Gift Ideas for Travelers

Frequent travelers usually need to pack lightly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect travel-sized gift for your favorite globetrotter.  From packable down coats to first aid kits, the following travel gift ideas will help you finish your holiday shopping sooner: Travel Pillow—Travel pillows can make life easier when it comes to catching some shuteye on a crowded plane.  Whether you choose a neck pillow, an inflatable pillow, or another type of travel pillow to give as a present, you can’t go wrong. Travel-Sized Umbrella—There’s nothing worse than being caught in the rain without an umbrella.  Gift a travel-sized umbrella so that you favorite friend can be ready for any unexpected rainfall on his or her next trip. Laundry Bag—A unique or colorful cloth laundry bag can be useful and fun.  Laundry bags help to organize suitcases so that unpacking is easier. Suitcases with Specialized CompartmentsSuitcases with many specialized packing compartments are also very helpful for keeping organized.  Some suitcases have compartments for packing shoes, clothing, and toiletries, making this type of suitcase the ideal gift idea for travelers. Packable Coats & Jackets—Whether a traveler is heading out on a winter vacation or escaping a chilly locale, a packable down coat won’t take up much room and will keep constant commuters warm.  A packable raincoat could make a great companion gift to a travel-sized umbrella. Books, Magazines, & Crossword Puzzles—Traveling by plane often means a lot of downtime.  Books, magazines, or crossword puzzles all help to keep travelers entertained. E-books can make good gifts, too. First Aid Kit—This travel gift idea will help treat everything from blisters caused by too much walking to headaches from the many loud noises on plane rides.  First aid kits are great for any type of trip. These gift ideas for travelers could help you check at least one person off of your list.  You could even buy a few travel gifts for yourself!
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