Trick or Treat Safety Tips

With only a couple of days left until Halloween, parents around the country are perfecting their children’s princess, animal, and superhero costumes to make their little ones enjoy this fun holiday. However, while on the prowl for your kid’s favorite candy, it’s important you fully understand all the aspects of trick or treat safety. Luckily, Zillow, the popular home and real estate marketplace, has compiled its annual comprehensive list of the best cities around the country for kids to enjoy a safe trick or treating experience.  According to Zillow, the cities they chose were picked based on which ones provide the most candy, (the only thing kids really care about), and had the fewest walking and safety risks. Explore a few that The Parking Spot chose to highlight from Zillow’s list, as well as some helpful trick-or-treat safety tips. 1.       San Francisco Although statistics show that San Francisco has the lowest percentage of children of any major city in the country, this city still managed to top Zillow’s Trick-or-Treat Index. Many people attribute its high ranking to the idea that the children that live in San Francisco have fewer kids to share the neighborhood candy with. Another factor that makes this city one of Halloween’s best is the spaced-out landscape which causes parents to be very strategic about the areas they take their children to, which in turn makes those small areas go all-out when it comes to the decorations and candy selection that they prepare for the trick-or-treaters. Trick-or-treat safety tip: Always carry a flashlight when trick-or-treating. Also, wear reflective clothing or tape to help drivers and others see you at night. 2.       Boston Boston takes Halloween trick or treat safety seriously – and one neighborhood that truly expresses the city’s festive attitude toward this holiday is Beacon Hill. This historic neighborhood makes sure to create an extremely safe atmosphere for trick-or-treaters by closing streets for walking space. Festive decorations such as fog machines, a friendly open-door policy, and the inviting block party feel that this town embodies, make it the perfect trick-or-treating location. Trick-or-treat safety tip: Give your children emergency identification information cards so that they can be identified, and you can be notified, if they are lost. 3.      Chicago While the unpredictable weather in the Windy City can require a bit more planning when it comes to picking out costumes, the city has taken this into account when creating safe trick-or-treating activities (some of which are indoor to shield children from the bitter Chicago cold) for children to participate in around the city. A few Chicago neighborhoods to check out this Halloween include Lincoln Park, Hyde Park, Logan Square and Bucktown. Be sure to take advantage of the city’s comprehensive train system to save money on parking and to make your trick or treating experience as stress-free as possible. Trick-or-treat safety tip: Always examine Halloween candy before allowing your children to eat it. If you don’t live near any of these prized cities, don’t worry; traveling to a new city to trick-or-treat is a fun way for children and parents to enjoy Halloween together. Use The Parking Spot to get worry-free, superior airport parking so that you can travel where you want without spending a fortune on airport parking.
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