Travel Insurance FAQ

Have you ever had your flight cancelled, or your rental car damaged on a trip? Travel insurance is a great way to protect yourself from paying sudden fees in these circumstances.

Below, we answered a few frequently asked questions that may help your decision on whether to invest in travel insurance for your next trip:

How does it work?
Travel insurance is similar to other insurance plans, such as car insurance. Travel insurance protects the passenger from incurring additional fees in unexpected situations – with the exception of non-refundable costs.

Do I need it?
Although purchasing travel insurance allows passengers to take a trip without worry, it is not required.

What does it cover?
Depending on the carrier and plan you choose, travel insurance can cover several situations such as: trip cancellation, trip interruption, rental car damage, lost or stolen baggage, or medical emergencies. Plans can cover an average of up to $500,000 depending on the situation.

How much does it cost?
The cost varies and depends on what type of travel you want insured.

Does The Parking Spot have insurance?
We do not provide guests with insurance, however all of our facilities are well-lit and fully staffed 24/7.
TPS Pro Tip: If your plans do suddenly change, you can cancel or modify the check-in or check-out date at no cost!

Now that you’re an expert on travel insurance, you’re ready to reserve your parking spot with us, see you soon!

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