Take a Trip Back in History with a Williamsburg Tour

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like back when America was just becoming a country, then a visit to Colonial Williamsburg should be your next trip. The historic district of Colonial Williamsburg is the blending of a historical landmark and a living history museum. When you visit Colonial Williamsburg you are able to directly immerse yourself with the past. Now that we are in the fall season, and Thanksgiving is approaching us, traveling to Colonial Williamsburg can be an educational yet fun family activity. Williamsburg tours are simply the beginning, the following Colonial Williamsburg attractions are sure to amaze you. Historic Jamestowne Explore the land that Captain John Smith and Pocahontas once inhabited with a visit to Historic Jamestowne, and your eyes will be opened to what the first permanent colony in North America was really like.  While on your visit, you can take an archaeology walking tour and observe archaeologists unearth remains from the 1607 James Fort. New archaeological discoveries are made every day, so check out Jamestowne for some scientific history of our first settlers. Governor’s Palace A few years before the Revolution began, the Governor’s Palace was a majestic and regal staple of the government of Virginia.  The British influence of the governors that called this palace home boasts large displays of weaponry and elegant décor.  The beautiful, elaborate gardens feature a boxwood maze and authentic ice house that offer a haven of privacy and quiet from the other areas of Colonial Williamsburg. The Revolutionary City When you visit Colonial Williamsburg, you aren’t just a tourist walking around museums. In Williamsburg, you can become a participant and citizen of a community during war.  As if you are transported back in time, you can witness the town during significant periods of the Revolutionary War. In 1775, you can witness American colonists struggling over the decision to remain loyal to the British king, or fight for their independence. In the years of 1776-1781 you can listen to stories of hardship, and witness the news of the Declaration of Independence. Join the march to victory and independence when you march with the troops to Yorktown to claim America’s independence. When deciding upon your next vacation, consider a visit to Virginia to experience a Williamsburg tour and all that the historical colony has to offer. Use The Parking Spot to make this trip back in time an easy and enjoyable experience!
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