Turkey Hunting Tips and Trips

Forget buying the turkey from the store; take matters into your own hands this holiday season. Round up the family, and turn your Thanksgiving dinner into an activity by taking a turkey hunting trip! Make your trip a success with the following turkey hunting tips and insights from The Parking Spot. The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) compiles an annual list of states that account for the most turkeys that are harvested. See some of our top picks from their list of best turkey hunting trip locations. 1. Missouri Missouri boasts some of the highest turkey harvest and hunter success rates in the nation and is often called the best turkey hunting destination of the East.  Tons of pastures, forests, and the large population of longbeards of the Ozarks are a few of the reasons why hunters from all over the country travel here to find their prized gobblers. Bag Limit in the Show-Me State: two males per season 2. Alabama Hunters looking for the real-deal Southern turkey hunting experience should head on down to Alabama. The lush swampland coupled with the vast food plots creates the ultimate breeding zone for turkeys, consistently making Alabama one of the top contenders for turkey hunting trip locations in the country. Bag Limit in the Heart of Dixie: five combined for the fall and spring seasons 3. Texas They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the turkey population is no exception. This state is home to the largest turkey population, and a nice hog population to add to your Thanksgiving dinner, making it a hunter’s dream location. Bag Limit in the Lone Star State: 2 male turkeys or turkeys with visible beards 7 Simple Turkey Hunting Tips
  1. Carefully follow all of the wildlife and hunting laws in your area.
  2. Always approach wildlife with caution.
  3. Check your equipment and make sure that everything works properly before embarking on a turkey hunting trip.
  4. Turkeys are notorious for their keen eyesight. Invest in camouflage gear to help disguise yourself when hunting. Try to match your camouflage pattern with the foliage and forest type.
  5. Make sure that you can clearly see the turkey before firing.
  6. Avoid being mistaken for a turkey by other hunters by only using turkey calls to locate turkeys. Also wear orange caps or gloves when walking to further protect yourself from hunting accidents.
  7. If you are new to turkey hunting, find a local turkey hunting clinic. These clinics are designed to help people learn how to hunt wild turkey safely and successfully.
  8. Research and become familiar with the area you will be hunting in.
Partake in the fun and exciting sport of turkey hunting with your family this holiday season. Remember to book your airport parking reservations at The Parking Spot to make this holiday stress-free and enjoyable!
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