Our Top 6 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

After the gift giving and family visits that came with the holidays, everyone is looking for ways to save on traveling. If you’re feeling the after-holiday blues, you’re in luck. The Parking Spot has pulled together some of our essential travel budget tips to help make all of your trips fun and affordable. Read on to see how you can make traveling on a budget as stress-free as possible. Airfare As we have mentioned before, airfare can definitely take up a large portion of a travel budget. Avoid letting airfare get the best of you by always remembering to:
  • Set up a price alert on travel comparison shopping sites so that you can know immediately when prices are low.
  • Book in advance.
  • Be flexible.
Pick the Right Hotel An important travel budget tip is to research the hotel options available at your destination so that you can pick a hotel that offers amenities that will make your stay convenient and affordable. For example, if you usually spend a considerable amount of money on breakfast, look for a hotel with breakfast included in the price. Also, be sure to ask your hotel about discounts that are offered to its guests. Traveling Try to plan out your day in advance so that you can make the most budget-efficient travel arrangements. Learn which places are accessible by public transportation, or even by foot, to still have fun while traveling on a budget. Eating While eating your way through a city is a great way to truly engulf yourself in the customs and cultures of the area you are visiting, there are a few simple travel budget tips to help you do so without breaking the bank. Plan Ahead – Try to figure out what restaurants you want to try beforehand. By knowing ahead of time, you will have a chance to check out special deals that the restaurant may offer as well as see which meals are more budget friendly. Eat More Lunches – Typically, lunch is cheaper than dinner. Try out the lunch fare instead of the dinner at that popular restaurant that you have been eyeing. Many restaurants offer similar meals at lunch and dinner, but the lunch menu gives diners smaller portions at a more reasonable price. Make Your Own – Try to purchase your own snacks, or even cook your own meals. It’s important to remember that hotels and convenience stores often overcharge for food and other items. While grocery shopping and cooking your own food and snacks may not be the most convenient option, it can save you a considerable amount of money and calories. Entertainment Enjoying the entertainment in a different place doesn’t have to be expensive. Look for free entertainment to get the most out of your trip. Many museums offer free admission on certain days. Also look for clubs, art galleries, parks, beaches and other places that offer free entertainment. Use the Internet The internet if full of great coupon codes and deals that can truly make a difference when trying to save a few bucks. Look for deals on car rentals, amusement parks, tourist attraction, and museums admissions, restaurant coupons and more. Don’t break the bank this year. Make traveling on a budget easy by always utilizing these travel budget tips. One last tip: always use The Parking Spot for all of your airport parking needs to make your trip budget-friendly and convenient. Check back soon for even more travel tips!
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