Volunteer Vacations

The holidays are a time to not only be with family and friends but to also help people who may not be as fortunate as you are. There are many great ways to give back to others while embarking on a new adventure. Consider going on a volunteer vacation and raising money for those in need this holiday season. Explore the following charity travel opportunities offered by some of the country’s most exciting organizations.

Take a Hike For the hiking enthusiasts, the American Hiking Society offers the perfect way to enjoy this outdoor charity travel activity while making a difference. The organization travels to parks and forests in the US for week-long trips. Backpack and hike through the nation’s trails to help protect these valuable areas. The trips don’t require any prior experience and give participants the chance to enjoy a full hiking experience by staying in a bunkhouse, cabin, lodge or campground site.  Roast marshmallows over the campfire and experience nature first-hand while building & maintaining trails in exciting locations around the country! Live the Farm Life A great way to learn about the food you eat and experience the farm life is to volunteer with Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. This unique organization partners with organic farms across the country and offers volunteers the opportunity to stay on a farm for free in exchange for doing some work. Participants on this volunteer vacation get to join in activities such as sowing seed, making compost, harvesting, milking, feeding, and cheese and bread making. Learn about alternative ways of living and meet the farmers who make organic living possible with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Explore the Big Easy If you’re looking for a world-class escape that disguises itself as a volunteer vacation, Hands Up Holiday definitely has the trip for you. This organization boasts luxury charity travel opportunities that are filled with inspiration and lasting impressions. One great volunteer vacation that it offers is a trip to New Orleans to help refurbish houses, volunteer at homeless shelters, teach job skills and help the elderly. What makes these trips unique is the great opportunity to truly enjoy the area you are helping in. While in New Orleans, volunteers get to engulf themselves in all things Big Easy. Local tour guides take volunteers through the vibrant French Quarter and the Garden District while relaying stories about the history of New Orleans. After volunteering and exploring the exciting city, participants get to stay in a luxury 5-star room in the heart of New Orleans. Enjoy tailor-made philanthropy while also having an indulgent volunteer vacation with Hands Up Holiday. Find new ways to give back while traveling the world by planning volunteer vacations. Remember to utilize The Parking Spot for all of your charity travel needs this holiday season!
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