Valentine’s Day Trips for Couples

Love is in the air!  Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, meaning you can easily make your dreams of a Valentine’s Day getaway come true.  Journey to Nashville for a Valentine’s Day trip filled with romantic music or escape to New York City and treat your significant other to a candlelit dinner.  Go dancing in Los Angeles and savor decadent chocolates.  The sky is the limit! Nashville Couples will love listening to Sinatra’s most popular songs at the War Memorial Auditorium in downtown Nashville.  On February 13, Rick Michel will sing and tell stories in honor of Old Blue Eyes.  On the other hand, embrace the home of country music by seeing a live show at the Grand Ole Opry.  For dinner, try out Husk, a restaurant that is always mindful of its Southern roots, while still retaining a love of innovation.  Husk serves diverse dishes--from shrimp & grits to a Bear Creek Farm BBQ Lamb Sandwich with West African spices. New York City The New York City restaurant One If by Land, Two If by Sea will provide the ambiance that only dining by candlelight can create.  This historic restaurant was once a carriage house owned by Vice President Aaron Burr that now serves stylish New Yorkers a variety of French and American cuisine.  For another romantic restaurant with ties to the past, dine at Barbetta, the oldest Italian restaurant in New York.  Complete with a gorgeous chandelier from Torino and antique harpsichord, this restaurant will make for the perfect setting for a Valentine’s Day dinner.  Los Angeles The Valentine’s Day Sweetheart’s Dinner and Dance will make for another ideal setting for a Valentine’s Day getaway.  This event is located under the wings of Air Force One where couples can enjoy a three-course dinner and live music.  In addition, couples will be able to explore the Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum and Air Force One Pavilion during the event.  Don’t forget to savor a box of chocolates from Edelweiss Chocolate Factory before you leave!  Edelweiss chocolates are a Hollywood favorite and are sure to become your next favorite, too. Don’t wait until the last minute to get reservations or buy tickets!  Restaurants often fill up early so make sure to plan your Valentine’s Day trip ahead of time.  Happy Valentine’s Day!
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