use the Spot Lanes, all you’ll need to do is swipe your card for your total to be calculated!

Earn Free Parking

Every time you checkout from one of our lots using your card, you will earn 5 points for every $1 you spend. In as few as 7 paid days of parking, you will have earned enough points to redeem for 1 free day of parking!

Redeem Your Points

Redeeming your points is easy! Before the trip you are planning on using your points on, login to your Spot Club account and click the “Redeem Points” button on your Member Homepage. Here, you will (1) enter the dates and times of your trip, (2) choose a parking type, and (3) print out your final award certificate to give to the cashier at checkout.
By going through these online steps to redeem your points, you will have a reservation and a guaranteed space every time you are planning on parking for free!

Enjoy Special Benefits

  • Free Reservations: whenever you sign in to your Spot Club account to make a reservation, the $4.95 reservation fee will be waived!
  • Transaction History: look back at all past transactions when you used your card, print past receipts, and sign up to have your receipts emailed straight to you!
  • Missing Credits: have past stays you never received points for? Use our missing credits tool to upload them straight into your account!

Earn Tiered Status

As a Spot Club Member, the more you park with us, the more benefits you earn! To qualify for a tier, we tally the number of stays and points you’ve earned during the program year (February 1st through January 31st). Once you've leveled up, you'll lock in that tier for the following program year. To qualify for:

  • Spot Club Silver: stay with us at least 4 times and earn at least 800 points in the program year.
  • Spot Club Gold: stay with us at least 6 times and earn at least 2,500 points in the program year.
  • Spot Club Platinum: stay with us at least 8 times and earn at least 4,500 points in the program year.
Visit our FAQs to learn more about Spot Club Tiers!

Save Money on Parking

Be sure to opt-in to receiving promotional emails from us when you sign-up. We send Spot Club members exclusive deals on parking throughout the year!

Have more questions about the Spot Club?
Check out our FAQ page for additional information!